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Cheap flights– Traveling has always been a hobby not suitable for all budgets, but with the appearance of low cost airlines that also offer offers to all travelers, it has become much more affordable and practically anyone can afford it. But of course, to find these offers you have to know some tricks . We are going to give you some tips to find cheap flights and so, do not have an excuse not to travel.

Top 8 Tips for finding cheap flights on the internet

Be flexible with dates

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If you are one of those who do not have holidays marked by a specific date, you are in luck, because this way you can adapt yourself to the cheapest flights. Normally the flights at dawn or those that are late are those that are cheaper, in addition if the destination is indifferent, much better because the chances of finding a flight at a reduced price multiply.

Book round trip flights separately

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Research and compare, because, although there is a rumor that going back and forth together can be cheaper, there are options in which separately is cheaper. With the rise of low cost airlines, the philosophy of the airlines has changed, and for this reason, you can find cheaper tickets if you book the itineraries separately.

Clear cookies and cache

Many times you are looking for flights on the Internet and after several searches you notice that the price of flights starts to rise, and the flight you searched only two minutes ago has suddenly increased in price. Why does this happen? The different portals register your interest in the cookies in the cookies , and use it to increase the prices. You just have to delete the cookies and the cache of your computer and you will find the original prices again.

Travel alone with hand luggage

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Try not to check in and travel alone with the suitcase that the company lets carry as carry-on luggage, this way you will save a good amount. Yes, make sure that it complies with the measures and with the weight that the airline makes. It will be useful to know how to optimize the space in your suitcase .

Do not mind making stops

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A direct flight should be cheaper than with a stopover, but it is not. Investigate, because maybe spend two hours in some destination before reaching the desired, can save you a considerable amount . Would not it be better to invest in a better hotel or activities in your destination? In addition, you can take advantage of this scale to stretch your legs, rest and perform some activity, such as reading a book or visiting duty free shops at the airport.

Find the cheapest airport

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Not always the smallest or the furthest from the city is the cheapest. We recommend that you compare and that, above all, you count also with the transfer of the city itself, to the airport from which you travel.

Avoid periods of high season

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Christmas or Easter are dates in which it will always be more expensive to fly, since it is the time in which most have holidays, like July and August . By avoiding these dates, your flights will be cheaper.

Choose the means of payment well

Tips for finding cheap flights on the internet



You should always keep in mind the practice of many airlines to charge an additional cost depending on the payment method you use. There are virtual cards or cards from the company that accumulate points or discounts, which may be worth it if you travel frequently.

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