How to get a cheap ticket upgrade when you travel

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How to get a cheap ticket upgrade when you travel

It seems that getting a cheap ticket improvement only happens in the movies, but it is possible if you follow these tips that we give you. Of course, everything will depend on the airline, the day and how friendly the crew is at that moment. But it’s always worth trying, because, after all, who says no to a seat at first?

Pay attention to these professional tricks and start putting them into practice when you look for your next flight. Do not you know when it’s better to fly? Explore and find out about all the destinations you can visit with your budget and then put into practice the tips we give you now to get an improvement on your ticket.

Buy the cheap ticket that is a bit more expensive

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Buying the tourist cheap ticket does not mean anything bad, but remember: you’ll have less chance of improving your ticket compared to another person who has a higher class economy ticket, for example. Airlines know that tourist or economy class tickets are the cheapest. That’s why they tend to improve the bills of those people who have spent a little more. So it is easier to move from the upper economic class to business than from a normal tourist ticket to a business class. If you are curious about how many types of tickets there are, you can check out our article on economy, business and first class tickets .

Use your miles or loyalty points well

If you often travel frequently, it is very likely that you participate in one (or several) loyalty programs that allow you to accumulate miles or points of travel. Once you have accumulated a certain amount of points, you can exchange them for a cheap ticket of the class that you prefer or you can also use them to improve a ticket that you have already bought.

To take advantage of the maximum loyalty programs and accumulate points, you must always fly with the same company or group of affiliated companies. In this way you will accumulate points in the same program and not points here and there (since you are likely to forget that you have them or, if you do not forget, they may not arrive to use them for an improvement).

Buy the ticket upgrade

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And speaking of loyalty programs, if you do not have enough points (do not get overwhelmed, you’ll get them!), Many companies offer the possibility of buying extra points, which you can then use to improve your ticket. Imagine you have a tourist ticket, but the mere idea of ​​not having space to put your legs makes you crazy … Well, simply buy the extra points you need to move from economic class to superior economy, or the kind of ticket you want .

Arrive at the airport soon

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Do you always hurry to the end? Maybe you should revise that habit. Do not wait until the last moment and go to the airport in advance. This way you have more chances to improve your ticket. Often, companies have a “waiting list” for improvements and make it based on when passengers check in. The sooner you do it, the higher your name will appear on that list. If you can bill through the web or application, much better. If you are lucky enough and the crew knows that the flight will be practically full, the staff is free to improve the cheap ticket of a passenger who was one of the first to check in, thus leaving more seats available in the economy class.

Volunteer to give up your seat

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Not only will you gain in karma, but it may also give you that much-desired improvement. Sometimes, when they have sold more tickets than the capacity of the flight, the crew asks the passengers if there is a volunteer willing to be relocated on another plane. If you have flexibility and do not have to be at a specific time in your destination, tell the staff and volunteer to give up your seat. Although we can not guarantee it, it is very likely that the crew will relocate you on another flight, but with a cheap ticket improvement, as a sign of your gratitude for having kindly lent you to help them. You never know!

Last but not least, be nice

With everyone, but especially with the staff of the airline company and with the crew. You would be surprised to know the advantages of smiling and releasing a “Hello, how are you?”. If it turns out that there are seats available in the business class at the end, who do you think will give you the cheap ticket upgrade? The grumpy passenger who complains about how long it is taking the boarding or the friendly and friendly passenger who thanks the staff? Remember, being nice opens many doors.

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