Cheapest Travel Trailer Accessories Must Have

Travel Trailer Accessories Must Have

Cheapest Travel Trailer Accessories Must Have

Travel trailers allow you to bring your home comforts on the open road. While the essential appliances and furnishings typically come standard, you’ll likely want to customize your trailer to truly make it your own. Outfitting a camper can strain your budget, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Plenty of affordable travel trailer accessories are available to upgrade your rig without sacrificing quality or functionality.

This guide covers some of the most useful and budget-friendly travel trailer accessories under $50. With clever, inexpensive additions, you can personalize your trailer and enhance the camping experience for you and your fellow road-trippers.

Travel Trailer Accessories Must Have Accessories

Let’s start from the bottom up – an essential aspect of the travel trailer lifestyle is actually getting your home-on-wheels to the campsite or destination safely. Hitches and towing components don’t have to be complicated or costly. These affordable accessories make transporting your trailer more secure and convenient.

Hitch Locks

Like a steering wheel lock for your car, hitch receiver locks prevent your trailer from being detached and towed away by thieves. Most models feature a 5-digit number code and run $20-30. For less than a tank of gas, this clever gadget boosts security when your rig is parked.

Hitch Tighteners

On bumpy roads, the trailer ball and hitch naturally loosen over time, decreasing stability. Hitch tighteners, available under $15, compress the connection points to reduce play. Simply twist them onto your hitch receiver periodically for added peace of mind on the go.

Safety Chains

In the unlikely event, your trailer breaks free of the vehicle hitch, chains are the failsafe. Reputable brands offer durable safety chains well under $50. Investing in high-quality chains provides an extra layer of protection for very little money.

Hitch Covers

Fancy up your hitch between trips with a decorative cover for just $15-25. Sure, a cover protects the receiver from dirt and debris when not in use. But let’s be honest – these are mainly for looks! Customize your rig with your favorite sports team logo, stylish patterns, or chrome and gloss finishes.

Leveling & Stabilization Accessories

Leveling & Stabilization Accessories

Parking on an uneven surface? These ingenious gadgets help stabilize and level your trailer for optimal comfort.

Leveling Blocks

Leveling blocks are stackable ramps you position under the trailer tires to compensate for angled parking pads. Durable plastic or wood blocks generally cost $25 or less for packs of 10-20. Arrange them like building blocks to create a flat, stable base.

Scissor Jack Pads

Scissor jacks that come with your trailer can settle into soft ground. Portable pads provide a solid base to distribute the jack’s weight. Basic 10″x10″ options cost around $20 for a set of 2. They pack easily and last for years.

Level Indicator

How do you confirm when your trailer is properly leveled? An inexpensive level tool makes it easy! For around $5, simple plastic indicator levels display blue across the surface when positioned on a flat plane. Confirm accurate leveling and prevent blowing out your trailer’s refrigerator or plumbing.

Tire Chocks

Wheel chocks aren’t just for planes! These wedges keep your trailer securely in place, preventing shifting, slipping, or rolling. Durable rubber or plastic models are light and compact for storage and cost less than $20. Check the tires for an added brake when parked.

Awnings & Exterior Protection Accessories

Create shade and shelter from the elements with these exterior add-ons designed specifically for travel trailers.

Sun Shade Awning

Full-size trailer awnings are major investments, but you can achieve sun protection on a budget. Nylon mesh shades mount to the roof edge and unroll over doors and windows, providing cooling shade and privacy for $50 or less.

Vent Insulator

Foam vent insulators with elastic edges stretch over roof vents when not in use. For about $10, the snug fit blocks cold drafts and precipitation from entering through open roof vents in harsh weather or while driving. Better insulation helps regulate interior temperatures.

Air Conditioner Cover

Vinyl covers seal your roof AC unit completely to prevent dirt buildup and weather damage. Available for under $20, the elasticized covers protect this heavy-duty appliance from costly repairs down the road. Block dust and debris during storage between trips, too.

Electrical & Lighting Accessories

Electrical & Lighting Accessories for Travel Trailer

Illuminate and power your trailer easily with these electrical upgrades and lighting accessories for convenience on short trips or long hauls.

Surge Protector

A power surge suppressor protects sensitive electronics and appliances from sudden electrical spikes at unfamiliar campgrounds the way a surge protector protects your home gadgets. Portable versions run from $30-50 to provide peace of mind on shore power connections.

LED String Lights

LED string lights create instant ambiance, overhead or wrapped around outdoor gear. Weatherproof, shatterproof LED bulbs on flexible copper wiring withstand the elements and come in warm white, multicolor, or festive holiday themes. Energize your campsite beautifully for under $15 a strand!

Motion Sensor Light

Security lights with built-in sensors automatically activate when they detect movement nearby – from curious wildlife or approaching campers. Compact and affordable, battery-powered stick-anywhere sensor lights cost around $15 each. Strategically place them outside for visibility where you need it most.


Rugged, water-resistant LED flashlights are camping essentials for just $15-25 and should be stashed throughout your trailer. When interior lights fail or weather cuts power, handy flashlights provide portable illumination anywhere instantly – outside, in bedroom corners, or in deep storage spaces.

Plumbing Accessories

Clean water and effective waste disposal are fundamental when dwelling on wheels. Luckily, there are inexpensive gadgets to upgrade your trailer’s plumbing efficiency.

Water Pressure Regulator

Inconsistent water pressure at campground hookups can damage your trailer. For around $25, regulators maintain steady 50 PSI flow to prevent leaks and pipe bursts. Protect your plumbing (and avoid awkward run-ins with soaked clothing) by installing a basic regulator.

Water Filter System

Questionable water quality is a reality on the road, but comprehensive filtration units cost a fortune. For a reasonable $40-50, faucet mount filters remove bacteria, sediments, odors, chlorine, and heavy metals for purified drinking and cooking water from the tap. Upgrade to clean, refreshing water without buying bottled.

Clear Sewer Hose

When it’s time to empty holding tanks, inexpensive clear elbow fittings replaces the standard opaque hose end. For less than $15, the crystal-clear plastic fitting allows you to visually confirm complete drainage from the outside. No more questioning if the tank flushed completely before stowing gear!

Appliances & Entertainment Accessories

Make your home-away-from-home more functional and enjoyable with handy appliances, and audio/visual additions tailored for RV living.

Non-Stick Grill Mat

Easy grill marks and hassle-free cleanup are now possible, thanks to reusable non-stick mats made for RV grills. For about $20, the durable mat protects grates from food drippings and debris. No more last-minute grill scrubbing before hitting the road!

Portable Satellite Antenna

Portable Satellite Antenna

Don’t lose your favorite shows just because you lost your cell signal. Compact satellite antenna dishes magnetically mount to the trailer roof to access satellite TV anywhere – no monthly contract required! For $100-150, enjoy unlimited access to news, sports, and entertainment from the campsite.

Collapsible Dish Drying Rack Over the Tiny Sink

Regular dish draining racks monopolize precious counter space. For only $30, flexible plastic racks neatly accordion down to store flat when not drying dishes, cups, and utensils after meals or before takeoff. Even better – stash it in the sink to dry!

Rechargeable Battery Pack

On short weekend road trips, conserve battery by using a rechargeable pack to power phones and devices instead of draining the RV battery. Compact $40 power packs recharge via USB, AC/DC, or solar panels. Stay fully charged from sunrise to sunset and beyond!

Interior Solutions

Affordable upgrades for storage, lighting, and living space functionality make indoor life cozier.

Drawer Organizers

Pots, pans, and lids crammed chaotically into kitchen cabinets? For $25 or less, non-slip organizers neatly segment stacked cookware so items don’t collide dangerously mid-trip. Customize cutlery and kitchen tool drawers, too. Now you can find the right lid every time!

Under Cabinet Lights

Most trailers include basic ceiling fixtures, but strategic task lighting eliminates dark corners in the kitchen and living area. Battery-operated, remote-controlled LED puck lights are installed under cabinets with peel-and-stick pads. For less than $20, enjoy bright, focused light where you need it most.

Blackout Curtains

Light pollution seeping through thin, decorative trailer curtains disrupts sleep. Upgrade to substantially lined blackout curtains that fully block light from windows. Taking a road trip through multiple time zones? These will become your best friend.

Storage Hammock

Make the most of awkward gaps between counter supports, cabinets, and furniture with storage hammocks. Like the kind used for toys or laundry, durable mesh nets hang from hooks, cradling loose items that would otherwise clutter counters and floors. And they’re just $15!

Cleaning & Maintenance Accessories

From quick tidy-ups to deep cleaning, specialty tools tailored for RVs make caring for your rig’s interior and exterior easier.

Telescoping Extension Duster

Cleaning ceiling vents and fans in a travel trailer presents logistical challenges, but this $16 solution extends over 8 feet long! The soft duster head also easily cleans beneath furniture to grab dust bunnies hiding on smooth floors.

All-Purpose RV Cleaning Wipes

Disinfecting and deodorizing your trailer is simpler with extra-large antimicrobial wipes for fiberglass, stainless steel, upholstery, floors, walls – you name it. The jumbo wipes tackle big jobs with less hassle for an average $8 a tub. Toss them in your RV emergency kit, too!

Wash Mitt with Scrubber

Scrub away months of road grime from exterior walls using an extendable cactus mitt with an integrated scrub brush. The soft mitt lifts dirt while scrubbers power through stubborn buildup across textured fiberglass. Clean taller surfaces without lugging a ladder for just $30.

Clay Bar Kit

Over time, wind, rain, and road debris embed contaminants in your trailer’s painted exterior finish. An automotive-grade clay bar treatment removes bonded grime to restore the surface and clear the coat’s shine and protection. Kits cost around $15 – a small price for a facelift!

Safety & Security Accessories

Safety & Security Accessories

Don’t overlook important accessories to deter theft, assist during emergencies, and provide medical aid when traveling solo or with family. Peace of mind is priceless, but these cost far less than expected.

First Aid Kit

A well-stocked medical kit tailored for RVs and outdoor use contains essentials for treating injuries and illness from blisters to burns to sprains. Waterproof cases keep contents intact, and most cost only $25-35. Don’t be caught off-guard during remote trips – be prepared.

Fire Extinguisher

An emergency fire extinguisher can determine minor mishaps versus total losses. Automatically recharging extinguisher models eliminate disposable waste and uncertainty about remaining charges. Available in multi-purpose ABC formulas to combat various fire types, starting around $50 – a small investment for enhanced safety.

GPS Tracker

cell service can’t always be relied on in remote locales. Battery-powered GPS tracking devices afford peace of mind if your trailer goes missing. Trackers covertly attach to the frame with strong magnets to provide real-time location data through cellular and satellite networks for less than $50.

Hidden Safe

Portable mini safes don’t secure valuables from theft the way hidden, bolted-down lock boxes do. For $55 and up, discreetly mount deceptively ordinary stash spots like fake electrical outlets or false bottoms in kitchen cabinets. Protect keys, wallets, phones, or anything precious to you.

In Summary

Outfitting an RV can be overwhelming. But thoughtfully chosen accessories don’t just customize your trailer to match personalities and trip plans – they often make journeys easier and enhance safety as well. Luckily even the most utilitarian add-ons don’t have to devastate budgets. As highlighted here, scores of useful, durable gadgets creatively address needs for less than $50 each.

Prioritize security, power regulation and emergency preparedness travel trailer accessories must have, then build on other categories as budgets allow over time. Stop envying the latest gizmos on fancy celebrity motorcoaches. Affordable DIY upgrades help ordinary families, couples and solo road warriors personalize humble trailers into comfortable homes-on-wheels, too. The adventure awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the absolute essential accessories I need?

At a minimum: surge protector, leveling blocks, tire chocks, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and hidden safe. Combine those with plumbing accessories as needed plus good cleaning tools. Lighting, electricity, entertainment, and other categories only enhance convenience and comfort further.

How much should I budget for outfitting a trailer?

Limit your initial budget to $500-750 for critical components that address safety, security, power regulation, and basic functionality within the rig. Prioritize necessities over nice-to-have upgrades. You can always reassess later for additional improvements.

Where can I buy RV-specific accessories?

Major retailers like Camping World offer the biggest selection of accessories in all categories. But don’t overlook auto parts stores, hardware shops, home goods stores, sporting outlets, electronics dealers, and even dollar stores for generic gadgets easily adapted for RV living at bargain prices.

Should I splurge on bigger ticket items?

Consider your lifestyle and trip plans, then determine if spending more on premium grills, satellite dishes, or appliances will enrich experiences enough to justify costs. For short regional trips, mid-grade accessories should meet needs. But frequent long-haul campers may appreciate pricier additions.

How often should I assess if additional accessories are needed?

Re-evaluate accessories at least annually before each new camping season. Changing needs due to aging RVs, shifting hobbies, expanding families, or even regional destination changes may dictate new components. Make a checklist of must-have gear, then upgrade accordingly over time.

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