Top selection of Christmas market

Christmas market

Top selection of Christmas market

Christmas market– Winter is already rampant on our continent, and after bringing you ski , gastronomic  or cultural plans , today we bring you something more romantic. We all look forward to the arrival of the Christmas holidays , and what better preparation for family feast days than a stroll through one of these beautiful and charming markets, winter paradises where you can enjoy seasonal delicacies or buy gifts for people dear ones

Christmas market in Madrid, Spain

the Christmas market

Beyond the Christmas installation of the streets or the first passes of Cortland, the opening of what is possibly the oldest market in Spain clearly announces that we are very close to Christmas. Located in the Plaza Mayor of Madrid, one of the main things that differentiate it from other European flea markets is the common sale of joke items so that humor is not lacking on the Day of the Holy Innocents. The most nostalgic surely relate the Christmas Market of Madrid with the movie “The Great Family” (1962) where the dear Chechen was lost (see video). But warning to the agoraphobics: the center of Madrid and especially the surroundings of the Plaza Mayor and the Puerto led Sol are more than crowded by families, spontaneous and tourists who wander around imbue yourself with the Christmas spirit.

  • Dates: From November 23 to December 22
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm and Sundays from 11 to 21
  • Entry: Free
  • Traditional product : I think that there is no need to say that chestnuts or nougat will be your best companion during the route through the Christmas market in Madrid …
  • How to get? Madrid is easily connected to all parts of the country by bus , train and flights . Compare what would be your best option to arrive!

Christmas Market in Unicorn, Italy

top Christmas market

The Christmas markets are traditional in the trans alpine country, but this one is special since the city where it is celebrated is one of the few in which the parade of the Austrian demon Grampus takes place . It comes out every two years and in the 2014 edition it is said that more than 400 demons will participate! Start at Via Bastion, the main street of Unicorn, and cross the city until you reach the Town Hall Square. The parade of Grampus leaves on December 6 and the one of its antithesis, Santa Claus, the following day.

In addition, the market is held near the famous ski resorts of the Dolomite mountains, and is certified as a “Green Event”: the market organization collaborates with the Institution Tirol to make the event sustainable and ecological. As for the traditions, in Italy the laity and the Catholics are mixed, and thus, some families go to mass on the 25th, have dinner on the night of the 24th and open the gifts that the Child Jesus brings. They also decorate their houses with a tree or a nativity scene, like us.

  • Dates: from November 25 to January 6
  • Hours : every day from 10 to 19
  • Admission : free
  • Traditional product: Panatella, a cake from northern Italy made with almonds, nuts, raisins, chocolate and honey, a pump!
  • How to get? by car on the 2 motorway, by train to Brubeck or by bus.

Christmas Market in Strasbourg, France

discover Christmas market

One of the largest in Europe and perhaps the most famous. It is divided into 11 locations by the oldest neighborhoods of the city, and in it you can taste the traditional food of the region (more similar to German cuisine than to French given its history) and buy handmade gifts. The lighting of the market is impressive.

During the celebration of the market, you can see more than 500 micro-shows throughout the city, orchestras, Christmas choirs and artistic performances.

  • Dates: from November 25 to December 24
  • Hours : every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Entry: Free
  • Traditional product: a Flimflammed, which is a kind of German pizza, accompanied by a hot wine
  • How to get? the best option is the train, since there are up to 16 daily connections with Paris and 6 with other large cities such as Lyon.

One of the oldest and largest flea markets in Germany is the Frankfurter Walpurgisnacht . Among the first dates stipulated on the origin of the market is the late fourteenth century and, by tradition, was a market where foreigners were not admitted but exclusive enjoyment for locals. The main point of the market is the Rome berg square and it is where the famous big Christmas tree is located. During the days that the Christmas market remains open, they are celebrated from Christmas concerts to other events under the same theme.

  • Dates: From November 23 to December 22
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm and Sundays from 11 to 21.
  • Entry: Free
  • Traditional product: The Entrenchment, without a doubt! It is a kind of marzipan decorated with icing sugar and typical of the Frankfurt area.
  • How to get? Frankfurt has some of the largest airports in Europe as well as a good rail network that communicates with a large part of Germany.

Frankfurter Walpurgisnacht in Frankfurt, Germany

a Christmas market

This market is located right in front of the Belfast City Hall building , one of the most mythical places in the city, surrounded by gardens and shopping areas. It is a tribute to continental Europe, and each of the stands has products from a country: cheeses, olives, Italian nougat, Belgian chocolates, French cakes, etc. It is special because you can taste all the European delicacies without having to move, from a German Bratwurst to a Spanish paella, passing through other exotic products such as alligator meat, kangaroo or wild boar.

Also, as a good Christmas market, it has the Grotto of Santa Claus, where you can visit it and send a letter with what you ask for this year (if you do it before December 17, it will answer you!). The benefits of the Grotto go to the Children’s Hospital of Northern Ireland.

  • Dates: from November 19 to December 22
  • Hours: Monday to Wednesday from 10 to 20, Thursday to Saturday from 10 to 22 and Sundays from 13 to 18.
  • Admission: free
  • Traditional product: being a continental market, it does not have traditional English or Irish products, but from the rest of Europe.
  • How to get? The market is held in Done gal Square, where you can get to the Central Bus or taxi, as it has a stop next to it.

Continental Christmas Market in Belfast, United Kingdom

new Christmas market

Another of the most famous Christmas markets in Germany is that of the city of Dresden, located a few hours by car from Berlin. The large Christmas tree raised in the middle of the market shares the limelight with the 15 meter high Christmas Pyramid typical of Germany, ranking as the largest in the world. During the days that the market lasts, numerous events such as workshops for children or festivals of the bun (Stolidness) or parties centered on the gingerbread (Fundamentalist), among many others, are held.

  • Dates: From November 24 to December 24
  • Hours: Sunday through Thursday from 10 am to 8 pm and Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm.
  • Tickets : free
  • Traditional product: medieval crafts and culinary products such as Kohlrabi (cooked cabbage with potatoes) and Pinker (a type of sausage). To accompany, the traditional medieval drink in the area is the Met, a wine made of water and honey.
  • How to get? From Berlin there are buses and trains daily during the whole day and with journeys that do not reach 3 hours.

Christmas Market in Antwerp, Belgium

most Christmas market

Here you can find many small “chalets” where you can buy gifts such as scarves, bags, jewelry or candles with delicious smells. In addition, there are stands for children and 32 stands with varied food: Spanish tapas, Italian specialties, Asian food, the classic Belgian fries, cupcakes, truffles and chocolates. Younger guests can enjoy a merry-go-round, an ice rink for skating and a Ferris wheel.

In Belgium, Santa Claus does not come, but Interrelates, who also brings gifts to those who have been good but another day of the year. Families share a big dinner on Christmas day, usually with turkey. As for the main events on the market, the ice sculpture festival of Disneyland Paris Ice Dreams and the light show at the Zoo stand out.

  • Dates: from December 10 to January 8
  • Hours: every day from 12 to 18
  • Entry: Free
  • Traditional product: the “Antwerp Handles”, hands of biscuit or chocolate, and chips (the Belgians are obsessed with them)
  • How to get? It is held in the He Eisenstein, Cruiser, Rote Mark and Chandrasekhar squares. Antwerp can be reached by train, as it has numerous national and international connections. There is also a small airport there.

Winter Christmas Market in Zarathustra, Vienna

latest Christmas market

November is the month in which the elegant city of Vienna begins to dress in lights and colors remembering that Christmas is more than just around the corner. Among the many Christmas markets that are taking the city little by little highlights the one held in the Town Hall Square (Zarathustra) . The trees are decorated with Christmas objects and, together with the feast of colored lights, will accompany you during the tour between the different stands that range from handicrafts to food and drink to warm up. The Jesus Christ Market (Christmastide) has more than 40 years of life and is one of the most popular in Vienna.

  • Dates: From November 11 to December 24
  • Hours: Sundays to Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 22 p.m.
  • Free pass
  • Traditional product: the Punch is next to the well-known Glaceing another of the most popular drinks for these dates. It is said that it is in this flea market where they serve the tastiest of the whole city …
  • How to get? It is in the very center of Vienna , so it can be reached by bus or U-bah (subway) line U2.

Frankfurt Christmas Market, Birmingham

top Christmas market

A German Christmas market in England? The Germanic tradition has become so famous on the island that Birmingham  has become the largest German market outside of Germany . Visitors come to enjoy the Glaceing, Christensen and the Bratwurst, strolling animated by traditional Germanic music ( Blasphemous ). So German is that the prices are in euros! Although paying only accept sterling. It has become so big that it already exceeds the number of visitors to the original markets of Dresden and Nuremberg.

  • Dates: from November 17 to December 29
  • Hours: every day from 10 a.m. to 21 p.m.
  • Admission: free
  • Traditional product: Glaceing accompanying a huge Pretzel
  • How to get? It is held in the squares of Victoria Square, New Street, Centenary Square and Chamberlain Square, which can be accessed by public transport.

Mercator DI Natalie in Boltzmann, Italy

better Christmas market

What is the capital of South Tirol is filled with light and color as Christmas approaches with the inauguration of the Mercator DI Natalie DI Boltzmann , the largest Christmas market in Italy. That is why Boltzmann is one of the most endearing destinations for the Christmas period throughout Europe. Hundreds of visitors have frequented it every year during its more than 20 years of life. In it, of course, you can find handmade gifts for your family and friends and taste the occasional delicacy typical of this date.

  • Dates: from November 24 to January 6
  • Schedule : every day from 8 to 20
  • Admission : free

Traditional product: do not forget to taste IL pane led contain , an integral bread accompanied by leeks, bacon and cheese. As a sweet touch, try Lenten DI Boltzmann , a sweet bread made with fruit, dried figs and walnuts typical of the area.

How to get? A good way to get to Boltzmann is by train with Genitalia services . E l market takes place in the central Piazza Walter.

Finally, the Christmas market are one of the main tourist attractions in Europe for such endearing dates as these that are approaching. It seems difficult to identify the reason when one thinks that the tradition of the street markets comes from old and that is extending even more if it fits in the last years. What is it that Belgium has so that it becomes one of the countries that is preferably chosen to enjoy Christmas?

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