Grindelwald in Switzerland and and its green landscapes

Grindelwald in Switzerland and and its green landscapes

Alpine landscapes are always a spectacular mix of mountains, snow, valleys, and towns with a special charm. Well, all that is what awaits you in Grindelwald.

When Grindelwald is named, you always have to relate it to the history of mountaineering. This attractive Swiss town lies in the shadow of one of the most mythical and difficult-to-climb mountains in the Alps: the Eiger. But besides it, there are many other peaks, glaciers, valleys, and activities to do. Now we are going to tell you.

Where is Grindelwald?

To travel to Grindelwald you have to go to the heart of Switzerland, to the central area where Bern is, to whose canton this population belongs. It is a town that has been receiving visitors since the beginning of tourism, back in the 18th century. Although, since a road and the railway were built at the end of the 19th century, it has not stopped receiving travelers eager to enjoy these mountain landscapes.

Grindelwald, the mecca of mountaineering

As we have said, the powerful presence of the Eiger is part of Grindelwald’s attraction. The first time it ascended was in 1858, although its north face was not saved until much later, in 1938. For this reason, the Eiger has always been a long-awaited peak for mountaineers and this population is the base of operations to achieve it.

It has been like that for a long time. If not, just watch the movie License to Kill, where the plot is set in a race to climb the top to that top first. It is a film that, despite its title, does not star James Bond, but Clint Eastwood, in a very different role from the one he played later in productions such as The Bridges of Madison.

Destination not only for mountaineers

The truth is that today Grindelwald is a magnificent tourist option for many more people, both in summer and winter. For example, with winter snow, a large ski area opens up in the Jungfrau area . More than 200 kilometers delight lovers of snow sports with descents on skis, snowboards, or sleds.

Meanwhile, in summer these landscapes become extraordinarily green and offer an endless number of hiking excursions. Many of them begin with attractive rides by cable car to the starting point. And is that today the environment of Grindelwald is full of cable cars with impressive routes.

However, it must be said that the first of them was already built in 1908. In fact, that was the first cable car of all those that were built in the Alps and it went up to the Wetterhorn mountain.

The highest railway station in Europe

Shortly after that cable car was built, in 1912, the Jungfraujoch railway station was built. It is neither more nor less than 3454 meters above sea level, which is why it is known as the ‘roof of Europe’. And of course, being on vacation in Grindelwald you have to get on this train because it is one of the most incredible railway routes on the planet.

More things to do in Grindelwald

Besides all the above, there are more things to do during a holiday in Grindelwald. As in other places in the Alps, there are always reasons to discover these places. For example, the Jungfrau-Aletsch setting is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

These are wonderful landscapes that deserve the greatest consideration, and also the greatest respect from hikers. You have to enjoy this natural jewel, but you also have to help maintain it, so try not to leave a trace of your stay.

Another essential activity is to get on the cable car that takes you to First since from the heights it is the best way to contemplate the peculiar shape of the glacier that has shaped these landscapes . In addition, we recommend that you go to Lauterbrunnen, about 15 kilometers from Grindelwald, where the so-called valley of the 72 waterfalls awaits you.

And, of course, you should take the time to visit the Aletsch Glacier. It is the largest of the entire alpine range and still exceeds 20 kilometers in length. Unfortunately, it is not known for how long, so if you have the opportunity to travel to Grindelwald, do not miss the opportunity to see these ice that were believed to be perpetual, but the truth is that each year they are reduced a little.

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