How to get cheap flights last minute? (Online and Offline)

cheap flights last minute

How to get cheap flights last minute? (Online and Offline)

In last time of flight departure, the price becomes very high. You must know the procedure of the flight ticket purchasing. If you are looking to cheap flights last minute for your vacation and you never knew how this “last-minute ticket” works, then read on because here I will explain everything you need to know.

The last-minute air tickets can cost up to 90% cheaper but to get them we have to know that there are several ways to get these tickets at the reduced price.

Some time ago we gave some recommendations to buy cheaper air tickets, this time we will talk about the last minute tickets.

Last-minute tickets can be obtained online, although with less discount, or by a system called “Stand By” which consists of waiting at the airport until an hour before the flight to see if a place is released. Let’s explain how to get cheap flights last minute?

Get cheap flights last minute

cheap flights last minute

There are several websites that allow searching for last minute available tickets, some of which we recommend are:

There is also a mode called Price Line. It is a website where air ticket buyers make their offer to airlines if they accept you can buy your ticket at the price you bid. You will not have cancellation or benefits, but you can still Get up to 40% off.

To start you must click where it says “Start Your Flights Bid Now”. Now, do a search with the indicated destination and make an offer.

Buy from the airport with 90% discount

buying tickets from airport

This method is the riskiest and it may not go well as we must go to the airport and wait until an hour before to know if there is the seat or not, the procedure is as follows:

  1. We ask if there are last-minute tickets or if there are Id50/Id90 tickets. These are passages of employees that, when not used, are sold and sold to the travelers. The Id90 only cost 10% of the value of the flight and Id50 50 %.
  2. If there are tickets available we apply, they will probably ask you to do it online although they can write you down there, if there are more people they will give you a number that will be the priority to buy a ticket. It will depend on the number of tickets available.
  3. One hour before the takeoff if a seat was released you will be able to buy your ticket, keep in mind that you can even touch the Jump Seat. These are the seats that the hostesses use, they are not comfortable and on long trips, it can be like being in the hell but maybe a discount of 90% deserves it.

Also, keep in mind that no one assures you that you can travel that day and you may have to go home with everything that entails (airport transfer costs and others). The same happens if we get the ticket and we will only buy a one-way ticket. On return, we will have to do the same and if we are in another country we will not be able to return home, we will have to pay one or two days for staying in hotel.

Tips for last minute tickets

There are always certain actions that can increase the possibility of getting a discount ticket at the last minute.

  • Try to travel on holidays such as Easter, Christmas, etc. Tourism agencies often book their seats in the airlines well in advance and if they are not sold all released for last-minute travelers. This usually does not happen for the rest of the year on normal days.
  • Try to travel alone or at the most with one more person: The last minute offers to depend on the number of places you need to buy, perhaps one seat is released and if you travel with another person you lose it.

Tips for last minute tickets

Have I ever gone to the airport without tickets?

Yes, on my first trip to the Dakar I was in Peru when an unforeseen event made me return. Unfortunately, there were no direct flights to Buenos Aires from Arica. I had crossed the border into Chile to find the nearest airport. So, I took a plane to Santiago de Chile.

I arrived in Santiago (SCL) around 10 pm when all the airline windows were closed so I went to a hotel for that night, the next day I got up early and left for the airport without tickets.

I did not get a Stand By ticket but I did get a first class upgrade for free. So, buying last-minute flights has its positive side, or at least it was for me at that time. Now it’s your turn to tell your experience! Write it in the comments of this article.

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