11 things that I would have liked to know before buying my last flight

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11 things that I would have liked to know before buying my last flight

Last flight– Every time you buy a flight you have the opportunity to take advantage of the system, save money and get the best flight for your trip. To achieve this. It is very good to know some tricks. Read carefully the advice we give you and you will see how you get the best price last flights.

When choosing the window seat, think about your last flight path

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Do you like the window seat?  Do some research before choosing a seat. Do you like the window seat? Do some research before choosing a seat.

The best of the trip by plane are the adventures that await you in the chosen destination, but you can also enjoy the last flight itself. When you choose your seat, think where you fly and where on the plane you can go more comfortable. Are you flying on a hot summer afternoon? Then choose the side of the plane where the sun does not shine directly and you will have a more pleasant flight. Do you fly at night over an area where the aurora arboreal occurs? Then choose the part of the plane that looks north for most of the journey and you will have more opportunities to see that fantastic light show.

Many airlines offer small grace periods to correct mistakes made during the purchase process

Even the most experienced travelers should review all the information during the purchase process. Sometimes, when going in a hurry to buy that perfect last flight. We get excited and we miss some mistake in the name, dates or choose the wrong flight or we mess with the destination. But do not spread panic. Many airlines allow changes to your website and you can cancel. Edit or correct your  flight data if you make the change right away. That’s why it’s worth taking a last look at the information that appears on the purchase of the last flight, in case the flies …

If you are going to add some extra, better do it from the beginning

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Nowadays many companies eliminate the free services to the maximum to reduce costs and you have to be the one who decides what services you are willing to pay for. That is to say, you will have to choose things like whether you have luggage or not, if you want to be served food on the plane. If you want to have access to movies and entertainment or even if you are checking in hand luggage. All this you must decide when you buy the last flight, when you check in. When you board or when you are inside the plane. But if you know what you want. It is best to hire it in advance during the purchase of the last flight because it will be cheaper.

Study your connection

With a little practice, connecting flights will no longer be a problem. With a little practice, connecting flights will no longer be a problem.

If you want to buy a connecting flight, stop a minute and study where you are going to make the scale. Check how much time you will need to get from one boarding gate to another. If you buy the flight on our  page, we tell you how much time you have between flight and flight. But it never hurts to have information about the airport. And already during the trip itself, we also take care of you. With  Trips you can save all the important documents related to your trip and it will be easier to follow up wherever you are.

Take a look at  Explore and we will give you ideas for you to choose your destination

If you have a clear budget, but you do not care about the time of year you want to travel or the destination.  Explore can be a good tool to study your options. With the interactive map you can enter your departure airport and set the filters. Travel time, budget and flight hours. Then it will show you all the destinations that match the preferences you have set.

Be sure that you bought the flight at the time it was cheaper

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The price of flights varies a lot depending on when you buy it or at what time you travel. But there are tools that help you make sure you’re flying and buying when the flight turns out to be cheaper. options for a flexible search allow you to see the calendar with prices and to check which days close to your desired departure date are the cheapest to fly. The price prediction tool analyzes all the data and advises you whether it is a good time or not to buy. It will let you know if prices can go up or down, and will recommend that you wait if you see that cheaper flights are likely to appear in the coming days or weeks.

Why do not you buy two one-way tickets?

The more you save on the flight, the more you can spend during your trip and live new adventures. A creative way to save money is to buy two one-way tickets with different companies, instead of buying a round-trip flight with the same company. That way you can get the cheapest last flight for each of the routes. We will show you the options with the companies with which it will be cheaper to buy two one-way tickets than buying one round trip directly.

There are many types of carry-on luggage

Before going to the airport, check the regulations for hand luggage.

The limits of size and weight depend on each airline, and in some low-cost carriers, everything that is not a small bag or backpack is paid for. So be sure to check the restrictions of your airline and measure. And weigh all the carry-on baggage you want to get on board. The last thing you need is to be stopped during boarding and have you pay to get over the weight or size of your carry-on baggage or be billed.

Calculate how much money it will cost to get to the airport

Find out what is the fastest  way to get to the airport. Find out what is the fastest  way to get to the airport.

Flying to secondary airports can be a good way to save a little money. Especially in big cities like London. Which has so many options. But before buying a flight that leaves a smaller, remote airport to save you a few euros. Calculate how much you’ll spend to get there. If the flight costs less. But then you have to pay a taxi to get to the airport. It might be better to pay a little more for the flight. But get to the airport more quickly and cheaply.

If you are afraid of delays, fly early

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Are you afraid of delays?  Take the first flight in the morning. Are you afraid of delays? Take the first flight in the morning.

Air delays are not easy to predict. But if you make a route that usually suffer them or during a time of the year when weather can be a problem. Better take the first flight in the morning, especially if you have to make stops. If you suffer any delay, that extra time will leave you some room for maneuver. And if everything goes as planned, you can take advantage of that time at the destination.

Read the fine print, so you’ll know what to do when problems arise

Delays, cancellations or loss of luggage … No one wants to suffer when going on vacation. But those things happen. And if they happen, you better know if you have a compensation. When you buy a flight, you sign a transport contract that often details what the company is responsible for in this type of situation. But let’s be honest, we do not always read the fine print because we’re too excited about the flight we just bought! That is why we have created a practical guide that tells you what rights you have when flying and whose information will be very useful.

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