Limited budget for the honeymoon? Here are 4 ways to save

Limited budget for the honeymoon? Here are 4 ways to save

Limited budget for the honeymoon? Here are 4 ways to save

After pronouncing the phrases for marriage. And exchanging rings on the most important day of your life. You can’t wait to tell you the most beautiful phrases of love while you hug yourself in front of a sunset over the sea. Or relax in a warm spa Mountain. Are you afraid that your dreams for a honeymoon break because of a limited budget? Here are some tips to save money without having to give up your ideal wedding dress. Here are some tips for a limited budget for the honeymoon.

1. Choose business destinations

Limited budget for the honeymoon? Here are 4 ways to save

The first trick to follow to save on the honeymoon is to choose economic goals. For example, if you want to visit large cities, you could opt for accommodation in one of the neighboring countries. Which is well connected to the metropolis by public transport. On the one hand, this may be inconvenient, especially in the evening. But on the other. It will allow you to get away from the most touristic places. And get closer to the authenticity of the daily life of the place. If, on the other hand, you do not want to give up the convenience of staying in historic centers, choose European. And non-European countries that are within your wallet. Any examples? The cost of living in Greece is much lower than that of England and the flight to New York is tendentially cheaper than that for Los Angeles. In any case, if you travel in the low season, savings are guaranteed.

2. Find the discounts

If you are not in a hurry to leave the day after the wedding. You won’t have to buy the honeymoon right away. But you can collect the money donated by your guests. And decide later where to exchange romantic phrases. This will give you the time to monitor. And find the best discounts for your ideal honeymoon: among the offers on our portal, there are many luxury solutions, at reasonable prices … But you have to keep an eye on the period and duration of the offer! If instead, you decide to rely on a travel agency, know that even in this case there are special discounts for the spouses, plus extras designed for the honeymoon. Go to your trusted agency and request a quote … informing you costs nothing!

3. Be true travelersLimited budget for the honeymoon? Here are 4 ways to save

After all, the real luxury of exploring another place in the world is not staying in a spa all day. And then having dinner served in an elegant wedding dress … But on the journey itself. If you think so, then maybe you could consider a honeymoon on the road. Many couples, after a fantastic country-style wedding, choose to leave on their motorbikes or make a road trip in a camper. The beauty of traveling on two or four wheels lies in the pinch of adventure and the unpredictability of travel. Which always leads to unique experiences to tell friends when you return. Therefore abolish 4 and 5-star hotels. And opt for overnight stays in B&Bwhere you can really get to know the locals, share a hot meal and convivial moments. You will have to arrange a little more, do the shopping and cook … but you will be enriched by something that is worth much more than money.

4. Save on receipt

As mentioned, to save on your desired winter wedding dress is not talked about and, to tell the truth, you don’t even intend to give up a special trip where, for once, you will be pampered and treated with an eye of respect as newlyweds. If you want to experience a holiday of luxury (and, without a doubt, you deserve it) then opt for the oldest make-up in the world: take it from here, to put it there … but with style. There will be some precautions to save on the reception: for example, proposing a cold buffet with many vegetables. In fact, vegetables cost little compared to meat and all agree, they are also healthy and also represent an excellent solution for vegetarian guests.

In addition, evaluate which services you entrust to expert suppliers and which to carry out with your hands: for example, if you are a creative person, why not delight in creating DIY wedding favors? Finally, the number of guests: often intimate ceremonies are also the most authentic. Everything will depend on your very personal idea of celebration and, if you do not like large crowded events, you can avoid inviting those you know only superficially … you will see that they will understand your motivations.

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