Seattle Nightlife: Where to party all night in Seattle

Seattle Nightlife

Seattle Nightlife: Where to party all night in Seattle

While Seattle is not New York or Los Angeles in terms of nightlife (as in this city you definitely don’t go to sleep), Seattle is a city with a varied and fairly laid-back nightlife. Sure, you probably won’t find clubs pounding around every corner (although, there are a few), but what you will find are quality spots for a night out, ranging from quiet places to relax, to clubs with dance floors and DJs.

Whether you prefer an elegant evening with a glass of wine in hand or a nightclub, Seattle has you covered with its bars, breweries, clubs, and other establishments that lift their cures after dark.


The bars are an all-around nightlife go get some drinks, enjoy the evening with friends or a date. Seattle’s top bars include a little bit of everything and a wide range of settings and libations. This is the Northwest, after all, where artisan drinks are king.

Do you want to have more whiskey options than you can actually taste? Check out the whiskey radiator with its incredible drinks and meat-eating menu. Have you heard that there are underground outdated in Seattle? It’s true! Gin Bathtub and Co and Knee Stockings Co. are both tucked away, small intimate spaces big in the atmosphere (and tasty drinks). Seattle has a lot of high-end bars, but even more quiet places where you can go for a beer or watch a game. Or there is Shorty, where you can pair arcade games with your night!


Seattle and beer go together like two drops of water (or maybe two jumps on a vine?) If you like laid-back nightlife, check out a brewery. While some are taverns only-that means they are sparser spaces with no restaurant space or food unless you take out in a food truck or are next door to a few restaurants they have full restaurants or bar spaces where you can pass hang out, watch a game, or chat with friends. These include Elysian, Pike, and Alehouse Pyramid restaurant.

Seattle wine bars

With Woodinville wines only half an hour from Seattle, there is a great deal of wine flowing through Emerald City. Spending a night at a wine bar is a classier touch on the local nightlife, but a great way to spend an evening. Find your favorite wine with the help of knowledgeable staff and dine on tasty appetizers, entrees, and desserts. While you have no shortage of wine bars to choose from, Purple Cafe and Wine Bar is Seattle’s flagship wine destination. Its main downtown location certainly makes a visual impression with a real wine tower at its center.

Hard Rock Cafe

Seattle Nightlife

Seattle has a few rooftop bars (though, not a ton as we’re known for our rain here) and these are great party areas when the weather is nicer. You even have your choice of mood. Do you want to relax and enjoy a view of the water? The Hard Rock Cafe has a stylish rooftop bar overlooking Pike Place Market and Elliott Bay. Also close to Pike Place Market, the nest has an even more impressive view and a deck area larger than the Hard Rock where you can enjoy cocktails and overlook the bay. Want to spend the night on the rooftop in style? Frolik Kitchen & Cocktails It’s a fancy rooftop bar with games and a cool downtown right spot.

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