Thailand travel warning: Is it safe to travel now

Thailand travel warning

Thailand travel warning: Is it safe to travel now

City of tourist destinations around the world has their repertoire of common scams. Thailand was not going to be the exception, where there is tourism there will be people willing to take advantage of it. Here, we are kicking off a topic about Thailand travel warning. The worst of all is that Thais are people Generally very hospitable and sometimes this kind of things dirty the image of a country that has a lot to offer. 

Thailand travel warning

Despite the warnings there are still people who fall into these deceptions especially in the capital of the kingdom of Siam, to help you learn more about the world of “pillory” in Thailand I have decided to make a top 10 on the scams in Thailand, not is definitive and surely there is more to part of those that I speak next. It will be of great help to avoid being deceived by strangers who only want to “get an extra” with you, if you know some other scam or scam that is not on the list, please, let us know in the comments, to see if we can all avoid it.

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is closed

A fairly common scam near any tourist attraction but with more presence around the Grand Palace, when you approach someone will tell you that the palace is closed for several reasons and of course … they know a nearby site to visit, they will take you to another temple, but what you do not know is that during the trip you will end up in a costume store or a jewelry shop where they will try to buy at all costs.

thymus of gems in Thailand

The thymus of gems in Thailand

If you are not an expert in precious gems and gems I advise you not to listen to other people about the amount of money you can earn if you sell the jewelry they give you when you return to your country, many tourists lose their money with this scam to Daily, do not make the same mistake.

check money originality

Check the change they give you

A very common scam in very touristy places is to give you a bad change, always check that the money that you have returned is correct and even more if you have gone out at night and you have taken a few beers.

Ping Pong Shows

Ping Pong Shows

Throughout Thailand you will find people on the street who will invite you to see a “free” erotic show in which the main protagonist will be some ping pong balls or any other quite bizarre object, far from being something curious, which is not They tell you that regardless of the drink you ask for the bill they will give you before leaving the establishment will make your eyes go out of their sockets and when you refuse to pay it will become very violent, be careful about the areas that you take to see this type of shows, distrust if they are not on the street and makes clear before entering what you will pay for your consumption.

renting motorcycles

Be careful when renting motorcycles or other vehicles

One of the most widespread scams in Thailand, always before renting a motorbike, a car, a jet ski or any other type of vehicle, check whether it is in good condition, but when you return from your “pleasant walk” they will point out scratches and dents in the vehicle and they will ask you for a good amount of money for the repairs, if the vehicle you rent has any damage make sure you let the owner know beforehand and take a photo with your mobile phone to make sure when you are going to deliver it.

train tickets

Exhausted train tickets

Close to some train stations you can find people who will help you book your train seats, the problem comes when they tell you that the train is full (even if it is not so) for you to travel in one of its buses, it is also common if you offer a transport too cheap that you are going around by different travel agencies along the whole trip to see if you buy a tour package, which will make your trip last a few hours.

taxis in Thailand

Taxis at the exit of the airport or the bus station

There is quite a lot in Bangkok and in this scam the taxi drivers take advantage of your ignorance when they first arrive in the city and try to charge you an agreed price that will be 4 or 5 times more than normal with a meter, do not ever agree to ride a Taxi if you do not put the meter.


The tuk-tuks that take you almost for free

Especially in the area of Bangkok you will find lots of tuk-tuks that are offered to take you anywhere in the city for the modest amount of 20 THB, what you do not know is that they will take you through a shopping route of those who are sponsors in which they will try to sell you everything and they will have you losing a whole afternoon until they take you to your destination if they do, the scams in Thailand are the most viewed.

Thailand visa

Agencies that process your visa

If you are going to leave the country to visit another area and come back later be careful, many agencies try to take advantage of this to charge you 3 or 4 times more than what it would cost you to do it yourself a few meters later, get informed before the price of the visa.

Police in Thailand

Police of dubious reputation

Especially in large cities some police will try to find you without any paper or receipt for any reason (when you drive with the motorcycle, smoking, with urine analysis at street level, if you do not carry your passport, etc.), to avoid trying make you the fool and speak in your language to confuse them, as if you had no idea of English, many times they will leave you alone if they manage to see that you have no idea what they are saying.

So far some of the most common scams in the country of smiles, you can find many more in the forum. There is a thread exclusively dedicated to them and where many residents in Thailand comment on the plays that some have experienced first-hand, If you want to share any of Thailand travel warning that you know and I have not talked about them, you can do so through the comments.

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