12 useful tips on finding cheap flights for travel

tips on finding cheap flights

12 useful tips on finding cheap flights for travel

Find cheap flights want everything and the cheaper, the better. But is everyone able to do this? In the difficult task of finding tickets has its secrets. Use search engines for tickets. In this case, you will find on one site comparison of offers from dozens of airlines. For example, Google is our favorite search engine, which we constantly use. Here, we include 12 tips on finding cheap flights.

Tips on finding cheap flights

Follow the 12 tips to find cheap flights anytime from anywhere.

Monitor prices

Monitor prices

The more time in stock, the greater the likelihood that you will wait for a profitable offer. You need to monitor prices so as not to miss the tidbit constantly.

Subscribe to newsletters search engines

Subscribe to newsletters

In this case, you will receive a notification by e-mail as soon as the tickets for the desired destination are cheaper. Perhaps it is the offer that you are waiting for. Be aware of price changes! Prices for flights change very often, sign up sooner.

Do not postpone the purchase indefinitely

Do not postpone

We decided to fly and found a suitable offer – buy a ticket. The likelihood that it will become much cheaper is small, but it can even become more expensive. Yes, someone will say that there may be cheap offers for charter flights, but there are no guarantees. And in the case of charters, you can buy a ticket only a week or two before departure. Not everyone is suitable.

Use the “flexible” search

Search for flight

Look at what prices are offered on neighboring dates; sometimes the difference reaches several thousand rubles. You can pre-select the checkbox on the “+/- 3 days” button. Then the search engine will immediately display the first cheapest option in the specified range.

Ticket cost

Ticket cost

See how much the tickets cost to neighboring cities, from which you can easily get to your desired destination. This option is suitable, most likely, for those who have enough free time and are not tied to a specific place. The opportunity to save is very real.

Cheap flights

Cheap flights

Yes, you will have to sit at the airport, but if you plan everything correctly, you can spend time with benefits, for example, take a walk around the city where the transfer will be. In this case, it is better to choose the maximum waiting time for the next flight, so as not to twitch and find out in advance whether you need a visa to enter the city.

Buy tickets back and forth immediately

Buy tickets advance

Sometimes two tickets cost almost as much as one way. Keep in mind that the composite route when you fly to one city and fly away from another is more likely to be more expensive than if both the arrival and departure falls on the same point. There are exceptions, for example, Vietnam. We flew from Moscow to Hanoi and flew from Ho Chi Minh City and the tickets cost almost as much as if we flew from the same Hanoi.

See flights to point X with a change in the city of interest

See flights

Sometimes it is cheaper to fly to the desired place than directly. A simple example: Andrews and I are now in Mexico and want, for example, to fly away from here to Turkey, Istanbul. So, a direct ticket from Mexico City to Istanbul costs 81,500 rubles, and if we buy a ticket to Moscow with a transfer in Istanbul, then the tickets will cost us 70,500 rubles for two. Thus, this simple example shows that it will be cheaper to get off the plane in Istanbul and allow the rest of the route to Moscow to burn. Bad, dear example, but clear.

Use the low price calendar

low price for flight tickets

In this case, you can see in which of the days of the month you can fly the cheapest. Try to get to know the low price map. On it, you will immediately see where you can fly cheaply from a given point. Very convenient, especially if you know that you want to fly somewhere, but have not yet decided where exactly. Here you can also set the maximum ticket price and find out whether you need a visa.

See what others have found

Others found ticket

Aviasales has such an option, thanks to which you can view the search history for the last two days. That is, you will not need to substitute dates a million times, choosing the desired cost, specify the desired point of departure and arrival and see what you have already found on this request.

Stay tuned for promotions and airline deals

airline deals

To do this, find out which airlines fly in the direction you need (you can see, for example, on Wikipedia), and subscribe to their distribution of profitable offers.

Follow thematic groups in social networks and all sorts of forums

You can start browsing the options for the area of interest in six months, or even earlier — the probability of flying somewhere for mere pennies. In this case, increases significantly. Interesting offers can be found on the Purdom’s stock exchange, but they will do only if you are ready to buy a ticket right away, break off and go to rest.

Look for the best deals at low cost – lockout, they are in most search engines are not present, though, there Aviaseyls.
Want to try finding cheap tickets right now? You are welcome!

If you find an interesting offer and buy a ticket with the help of this mold, Aviasales will transfer half of their commission to us with Andrews. For you, the ticket price will not change, just a small bonus for us.

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