What to eat in Greece, the typical dishes

What to eat in Greece, the typical dishes

Have you organized a holiday in Greece and don’t know which typical dish to try first? Our tips will surely help you!

Everything about Greece is beautiful. The calm that reigns in the streets, the history that vibrates at every step, the warm light of the sun, the smiles of the people, and the joy of the squares. But more than anything else, in Greece, it is the food that is really good. The typical dishes to eat in Greece and on the Greek islands are really many. One more fantastic than the other, each an expression and history of this magical land.

The best known, as we know, are:

  • greek salad,
  • moussaka,
  • tzatziki,
  • gyros.

But in reality, there are many dishes that can be tasted in Greece and on the Greek islands. The lesser known, in fact, are the next promise of happiness. At least for those who will soon go to the discovery of typical dishes to eat in Greece and the Greek islands.

Bouyourdi, the appetizer of typical dishes in Greece

A good meal in a Greek tavern cannot be opened if three elements are missing: good fresh ouzo, joy, and bouyourdi. And who does not know this last goodness, in life he has really lost a lot. But it is never too late. Bouyourdi is a typical dish that can be eaten in Greece and the Greek islands.

It is the most beautiful pie of all time: a terracotta terrine with tomatoes, peppers, high-quality Greek oil inside, and, finally, a sprinkling of feta. Everything goes into the oven and when it arrives on the tavern table it is a warm shouting of strong and delicate flavors together. In short, a typical Greek dish not to be missed, which smells of oregano and ancient knowledge.

Between Greece and the Greek islands you prefer a Soutzoukakia

For the record, it reads “susukakia”. And it is a typical dish that can be eaten in Greece and in the Greek islands that drives every palate crazy. This is scientifically proven. Because anyone who sits at a tavern and savors the tenderness of soutzoukakia is absolutely blown away.

Yet their simplicity is almost creepy: they are soft meatballs with an elongated shape. But in Greece what makes the difference are the very delicate spices that are used (oregano and cumin) and, above all, the skill in grilling. Because these very tasty meatballs, in addition to the sauce, are also found on the grill: this second option is absolutely the recommended one. Directly from the masters of Northern Greece.

Kolokythokeftedes: dreaming with the typical dishes of Greece

You can’t go to Greece and the Greek islands and not eat a fantastic, yet very simple, typical dish: kolokythokeftedes. An almost unpronounceable name for unparalleled goodness. Thanks to the fried food, perhaps, but above all to the genuineness of the raw materials in Greece: goat’s milk from which excellent feta and courgettes are obtained (fruit and vegetables in Greece are always very fresh and of great quality).

From these two basic ingredients, kolokythokeftedes are obtained. It is trivially feta and zucchini fritters, prepared by mixing eggs, spring onions, breadcrumbs, herbs, and all the sweetness of Greece. Fried in Greek oil, they are excellent if dipped in one of the sauces that this wonderful land offers. And if you are planning a trip or are about to leave, it is good to know how much it costs to rent a car in Greece.

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