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Surely many of you will already be familiar with the headlamps for camping. Also called headlights, as they have gained more and more influx in the market thanks to the lighting and comfort they offer, leaving our hands completely free to use both hands while we light up. Note down the important features to consider.

Why buy Headlamps for camping?

Headlamps for camping

The headlights are a type of flashlights that are placed on the head, which offer us very interesting advantages for certain jobs or situations, the fact that is turning them into a type of flashlights sold in the market.

Advantages offered by a headlamp

  • It offers us the necessary lighting, leaving our hands completely free to carry out any activity.
  • Always illuminates where the head is directed, thus having the focus of illumination always in the same direction as our eyes.
  • When lighting affects the same angle as the view, we will not have shadows or dead spots.
  • Thanks to the new LED headlamp systems, there are more and more powerful headlamps, offering a great intensity of light.

Thanks to all that, now headlights are widely used in a large number of activities and sectors such as industry, camping, hiking, cycling, hunting, fishing, among many others.

Features to consider when choosing a headlamp


Light performance or intensity of light

It can also be called lighting power, and it is the amount of light emitted in all directions. This is measured in lumens and is one of the first things we look for when we buy a headlamp; since the greater the number of lumens, the greater the light that our headlamp will make.

However, we must bear in mind that we must also look at other very important variables such as the light beam, which we will talk about below.

Light beam or cone of light

When we refer to the light beam or cone of light of a flashlight we are talking about how the power of light is distributed, that is, if the light source is wider or more concentrated.

We can find flashlights with various types of light beam:

Wide: Wide and diffuse lighting, where the light source offers us a wide field of illumination. This type of light beam is ideal for close work or when we need to see a wide field of vision from up close.
Focused: Concentrated illumination in order to illuminate a great distance with great precision, perfect for when we need to accurately view at an important distance.
Mixed: It is a combination of the two previous ones, offering a wide part of close lighting at the same time that we have a part of focused lighting to watch at a great distance.


Depending on each situation or use, one type or another will be more interesting. Note that in the market there are some models of flashlights, such as Nextorch’s MyStar. It allows us to adjust the light beam according to our needs, selecting at each moment if we want a wider or more concentrated lighting.

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Maximum scope of the flashlight focus. The maximum range is the distance from the device to which the lighting is effective. Normally, a beam of light equal to or greater than 0.25 lux is considered effective illumination, which is approximately the magnitude equivalent to the light emitted by the full moon on a clear night in an open field.

According to the use that we are going to give to our headlamp, we must choose a device that allows us to illuminate the necessary distance, in order to be able to satisfy our needs.  This is when the beam of light has the greatest influence (together with the lumens). The concentration of the light cone is needed to reach a distance of illumination.

LED headlamp or conventional bulb?

For a few years LED technology has outperformed conventional bulbs as it offers us a higher performance with lower energy consumption, therefore, the LED headlamps offer us greater lighting power with longer battery life or batteries.  On the other hand, LED bulbs, although they are more expensive, also offer a longer life.

LED headlamp

Another advantage to highlight of the red light is greater security since the LED bulbs are not flammable. The fact that makes them suitable for explosive environments with liquids or gases and environments at a very low temperature.

Lantern autonomy

As we already know, autonomy is the time during which the flashlight produces sufficient illumination. The autonomy that our headlamp will have is one of the most important variables to consider. It is vital to ask ourselves in what situations we will use it and to know how long we will need its light. We must choose a headlamp that meets our autonomy needs.

Front flashlight with battery or battery?

It is also an important choice to choose if our headlamp is going to be powered by batteries or batteries , a fact that is very personal for each user.

Front flashlight

The battery has the advantage that in the long term it is much more profitable, at the same time that it is much more careful with the environment. On the other hand, battery-powered headlights are usually more expensive, while if we have a problem with the battery we must go to the same manufacturer.

Regarding the batteries , the battery-operated headlights are more economical and practical, since we should not think about charging the battery but we can always dispose or buy batteries for our front in any corner in order to use them in the moment. At the same time, we can always convert our flashlight to batteries in rechargeable by using rechargeable batteries. On the other hand, batteries are more expensive in the long term and at the same time are more polluting.

Work modes

Almost all front lanterns on the market have several modes or work options. We must analyze them and make sure that he offers us what we need. It is quite important that it offers us the possibility of choosing between different intensities of light, in order to be able to manage the autonomy according to the needs of each moment, since we will not always need the maximum power of illumination. At the same time, the SOS mode is also interesting, which consists of an intermittent light that can be very useful in certain situations.

Weight and comfort of the headlight on the head

The comfort of our headlamp is one of the most important variables to consider, because no matter how much light it makes or how long the battery lasts, if our frontal is not comfortable we can not perform the activity or work at ease, and At the end we will end up removing the lantern from our heads.

headlight on the head

Therefore, we must choose a light and compact front, which has elastic bands of quality, wide and adjustable in order to get a good grip on our head. It is also important the comfort and ease when switching on and off the light or changing the mode.

Note that if we are going to use our headlamp in a job where the use of a construction helmet is mandatory , we must make sure that the headlamp model that we are going to buy is prepared for use with a safety helmet, or that the bands elastics are long enough to wear with the helmet on. One of the most comfortable and light headlights we have is the Vorker Star of Nextorch , which offers an excellent grip while offering great lighting.


As we all know, the price is a variable to which we all give great importance when buying. Therefore, we must choose a flashlight head with some characteristics according to our needs and adequate to our budget, but never sacrificing quality and reliability in order to pay a cheaper price, because it can get us expensive.


Resistance of headlamp

It is also important in a headlamp that offers a certain resistance to impacts, water, dust, etc. We can see this in the specifications of each product and it is important that we choose a flashlight that has protection against external factors that may affect it.

Quality, reliability and guarantee

Finally, highlight that it is important to buy quality headlamps that offer us a high reliability and guarantee.
This is vital because if our headlamp fails us depends on what time, we can be compromised in a situation of risk.
In addition, it is important to acquire professional or well-known brands, as this will guarantee that the characteristics of the technical sheet are the characteristics that will really offer us.

For this reason, it is very important to bet on front lanterns of quality brands that offer us a good reliability and guarantee. We recommend the Nextorch brand headlamps for camping, as we have been supplying it for a long time and our customers are very happy.