We discovered the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands

We discovered the Solomon Islands

When talking about the Solomon Islands we are talking about approximately 1000 islands spread across Oceania, north of Australia and west of Papua New Guinea. Logically, no one can claim to visit all of them during a trip, so here we are going to present the most emblematic places of them.

Presentation of the Solomon Islands

Before delving into specific places, we are going to provide you with a few interesting facts about this territory. First of all, although it is an independent country, its head of state is the current British Queen, since until a few decades ago it was still a colony of the  United Kingdom. For that reason there you must speak in English.

Solomon Islands

However, its history goes beyond the English presence, since archaeological remains of the Paleolithic have been found, and it must also be said that the name of Solomon was attributed to him by Spanish marine expeditions in the 16th century since they thought that there were mines gold like those of that mythical character.

And another interesting fact is knowing that important events took place here during the Pacific battles of World War II, such as the famous battle of Guadalcanal, whose name is precisely that of the main island of the archipelago.

Guadalcanal Island

We are going to start with this island since the capital of the country is located here: Honiara, in the vicinity of which is the international airport. But in addition to that, there are many of the tourist attractions of the Solomon Islands, almost all of them of great natural value such as the Lugga River infested with crocodiles or the spectacular Matanikau waterfalls.

A plane sunk in the Solomon Islands

And also in Guadalcanal it is mandatory to enjoy its main beach of Red Beach and dare to dive and scuba dive in the Fondo de Hierro Strait. Here, both Japanese and American sunken warships abound, making it a desired place for lovers of war tourism and for those of marine fauna, since all these ships are now the fascinating refuge of thousands of fish.

However, those who want to experience stronger emotions while diving has the option of sailing from Honiara or taking a one-hour flight to Munda. There you dive into an incredible coral reef where huge turtles and sharks suddenly emerge.

Marovo Lagoon

The Marovo lagoon simply becomes a paradisiacal and unforgettable place for everyone who is fortunate enough to visit and enjoy it.  It is a group of islands that emerge from shallow and completely transparent waters where coral of various shapes and colors is the natural setting where more than 300 species of fish live, about 450 plants, and about 80 birds that feed mainly by fishing.

Not everything is the sea in the Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands

Diving and practically virgin beaches are the great claims of the Solomon Islands. However, you can also visit inland places and take walks of great interest, for example walking the incredible trails full of vegetation in Valeatu or ascending the Kubonitu or Austen mountains. In this sense, the island of Malaita may be ideal due to its mountainous and tropical character.

Malaita Island

However, there are a thousand and one places scattered throughout the archipelago, and almost all of them can be visited all year round given their perpetual summer. And as if that were not enough without the burdens of the crowds, since it is not an excessively exploited destination. That makes spending a vacation in the Solomon Islands require a lot of ingenuity and an adventurous spirit. Whoever has it, let him start saving to undertake the journey of his life.

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