If you have reached this section, you are already very close to starting your trip to Los Angeles. In this case, the time has come to pack, something that can be stressful for anyone. What do I put? What took me? What will I need? Well then, we will explain Packing list for Los Angeles and everything you need to take with you.

If you travel to Los Angeles in the summer, take a bag full of light and comfortable clothes to withstand the heat of this city. Anyway, we recommend you take something to keep warm at night since sometimes the temperature can go down a bit. If you travel in winter, we also recommend you take some warm clothes, because although temperatures are not too low, it is better to prevent.

Packing List For Los Angeles: What To Take In Your Luggage Or Backpack

Packing list for Los Angeles

Next, we leave you a Packing list for Los Angeles that you can print with the most important things to put in your suitcase of Los Angeles. This list is designed so that you can cross out the objects that you have already put in your suitcase and thus, do not forget anything. In addition, we have left some blank spaces for you to add those personal items that you want to take more.

You can print the PDF of the table with the list or copy it on a blank page. Remember, the money and the documents will never be shipped. You must carry it always on top.

1 Shorts 17 Passport and documentation
2 Long pants 18 travel Guide
3 T-shirts 19 A cap for the sun or hat
4 shirts 20 Flip-flops for the shower
5 Jerseys 21 Plastic bags for dirty clothes
6 Socks 22 Adapters for electricity
7 Underwear 23 Small backpack for excursions
8 Jacket 24 Mobile / portable charger and what you need
9 Shoes 25 Belts
10 Sneakers 26 Flashlight small size (always useful)
11 Sunscreen / Cap, gloves, scarf 27 Anti-mosquito
12 Photo/video camera 28 First aid kit
13 Sunglasses
14 Pijama
15 Umbrella
16 Toiletry (you can create another list)

In order to prepare the suitcase according to the weather and temperatures, we recommend you to visit the article on the climate of Los Angeles, where you can find out the weather and its temperatures for each of the months of the year.

It is very important to put in your suitcase comfortable shoes, since visiting the city you will walk many hours and if you wear uncomfortable shoes you will have a bad time.

Packing List For Los Angeles: What To Take In Your Luggage Or Backpack

What to take with luggage travel Los Angeles

The plane trip to Los Angeles can be quite long, which is why it is advisable to carry a hard suitcase since it is the type of luggage that your personal belongings can best protect. It may also be convenient to pack your suitcase with the plastics at the airport, as this will prevent you from having any problems with your shots or opening your luggage without your consent.

It is very important to remember that both the documentation and the money can never be put in the suitcase that is shipped. You always have to take them on, to avoid losses or thefts.

It is also good that in your carry-on bag you carry a spare change since it is not so strange that airlines lose their luggage, and more so in an airport as busy as Los Angeles. If you have a spare change, at least you will have something to wear the next day.