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Have you just returned from your honeymoon and are you in full post-travel depression? The honeymoon is a truly unforgettable experience, during which all worries can be set aside, you will finally leave behind all those appointments to agree on the number of wedding invitations or guests at the location, to live intensely and enjoy every moment of this magnificent holiday. As you well know, at the end of each adventure, after having been pampered by the charm of idyllic places and unique moments of love, unfortunately, it’s up to returning to reality, putting your ceremonial clothes back in the closet and starting a new daily life of a couple. But how do you survive this phase? Here are some tips for Post-honeymoon depression: 5 activities to overcome the honeymoon blues.

1. Plan a weekend out right away!Post-honeymoon depression: 5 activities to overcome the honeymoon blues

Even if it can be difficult, it is important to regain normalcy with positive energy, setting new goals. Don’t let the melancholy take over, you need to think about the next trip!

It may seem like a trivial idea, but planning a trip, albeit short, helps you feel better; the mind receives positive impulses and the organism regenerates. There is no need to wait for the next summer or Christmas to take a long vacation: even if it is only a weekend or a simple trip to discover a new city, it will be useful to face the return to the healthy normal. Have we convinced you?

2. Lovers of good food? Go ahead for romantic dinners!Post-honeymoon depression: 5 activities to overcome the honeymoon blues

What could be better than a candlelit dinner based on tasty foods and phrases of love? Food and love are inextricably linked! If you love cooking, be delighted in preparing a dish typical of the country you have visited on your honeymoon, decorating the table and the themed dining room should not be very difficult if you are skilled in manual jobs and have made some nice wedding favors at home DIY wedding. By recreating a leitmotiv with the right tools and choosing the right music, it will be like traveling again.

Gluttons and lovers of the most sophisticated delicacies can try their hand at preparing delicious cakes, decorated muffins or pancakes with delicious toppings.

3. Boogie Woogie … It’s time to get wild on the track!

Do you love dancing or don’t you know how to do it? Any time in life is the ideal time to start a dance class and even more beautiful is if you are a couple. Tango is the couple’s dance par excellence, its vibrations convey passion and the lyrics of its songs are works of art full of romantic phrases . Give yourself a subscription of ten lessons! It is one of the best tips for overcome the honeymoon blues.

Or do you prefer a Swing or Boogie Woogie course? If you have a living soul and love to run wild on the track, these are the ideal activities for you.

4. Cinefila Marathon & Popcorn

Passionate about the world of cinema? Whether you are passionate film buffs or you love pure entertainment movies, programming a cinephile marathon will always be a moment of catharsis and therefore an excellent palliative to survive the post-honeymoon. Romantic films, thrillers, science fiction, comedy, drama or a trilogy to be seen in one go. What does it do for you? In short, the range is very wide and there really is something for everyone. Of course, don’t forget to get all the material you need: wraparound covers, drinks, popcorn and everything you love to munch on. It is one of the best tips for overcome the honeymoon blues.

5. Day Off: trekking, hiking or kayaking?

Do you love doing sports in nature but for one reason or another you postpone every time? Well, this is the right time to do it! Sport helps improve mood and provides the body with a lot of energy. Carry out a day of the week, perhaps over the weekend, to go hiking in a nature reserve immersing yourself in nature and letting yourself be carried away by its sunsets and heady scents; or if you have more time available and a training base that allows you to do so, you can hike on longer and slightly more challenging routes. It is one of the best tips for overcome the honeymoon blues.