4 destinations for a romantic honeymoon in the mountains. When the wedding day draws to a close, as you greet the guests by thanking them with your wedding favors for having participated in this great day, many of you will already think the next day, because another unique moment awaits you: the departure for your trip wedding! Many couples take special care and start organizing it from the moment they send their wedding invitations: they browse catalogs, they go to agencies, and they sift through all the possible and imaginable destinations they have always dreamed of reaching! Some newlyweds even decide to use the destination chosen for their honeymoon for their “travel theme” wedding, personalizing every detail: from original wedding invitations in the form of an airplane ticket to creative tableau de marriage made with suitcases.

Many married couples nowadays for their honeymoon certainly choose sea destinations, where sun and beach are the masters. But there are also many couples, who perhaps prefer other kinds of places, just as enchanting as mountain ones. Who says that the corners of paradise are only on deserted beaches? We will give you a try proposing you 4 unique destinations in the world where you can spend a romantic honeymoon in the mountains!

1. Dolomites4 destinations for a romantic honeymoon in the mountains

Without moving too much from home, therefore also convenient from an economic point of view, we propose you as the first mountain destination the wonderful and much loved Dolomites. Enchanting places await you at high altitudes where you can take pleasant hikes in the summer or ski in the winter, in both cases, you will enjoy breathtaking views that you will carry forever in your memories. Among the places to visit, without a doubt Cortina d’Ampezzo, Rocca Pietore-Marmolada, Madonna di Campiglio, Val di Fassa and many others where nature will only amaze you day after day with all its magnificence. It is one of the best destination honeymoon in the mountains.

2. Patagonia4 destinations for a romantic honeymoon in the mountains

If instead, you want to go to the other side of the world, a destination with undisputed charm is undoubtedly Patagonia, an unparalleled landscape that extends over the southern part of Argentina, on the border with Chile. One of the places that absolutely you can not help but visit once there is the Perito Moreno Glacier, where you can enjoy a spectacular and truly incredible view in absolute silence. If you want to stay in close contact with amazing nature, you can visit Villa la Angostura, famous for lovers of adventure sports. Moreover, in this wonderful land, you can make long walks on paths that are always different and of impressive beauty. It is one of the best destination honeymoon in the mountains.

3. Rocky mountains of Canada4 destinations for a romantic honeymoon in the mountains

Let’s move to North America, precisely in the Canadian Rockies, where you will be spoiled for choice of places to visit, each one splendid and absolutely beautiful. Among the most popular destinations is the Moraine Lake from which to enjoy a breathtaking view of the glaciers, and live constantly in close contact with the surrounding nature. In addition, natural parks, lots of lakes, mountains, will make your honeymoon an unforgettable holiday, including sports activities of all kinds, from kayaking to tracking or mountain biking, there’s something for everyone! It is one of the best destination honeymoon in the mountains.

4. Norwegian fjords4 destinations for a romantic honeymoon in the mountains

Finally, another place of infinite beauty where we advise you to book for your romantic honeymoon in Norway where you can admire the wonderful fjords. Moreover, in this enchanting place between February and March or September and October, you will see the unique spectacle of the Northern Lights. You will be surrounded by fairytale landscapes that will make you feel like you are living in a fantastic dream, an ideal place to spend the romantic days of your exceptional honeymoon. It is one of the best destination honeymoon in the mountains.