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Ronda attracts and much, thanks to its rural houses and spectacular valleys that surround it. A beautiful city, you can see where you look, both for passing tourists and the inhabitants themselves. It is the third most visited municipality in Andalusia! This white city is located, called white town in Andalusia. It is about 100 kilometers from Malaga and has a population that reaches almost 40,000 inhabitants. July to August will be the best time to visit Ronda Spain.  

With incredible views from the Tajo de Ronda, the construction of the New Bridge ended in 1793 and lasted about 42 years, and was built to connect the newest area with the oldest in the city. Undoubtedly, it is the most famous and impressive heritage in Ronda.

Best time to visit ronda spain

Best time to visit ronda spain

We said that you could visit ronda in july to august. The time is perfect to visit all the places. You can admire this monument from the Parador de Ronda, just behind the bridge. They are unforgettable views that you can not miss if you pass by there. If you want to stay nearby, you have the option of staying at the luxurious hostel.

The Tagus also offers you the possibility of doing a small excursion walking along the path of the Mills, from where you can see the New Bridge from below.

Arab baths of Ronda

Arab baths of Ronda

It is the best preserved Arab baths in the peninsula. Its construction ended in the XXII century after King Abomelik concluded his reign. The ventilation grilles located on the roof have a star shape and were created by their similarity to those of the baths of the Alhambra in Granada. The boilers that were used to heat the water are still in operation as they are kept in good condition.

You can visit the Arab Baths of Ronda from the Padre Jesús neighborhood from where you can descend a hill with more than 100 stairs that are near the Old Bridge. You can also get from the other end, by a road near the field by which you will access the neighborhood of San Miguel, the old Arab district of the city.

The entrance is not expensive, only € 3 per person and if you want to enter for free, you can go on a Monday since the access is free to the public.

Balcony of the Pussy

Balcony of the Pussy

This balcony/viewpoint is located in the Alameda del Tajo, other of the most emblematic places of the city, where vegetation and fountains are found to offer the citizen and the tourist some of the most pleasant walks, thanks to one of the sunsets of the most spectacular sun in Andalusia.

The name of this viewpoint is because when anyone looks out to take pictures or admire the views, he exclaims: “Pussy!”. It is quite impressive since this point is 100 meters high.

Center and Bullring

Another enclave that you should visit when traveling to Ronda is the Plaza de España, near the Puente Nuevo, where you can have a snack or some food to gather strength.

Then you can walk through the commercial streets of the city center. One of the best known is the “Calle de la Bola,” it is a little more than 1 kilometer long and is full of shops and bars.

To conclude your walk through the center of Ronda, you can visit its famous bullring. It is one of the most prominent places in the city since inside the famous Goyesca Corrida is celebrated, in which the most famous bullfighters do their chores.