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For such a small country, Belgium certainly packs a punch in terms of interesting places to experience. If you’re planning a trip, make sure you include these activities:


One of the things Belgium is famous for is the large variety of craft beers on offer. Each individual region has its own variety of delicious local beer that you should definitely indulge in. Visit a local beer bar and ask the owner for suggestions – they’ll be honoured to share their knowledge and introduce you to some great beers. Some can be quite potent, so don’t take the car! There are also many brewery tours available for book for an interesting day out.


World-renowned for its chocolate, no visit to Belgium is complete without sampling some of their finest sweet treats. Pretty much every village contains a chocolate shop selling delicious chocolate made form recipes handed down through many generations. It is some of the best chocolate known to man, so what are you waiting for? They do produce 220,000 tons of it a year so there’s plenty to go around!

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Staying on a foodie theme, the Belgians are also well-known for their waffles. Make sure you experience at least one of these during your time in the country. There are many waffle stands and cafes that sell them alongside a hot cup of coffee. The uniqueness of the Belgian waffle is that its thicker than any other waffle type and normally served with icing sugar, whipped cream and fruit.

Canal Boat

Bruges has been called the Venice of the North thanks to its many canals. There is no better way to explore this attractive city than by cruising through it by boat on the canals. Bruges is a must-see destination as part of your Belgian tour.

In Flanders Fields Museum

In honour of those who sacrificed their lives in the fields of Flanders during WWI, this museum is a must for learning all about the impact of the Great War on Europe.

Formula One

Belgium is one of the locations around the world that stages an F1 race. Why not take your trip to Belgium to coincide with a race and treat yourself to an amazing package to get the most out of the racetrack experience? For the ultimate track day, book the Belgium F1 Paddock Club with https://edgeglobalevents.com/f1-paddock-club/f1-paddock-club-belgium/

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If history is your thing, be sure to include a visit to The Gravensteen, a medieval castle in Ghent. Its name means ‘Castle of the Counts’ in Dutch. It was founded in 1180 and was the official residence of the Count of Flanders until the 14th century.

The Atomium

Built for the 1958 World’s Fair, this 335-foot giant sculpture is a large replica of an iron crystal atom made in steel. It is magnified by 165 million times to that of a normal iron crystal. Three of the steel spheres can be entered and contain a restaurant, an exhibition area and a space for kids to have sleepovers! Not too far from the Atomium is Mini-Europe, a must-visit theme park with a mini replica of famous European monuments.

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