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Honeymoon in Japan: all the tricks to plan the trip to the fullest. If you want a trip with a capital V but you do not know where you are going to spend your honeymoon, we can only “put a flea in your ear” called … Japan! A mythological destination for many adventurers of the past, even today this country has an irresistible charm, especially for those who have just pronounced the phrases for the promise of marriage. What will you find in the land of cherry trees? Undoubtedly an intense cultural variety and a nature that will reflect its colors on your happy faces.

Time, Times, TemplesHoneymoon in Japan: all the tricks to plan the trip to the fullest

The first thing you will need to plan before your trip to the Rising Sun will be the period. Without a doubt, the most fascinating season is spring: between the end of March and mid-April – during the Sakura – you could watch the spectacular cherry blossoms, under which you can exchange love phrases and take pictures that will immortalize that magic moment forever.

Another period in which Japan gives its best in autumn, in the period of the foliage that surrounds the temples with its soft, nostalgic and tremendously fascinating atmosphere.

If you prefer to save (Japan, you know, is rather expensive for us Westerners) then you could opt for the period of low season, from the end of autumn to the end of March: in these months you could, in fact, be able to find flights even a little more of 400 euros. It is one of the best tips Honeymoon in Japan.

The stages not to be missedHoneymoon in Japan: all the tricks to plan the trip to the fullest

Each region of Japan reserves natural wonders and cities rich in history and sacredness. Among these, Kyoto and Nara stand out, the two ancient capitals that hold priceless treasures such as the splendid  Kinkakuji Temple, the Nijo Castle, and the Kiyomizu Temple. We suggest you not to miss a visit to the ancient district of the Gion Geishas in Kyoto, animated by the famous “tea houses”, where entertainment is offered through drinks, pleasant conversations, games and the performance of traditional Japanese music. Moving to Nara, here you can immerse yourself in its wonderful park, famous for the presence of elegant deer.

An obligatory stop will be Kanazawa, a city that still retains the atmosphere of the feudal era. And is famous for Kenrokuen Park, located in the historic center. And declared as one of the most beautiful in all of Japan. It is one of the best tips Honeymoon in Japan.

Finally, your trip cannot be considered concluded if you do not make a visit to the Japanese countryside, relaxing. And isolated from the rest of the country.  Shirakawa-go, a small village in the heart of the mountains. It is a perfect place to exchange sweet romantic phrases. Where you can visit gassho-zukuri farms (thatched houses), typical of this region.

How to save on food and transportHoneymoon in Japan: all the tricks to plan the trip to the fullest

By staying on the topic of the budget, a great help in the administration of your finances is given by the way you use the transport. Japan is famous for its very high-speed trains: try them out, because they are a real experience, but for daily travel try to prefer cheaper means, like the yako basu, the night bus: its cost, compared to the  shinkansen ” bullet train “, is halved.

One advice is to buy the Japan Rail Pass. In order to travel around the country without additional costs, depending on the desired period (for example, the indicative price for 7 days is € 240). It is one of the best tips Honeymoon in Japan.

Also, pay attention to the bill in restaurants, both for a matter of savings and authenticity. If you want to try the real Japanese cuisine, keep away from the most touristy places and prefer the typical inns called ryokan , where you can taste the authentic kaiseki cuisine , consisting of small portions of food cooked according to tradition.

Not just sushi!Honeymoon in Japan: all the tricks to plan the trip to the fullest

But what do you eat in Japan? Soon you will realize that the Japanese do not live only sushi. As mistakenly make us understand the many oriental restaurants in our European cities. The famous raw fish is naturally present in the local diet. (taste it at the Tokyo fish market, it’s sensational!). But the truth is that Japanese cuisine offers many other dishes that will surprise you. Here are some: It is one of the best tips Honeymoon in Japan.

Ramen: a hot soup with noodles , vegetables, eggs, mushrooms and any other appetizing ingredient that comes to mind;

the tempura: a frying of vegetables in the batter to be licked the mustache;

the tonkatsu: breaded and fried pork;

the yakitori: chicken skewers to taste with soy sauce;

okonomiyaki , often called “Japanese pizza”, even if it is a rich omelette cooked on the plate.