How expensive is Croatia

How expensive is Croatia

How expensive is Croatia

The truth is that we expected Croatia to be a little cheaper: be careful, we are not saying that it is very expensive (as there are always tricks and ways to lower travel costs), however, we thought that there would be more differences compared to countries like Italy and Spain. Of course, if you follow our advice you will be able to backpack in Croatia without having to take unpleasant surprises … How much does a trip to Croatia cost? Here we tell you!

ACCOMMODATIONHow expensive is Croatia

There are all types of accommodation in Croatia: from luxury hotels to rooms in private houses (sovere). There is also no lack of bedrooms or apartments … come on, there are options for all pleasures pockets!

Sobe: it is the cheapest accommodation option (removing Couchsurfing, of course) and the rooms are usually clean, spacious (in some cases they include Wi-Fi, breakfast, and more services). You can also live the experience of living like a local … very authentic! Prices range from $ 10-15 per person/day.

Bedrooms: in big cities, it can be a good option if you are traveling alone (if you are traveling as a couple, we think it is worth staying in Sobe). Prices range from $ 13-20.

Hotels: a clean and correct double room can be between $ 35-50

Apartments: calculate about $ 40-60 depending on the location. The good thing about staying in apartments is that by having a kitchen you can lower the cost of food.

TRANSPORTHow expensive is Croatia

Traveling with your own transport:

We decided to rent a car in order to have as much freedom as possible. We did it with the Avant Car company (through the Autoeurope website ). The car (a Volkswagen UP that we call Lobster) cost us 670 Kunas ($ 88 approx.) For the 5-day rental, or about $ 17.50 per day. To these, we must add the $ 12 of the optional all-risk insurance (if we are getting older!) So in total, the rent cost us $ 148. About $ 30 a day.

The gasoline Super 95 cost about 9Kunas (1,19 $) / liter. We did about 1,200 km in total and spent about 480 Kunas (about $ 63), that is, about 40 kunas per 100 km (about $ 5.20 per 100 km ).

Is it worth getting around Croatia by car? Definitely yes: the freedom that this means gives you is priceless (besides that public transport is not cheap, to say the least!).

Be careful: to get to Dubrovnik you have to cross the border with Bosnia, it is a few kilometers that are expensive, at least for us … we had to pay an additional $ 25 to the rental agency for the green card (without which, supposedly, you can’t drive in Bosnia). At the border, no one asked us at any time, besides that the green card came with the car papers… what happens, if we didn’t pay for it, they would take it from us?

Traveling with public transport:

If you prefer to travel by public transport we leave you the indicative prices of some popular routes:

Zagreb-Split: $ 20 – $ 30.

Zagreb-Pula: $ 20 – $ 25.

Zagreb-Dubrovnik: $ 25 – $ 35.

Split-Dubrovnik: $ 15 – $ 20.

FOODHow expensive is Croatia

Eating at a restaurant does not have to be expensive: there are quite a few specials of daily specials (35-45Kunas) and the pizzas are usually cheap (from 25Kunas in some places). A meal in an average restaurant should not cost more than 60-70Kunas, which can be reduced if you look for the cheapest places. The problem comes with drinking: beer aside… drinking is expensive! Half-liter beers usually cost 10-18 Kunas… a Coke costs between 12-20 Kunas and water more of the same. Sometimes you will see that you spend more on drinks than on food … amazing!

Tips to save:

Buy a bottle of water at a supermarket and fill it up: Croatian tap water is very good (and free!).

If you have a kitchen in your severe / apartment/hotel do the shopping and cook at home: you will save a peak! We cook quite a few times, especially tortellini (12-20 Kunas) and cevapcici (20-25kunas). In this way, a rich and abundant dish will cost you about 10-15 Kunas per person!

There are many supermarkets (Lidl, Konzum, Despar, Billa…) where you can buy bread and cold cuts: a sandwich a day may not be the healthiest thing there is, but it is cheap!

Our biggest discovery has been the bakeries ( Pekara ) where you can eat burek (a kind of puff pastry cake filled with cheese/spinach/meat), pizzas, rolls, sweets for 5-15 Kunas.


Avoid traveling in the high season (especially July and August) as prices are higher and there are looooong tourists!

Stay in sovere (rooms in private houses) or in apartments (to cook your dishes).

Avoid tolls on motorways: they are not usually cheap (and the secondary roads are more beautiful and interesting).

Try to eat in non-tourist places and always check how much the drink costs, sometimes they show you an affordable dish of the day but the drink is very expensive and they make up for it!

Civitatis you have cheap tours in the main cities of Croatia. They also offer interesting excursions ( like to Mostar / Kotor from Dubrovnik) or day cruises. Come on, take a look here.


Pizza Margherita: 25-35 Kunas

Pizza in the bakery: 7-12 Kunas

Pasta / risotto / lasagna plate: 45-60 Kunas

Mc Donalds: 30-45 Kunas

Half-liter beer: from 10 Kunas but can go up to double in tourist places.

Coca Cola: 12-20 Kunas

Milk (liter): 6-7 Kunas

Coffee: 7-12 Kunas

Ice Cream: 7 Kunas

Crepes: 7-20 Kunas

Marlboro: 25 Kunas

Urban bus ticket: 12 Kunas

Intercity bus ticket (per hour): 20-30 Kunas

Shampoo: 8-14 Kunas

Cocktail: 30-50 Kunas

Hopefully our guide to how much a trip to Croatia costs has been useful for you!

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