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Honeymoon in Malaysia: will it be the destination for you? In the last thirty years, Malaysia has experienced a very strong economic development, transforming itself from a developing country to one of the richest in Southeast Asia. And becoming a popular destination for those who have just spoken sentences for marriage. And do not see time to spend a special honeymoon. Despite the recent progress, Malaysia still hides immense pristine natural areas. And beaches ideal for exchanging romantic phrases at sunset. What do you say, leave for a moment the preparation of the wedding placeholders to organize your honeymoon in this surprising land?

But where is Malaysia?Honeymoon in Malaysia: will it be the destination for you?

If you look on Malaysia’s world map, you will not find a single territory: this federal state of Southeast Asia is in fact divided from the China Sea and includes a peninsular area to the west and an eastern one. The latter is located on the large island called Borneo: The northern part, that of the States of Sabah and Sarawak, is part of Malaysia. Although many people get confused about it. It is good to remember that the surprising city of Singapore is not part of Malaysia; however, being so close. It would be a shame not to visit it during your trip. It is one of the best Honeymoon in Malaysia.

Discover the Malaysian beauties, from west to eastHoneymoon in Malaysia: will it be the destination for you?

One of the main attractions of Malaysia is its multiculturalism . Its territory is in fact inhabited by people of different origins, from Malay to Chinese and Indian, among whom different religions coexist peacefully. Even past and future, technological innovation. And nature coexists in this remote country: you will easily find yourself moving from the city vices of the capital to the relaxing silence of the paradisiacal beaches of the Pulau Perhentian Islands, a small archipelago located off the eastern coasts of the Malay Peninsula. It is one of the best Honeymoon in Malaysia.

What to do in Malaysia? What you don’t expect!Honeymoon in Malaysia: will it be the destination for you?

Without a doubt, you will have to visit the capital, Kuala Lumpur. In this incredible city, you can lose yourself in picturesque markets such as Chow Kit or Little India, take a tour of China Town, regenerate the body. And soul in one of the times that each celebrate their own god (that’s right, there is that of the Sikh religion, the Hindu and the Buddhist). And then end the day by admiring the impressive Petronas Towers with a drink in hand. If you really want to give you a touch of class. Do it on the terrace of one of the fantastic hotels that the place offers you. Wearing your best elegant ceremonial dress.

But if you can’t wait to leave the metropolitan chaos to immerse yourself in nature, then the Sarawak area is the one for you. You can then go into the fantastic Bako National Park. And take a series of guided hikes that will let you know, for example, orangutans up close … not bad, eh? It is one of the best Honeymoon in Malaysia.

At the same time, in Gunung Gading National Park you could discover Malaysian uniqueness like the Rafflesia … did you know that it is the largest flower in the world? Certainly for a bouquet of flowers worthy of the name, one would be enough! Needless to say, to visit these places, you can safely leave home elegant women’s shoes.

Everything you have never been told about MalaysiaHoneymoon in Malaysia: will it be the destination for you?

After bringing your lace wedding gown to the laundry. You can finally leave for Malaysia. But not before you’ve had the necessary vaccines. Although not mandatory, it is important that you inform yourself about the indications provided by the Local Health Unit of your Municipality: they will probably advise you to vaccinate against Hepatitis A, Cholera and Typhus. It is one of the best Honeymoon in Malaysia.

If, on the other hand, you are wondering what the best time to travel to Malaysia is. The answer is from April to July. However. It is good to distinguish between Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo, with Sarawak in the west and Sabah in the east: the rainy season varies greatly depending on the area. But if you want to be on the safe side opt for May and avoid November in all cases.

Finally, to give you an indicative idea of how much you could spend for a honeymoon in Malaysia, rest assured: the figure will not exceed 2000 euros each for two weeks, all inclusive. This means food, lodging, extra expenses. And, of course, the flight. This last item is, in fact, the one that will occupy most of the budget, as it is an intercontinental journey. The cost of living in this South-East Asian country is in fact very low compared to the standards you are used to if you live in Europe. In any case, the advice is always to rely on experts, like your trusted travel agency.

We know, now you can’t wait to leave to explore this incredible Asian state. And exchange phrases of love in all possible scenarios. Perhaps you will be flying over the South China Sea. Or perhaps you will be taking a boat ride along the river that bathes the city of Kuching. One thing is certain, in Malaysia you will be so happy to look radiant, even without the gel on your hair. And the bridal makeup that you applied to your wedding.