The Republic of Khakassia on the map of Russia and the world. Each of you, of course, knows where Russia is, and almost everyone knows where Siberia is. But few people know that in the very center of Siberia there is a small republic called Khakassia.

The archaeological Mecca, the open-air museum, Siberian Switzerland, the solar republic, the “cauldron of the peoples” – as soon as they did not call Khakassia. It is truly one of the most amazing corners of the earth. That is what I suggest you visit.

During the trip, you will have to get acquainted with the rich history of the republic and the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The favorable geographical location and unique natural landscape attracted people to it from time immemorial.

Republic of Khakassia on the map of Russia

Sights of the Republic of Khakassia

Monuments of history and culture of Khakassia

According to the degree of concentration of monuments of archeology, the ancient land of the republic is ahead of all of Siberia, if not all of Russia. The evidence of the many thousands of years of history of the Khakan land can be found in almost all of its territory.

On the rocky outcrops, you can find whole galleries of embossed and drawn drawings of animals, people, fantastic creatures and mysterious symbols. On the tops of the mountains are located overgrown with lichen ruins of fortifications.

Most of the ancient monuments of this land are mounds. These are various burials of ancient civilizations. Bolshoy Salbyk Mound is one of the truly grand monuments erected by this civilization. This is a stone-earthen pyramid – the burial of one of the powerful Dinlin kings and members of his family.

Republic of Khakassia on the map of Russia

Bolshoy Salbyk Kurgan is not the only tomb of the Tatar period in the Salbyk steppe. There is one more royal mound here – Badger log, named after its location.

The Republic of Khakassia on the map of Russia is located in the South-Western part of Eastern Siberia. In the north, east and southeast the territory of the republic borders with Krasnoyarsk Territory, in the western part – with the Kemerovo region, in the south – with the Tyva Republic, in the south-west with the Altai Republic. The climate of Khakassia is sharply continental, with cold winters and hot summers.

Development of tourism in Khakassia

The development of tourism is one of the priorities. The republic has everything a traveler can wish for: high snow-covered mountains, forests that have not heard the sound of an ax, cool and clean rivers, endless fragrant steppes and a huge variety of water bodies, mountains whose height reaches 3000 meters.

The purest rivers originating in the Sayan Mountains carry their waters into the deepest river of Russia – the Yenisei.

Republic of Khakassia on the map of Russia

Rest on the lakes of Khakassia

Everyone knows the uniqueness of the Republic of Khakassia as a natural region: healing lakes, rivers and lakes with lots of fish, coniferous and deciduous forests, a diverse animal and plant world with relict plants – all this gives the broadest opportunities for outdoor activities for every taste.

About 300 lakes are known on this small land. Every year, thousands of guests come to the lakes Bele, Shira, Tus, Shunet, Utichi, Khan-Kul, Ulug-Kol, and many others to enjoy a wonderful holiday, bask in the gentle rays of the sun and feel the healing properties of the lakes of Khakassia.

The Ivanovo lakes are one of the most picturesque places and the only place beyond the Urals where they ski in the mountains from October to July.

Republic of Khakassia on the map of Russia

In addition to natural resources, it also has another component – a significant cultural and historical potential. National holidays are annually celebrated here, accompanied by songs and dances, contests, exhibitions of Khakan folk art and national ensembles.

More than 100 nationalities live in the republic, such as the Khakas, Shors, Germans, Lithuanians, Tatars and many others.

Ski tourist complex “Gladney”

One of the few in Russia that allows holding competitions in the entire list of disciplines of alpine skiing and has international FIS certificates.

The trails on Gladyenka in terms of technical characteristics successfully compete with similar resorts in Russia and allow holding events of the highest level.

Republic of Khakassia on the map of Russia

The final of the Russian Alpine Ski Championships was held on the mountain Gladenkaya. The unique characteristics of the mountain, comfortable infrastructure and level of service, the beauty of the nature of the Sayans make the rest on the ski complex “Gladyenka” unforgettable.

The presence of various climatic features of Khakassia, the abundance of sun and fertile land, the fabulous wealth of the mineral resources and high mountains, full-flowing rivers and lakes rich in mushrooms, berries, and pine nuts taiga make these places especially attractive for travelers.

The Republic of Khakassia on the map of Russia: Rest at the campsites, horseback riding, swimming in medical lakes, cultural and educational excursions will make your trip unforgettable!