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To the East of the Heart of England with handy links to  London and the SouthEast lies the county of Bedfordshire or “Bedanfordscir” if you prefer the old English. It was the Angles that first used this name. They were settlers, or invaders, depending on which side of the historical fence you fall, and they were in great need of resources. One of those particular resources was water. Bedforeshire has an abundance and this soon helped them establish agriculture. Whilst there is some debate about whether the Angles, Saxons and Jutes fought constantly with the remaining Romano-Britons we do know of a significant battle at Bedford where the Angles cemented their place in the county with a big victory.

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You will feel the same as King Cuthwulf did after his victory when you take  ownership of one of the lovely Bedfordshire Park Homes For Sale. I’m sure that you won’t lose it to the Danes as they did  only for it to be recovered by King Edward and then laid waste by King Canute. No one seems to know why he did this. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the people of Bedfordshire put up no resistance to William the Conqueror.

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However, it was very much against one King, and that was Charles the first. Being miles from the Sea, his ship tax, a levy charged at building up Britain’s navy, but in essence a ploy to fund his lavish court and wasteful Irish Wars, was deeply unpopular and deemed very unfair.

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