Things to do in pattaya in a single day


Things to do in pattaya in a single day

Pattaya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand, and it’s a lot of fun. It is known by the nickname “Rimini of Southeast Asia.” However, Pattaya is not just about nightlife, parties, beautiful girls and alcoholic drinks. Here, we share our experience and things to do in Pattaya in a single day.

Pattaya is fascinating and stimulating from every point of view. It is a popular tourist destination even among nature lovers, beautiful landscapes, white beaches, and crystal clear sea. And how not to mention, then, the culture and monuments of Pattaya, all to admire and to photograph during your dream vacation in Thailand. If you want to include it in your travel itinerary, here’s everything you need to know about Pattaya.

How to get in Pattaya?

Things to do in pattaya

The best way to get to Pattaya is by plane: Take a flight to Bangkok (Bangkok Suvarnabhumi), and from here in about an hour and a half you will be in the city. If you rent a car, take the highway from Bangkok to Pattaya: you will arrive in about 2 hours. To enter Thailand, you must need a valid passport with a remaining validity of at least 6 months. You will get a 30-day tourist visa without any other paperwork or request. If you want to stay for more than 30 days, you can go to the Embassy or Consulate and apply for a new visa.

Tourist attractions not to be missed in Pattaya

A visit to Pattaya cannot fail to start with its marvelous temples, especially the Wat Phra Yai, a true symbol of the culture of Pattaya. Wat Phra Yai is located on top of a hill surrounded by a lush park, just halfway between Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach. Among other things to see are the Nong Nooch Gardens, suitable for those seeking a little ‘tranquility and those who are fond of botany, the Khao Kheow Open Zoo, reached along Sukhumvit Road, and Ripley’s Museum, on the 3rd floor of the Royal Garden Plaza. A gem to behold is the miniature reconstruction located near Pattaya, near Klang. Read more Staying Safe – Serviced Apartments and the Single Traveller

Wat Phra Yai

Wat Phra Yai

The main and most famous beach of Pattaya is Pattaya Beach. Remember, there is so much choice in the city, as Pattaya occupies much of the Banglamung coast. Among the northern beaches. There is the beautiful Naklua Beach. Also to be seen is the promontory of Buddha Hill, on the beach of Jomtien.

Excursions, diving, and trips to Pattaya

Among the most interesting excursions to Pattaya, especially if you are interested in History and Archeology, there is the one at Million Years Stone Park & Crocodile Farm, located about 9 kilometers from the city. If you like untouched nature, do not miss a trip to Koh Lan, a heavenly desert island just a 40-minute boat ride from Pattaya. Also on the theme of the Edenic islands, 30 minutes from Pattaya, there is also Koh Pai. This island is easily reachable from tourist boats and allows visitors to take a nice trip outdoors, to enjoy the wonderful beaches of the atoll and to practice various water sports, such as diving, paragliding, windsurfing, and skiing. ‘water.

Nightlife in Pattaya

As we have already said, Pattaya is renowned for its nightlife, and the wild parties held every night in the city. In general, the whole area of South Pattaya is lively and stimulating from the nightlife. In particular, the heart of the nightlife of Pattaya is Walking Street, a pedestrian street that shines in the evening and lights up all the lights of the signs of discos, pubs and Go-go bars.

The best clubs in the city are the Blu Factory, the Lucifer and the Differ. Pattaya in the evening is stormed by men who want to watch the notorious Go-go bars. These bars, included in the cost of consumption or entry, offer shows made by naked girls (or almost), with sexy scenes, hot strips, and so on, and so on. The most popular Go-go bars are on Walking Street, Soy Diamond and all along Pattaya Beach.

Pattaya by night

Pattaya by night

For a risk-free holiday it would be better to take out health insurance. In case, of accident or illness with the insurance, you will be entitled to be treated free in the city’s hospitals. Be careful not to shoot with a lot of jewelry on, with a lot of cash or with electronic equipment (computers, tablets, cameras) too flashy and expensive, because the snatches against the Westerners are quite common.

One last piece of advice is for those looking for “female company” in Pattaya. First of all, always use precautions because the HIV infections are increasing. Also, be careful of the advances that many beautiful girls will do to you, both on the street and in the clubs: you have not suddenly become Adoni and it is very likely that these girls will ask you to be paid after the night.

In Thailand there are also many “lady boys”, that is transvestites: they are often much more fascinating and sexy than normal girls and it is quite difficult to understand that, in reality, they are men. So, before you bring a girl to the hotel, make sure that she’s really a woman. Be very careful also not to be arrested with drugs, because Thai law is strict with Westerners found in possession of drugs and prisons are very hard.

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