14 things to see in Nebraska

things to see in nebraska

14 things to see in Nebraska

Nebraska is a state of the United States, which is located in the Great Plains region. In a place where visitors can enjoy a variety of attractions, it is certainly a place not to be missed. Another of the things to see in Nebraska is the Strategic Air and Space Museum, a museum where visitors can enjoy many interactive, educational and fun exhibits about everything related to the aerospace industry. There are also displays of aircraft and spacecraft.

You can also visit Lake McConaughy, famous for being the largest lake in Nebraska and where natural white sand beaches are found, perfect for camping on the shore and doing many outdoor activities during the day. Read our travel in Chitwan National Park Nepal.

Another of the best sites in Nebraska is the Chimney Rock National Historic Site. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Nebraska. There is a digital exhibition consisting of 167 images where artifacts and works of art are documented.

Finally, you can also visit Ponca State Park. An ideal place for nature lovers, with trails for hikers, bike rides, as well as tours and you can even play golf.

Things to see in Nebraska

All of Nebraska is a hidden gem. There are many people who do not realize the special place we have here in the middle of the country. There are even many who have no idea how many great attractions are in the state. If you have not visited these attractions that we highlight in 2017, make 2018 your year to explore them all.

1. This city will make you feel like you are in a different country

things to see in nebraska

Stromsburg is like a small place in Sweden here in Nebraska. From European architecture to the popular Swedish festival Midsommar, this place is truly special.

2. This epic tour of making cheeses

The Dairy Store on the UNL campus is known for its incredible ice cream, but did you know that they also make cheese in the place? You can even take a tour with prior notice and observe the process of making the cheese.

3. This magical garden is hidden in the city

The Zodiac Garden is hidden in the Passage in the Old Omaha Market. Many in Omaha have never visited this small and charming secret space. Make it one of the resolutions of your new year to go out and see it!

4. The largest railway classification yard in the world

Bailey Yard and Golden Spike Tower in North Platte are not as well known as they should be. You can see the trains that come and go from the top of the observation tower; It is an experience that no train lover should miss.

5. This underestimated city right in the middle of Nebraska

You may have fired Broken Bow in the past, but it’s time to take another look. The residents are completely dedicated to the continuous improvement of their community, and it shows. This city is worth a visit.

6. This deceased park almost unknown

The history of Prairie Peace Park is heartbreaking, and the decaying remains of buildings and art are even more so. You can still go by and see what’s left of the park, a trip that we highly recommend.

7. This amazing park on the Missouri River

Leave Omaha for Eppley Airfield and you will pass a sign that is easy to miss. It will direct you to Freedom Park, a unique place right next to the river where retired naval ships and other military objects rest. It is a very unexpected place to find in triple-shore Nebraska.

8. This city is one of the most charming in the state

Not many people consider Aurora a destination. Rather, it is often just a place to spend. Take the time to stop by, and you will find a vibrant but welcoming community.

9.- The only boat ride with glass bottom in the state

Stop by Kearney between Memorial Day and Labor Day to visit this unique attraction. Enjoy a walk on a small lake and let yourself be captivated by the enormous catfish that swims under the glass bottom boat. It’s an experience you can not find anywhere else in the state!

10. This incredibly beautiful sanctuary

If you ever drive on I-80 beyond Gretna, you’ll probably see this mysterious building on the horizon. Take your time to visit it and you will be surprised how beautiful and unique it truly is.

11. This historic farm sanctuary converted into an animal

This beautiful farm near Fremont once housed indigent people, but now houses homeless animals. Residents are treated with love and care without equal, and can even be visited at certain times with arrangements in advance.

12. This delicious general store is one of the last of its kind

RF Goeke at Atkinson is one of the few remaining general stores in Nebraska. It even has a genuine vintage soda fountain inside that will take you back several decades.

13. This little known camping place

Lake McConaughy is anything but a hidden gem: it is a brilliant, bright and well-known gem that everyone seems to like. But not many people know that you can camp on the beach, either in a motor home or in a tent.

14. The river cruise that you never knew existed

There is a well-known river cruise in Omaha, but did you know that there is another great cruise in Brownville? The Spirit of Brownville is a magical trip that will transport you to the beginnings of Nebraska when the trip down the river was the norm.

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