Where To Go With A Child Abroad-The Best Places To Rest With Children

Where To Go With A Child Abroad-The Best Places To Rest With Children

Where To Go With A Child Abroad-The Best Places To Rest With Children

It is considered that families with children cannot rest abroad. But there are dozens of countries in which you can relax with a small child. Where to go with a child abroad? How to choose a direction? What to look for?

Where To Go With A Child Abroad-The Best Places To Rest With Children


How to choose a direction?

To choose where to go with the child abroad is to determine the purpose of the trip. If you want to sunbathe in the sun, then the ideal solution would be France, Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey. Firstly, in these countries, the climate is mild, and secondly, the child will not have to suffer from a very different time zone.

For example, if you are going to rest in the USA, you should take into account that the time difference in New York and Moscow is 8 hours, and the journey time can reach 12-15 hours. Such a sharp change of time zone for a baby is fraught with sleep disturbance, and even a long flight will not benefit the child. Same Italy can be reached both by bus and by plane, and the time gap between the Italian resort town of San Remo and Moscow is only 1 hour.

The best countries for a beach holiday with children under 5 years old

Going on vacation with children, pay attention to the following areas:

  1. Bulgaria, combining affordable prices, good service, and programs for families with children (water parks, amusement parks, children’s menu, animators).
  2. Croatia, famous for its pebble, rocky and sandy beaches, the last only on the islands. The resorts have amusement parks, a wide range of water activities. If your baby is 5-7 years old, be sure to book a tour of local attractions.
  3. If you are planning to go on vacation to this country, then select the island of Crete, Kos, Rhodes. In the first half of June, fertile warmth passes into the country, and the water warms up to +25 C. Greece is a resort country, so here you will find a whole range of children’s entertainment.
  4. The country is famous for its excellent service and clean sandy beaches, where the kid can enthusiastically build castles and frolic in the water. The local hotels have everything that will make the rest of the parents and the child really comfortable: miniature parks, playgrounds, children’s furniture, and a menu. And if dad and mom are going to relax in the evening, it’s enough just to call the nanny who works at the hotel.
  5. The country in terms of service and security is comparable to Italy, but this is where the Port Aventura Park is located – the largest entertainment park in Europe.
  6. The above countries will be the best solution for families who travel abroad with babies under 5-7 years old. The fact is that young children are more interested in a beach holiday, while excursion trips are a choice for families with children over 8 years old.

Where To Go With A Child Abroad-The Best Places To Rest With Children

Where to go to rest, if the child is already 5 years old?

For holidays with children of this age, it is better to choose countries in which there are hotels operating on an “all-inclusive” system. The buffet gives you the opportunity to choose simple and familiar dishes for the child. The territory of such hotels is equipped with safe pools, sun umbrellas, and sun beds, and there are animators on site.

When choosing a tourist destination, try to avoid settling in the private sector. After all, you can be deceived, and after arriving in the country, you will realize that the house is located 10 km from the sea, there is no TV, internet, furniture for the child.

Before you travel, be sure to find out about the entertainment offered by various resorts. An excellent choice would be the resort cities in which the zoo, water park, aquarium. A child up to 7-10 years old will not like the tedious excursions to ancient castles and museums.

Where To Go With A Child Abroad-The Best Places To Rest With Children

The best countries where you can have fun with your baby over 5 years old

Let’s consider the best countries in which it will be interesting to a child of this age:

  • In the summer you can go to Bulgaria, Turkey to relax on the beach.
  • If your kid is already able to master the ski, then visit the ski resorts in Germany or Austria.
  • There are a lot of interesting amusement parks in Europe in which both children and adults will have a great time. These are the Europa-Park in Germany, the Tivoli Gardens in Denmark, the French Disneyland and others. Even if you go to a small town, be sure to buy a trip to one of these great entertainment places on the spot.

Where To Go With A Child Abroad-The Best Places To Rest With Children

Where to go with the child abroad to relax on the eve of the New Year holidays?

If 20 years ago parents couldn’t afford to arrange a real fairy tale for a baby, today it’s real. Does your baby believe in a miracle, wanting to meet Santa Claus? Then give him an incredible trip to Finland!

  • In Finland, the kid will be able to get acquainted with the local Santa, ride a sleigh pulled by reindeer or husky dogs, visit the New Year’s exhibition. Also for the winter fabulous holiday with children, you can choose these countries:
  • It also has its own Santa Claus, and his residence is located in the town of Savalen.
  • Sweden, where in addition to Santa Claus a child is waiting for the Snow Queen’s castle, the mysterious mine of elves and the village of trolls. This magical town is located in Tomtelend Park.
  • Austria, Czech Republic, Prague, France will meet the kid with bright Christmas decorations, exquisite illumination, animators, Christmas fairs.

Where To Go With A Child Abroad-The Best Places To Rest With Children

At any time of the year – for a beach holiday or a Christmas celebration – you can go to Israel to the Dead Sea, in the UAE, Thailand. Do not be afraid to travel with the baby, because modern resort towns offer a lot of services that will make the rest of the kid and his parents unforgettable.

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