Do you know the importance of travel insurance?

importance of travel insurance

Do you know the importance of travel insurance?

Fortunately, more and more people hire travel insurance, convinced that it is not an extra expense, but an investment in tranquility and the prevention of unforeseen events. The importance of travel insurance cannot be avoidable if you are traveling abroad. Factors such as the greater dissemination of information on the importance of having insurance when traveling, promotions and awareness, have led to notice a clear increase in the insurance contracting.

Importance of travel insurance

importance of travel insurance

Why is it important to have traveler’s insurance? Because we are all exposed to situations of risk, no matter how calm the crossing is. Illness, flight delays, baggage loss, and other simple factors are perhaps a good reason to purchase travel insurance.

But we must also consider that a traveler can face even more risky situations, such as pandemics, legal issues and serious diseases, with which we must take into account the very high costs of private medicine and lawyers abroad.

A travel insurance is the most important protection tool for the international traveler, in every way. Many think they only serve to cover medical expenses, but the reality is that they also cover luggage protection, legal assistance, health repatriation, accompaniment of minors after an incident, administrative procedures, reimbursement of medical expenses, lodging and much more. Everything depends on the type of insurance and the conditions of the trip.

If you travel abroad a few times a year, it is best to purchase insurance on each trip. But like me, you travel very often, then you can opt for an annual plan, which protects you for all traveling trips you make during that period of time.

Nowadays, it is not even necessary to leave the house and go to an office to get travel insurance, since everything can be done online or by phone, if you prefer personalized assistance.

 personalized assistance

Each trip is different and each traveler has their own requirements according to the age, destination and time of the trip. Therefore, for attention to this issue and hire the right insurance for you and your family.

Check the Assist Card options for more information and surely among your proposals are ideal for your next trip. There are many factors that have led to this increase in the contracting of travel insurance: the economic crisis, the situation of political instability in some countries, strikes in transport and above all, health coverage.

When the trip is made to international destinations, travel insurance is almost essential, as it ensures a quick solution to any problem that may arise. It can not be avoided that something unexpected happens, but in our hand, there is the possibility that it has the least repercussion and is resolving as quickly as possible.

Travel agents always recommend that you add insurance since for a reasonable price the coverages that are acquired are a fundamental added value.

Although it is true that nowadays the insurance contracting has increased on international trips, it is also worth noting that in national trips it is not usual to resort to insurance. We suppose that the proximity gives greater security. Keep reading The most remote travel destinations in the world

What are the coverages

travel insurance coverage

One of the coverages for which it is worth paying a little more is the free cancellation. The sooner the holidays are planned, the better price we usually find, but booking so early means that maybe months later the trip can not be made, hence, the contracting of free cancellation is an incentive for the traveler, as well as an increase in the anticipated sales in the agencies.

Before embarking on the trip, there may also be the circumstance that there is a transport strike. If this clause is included, the delay or change in the scheduled time of the trip becomes a bit more bearable.

Once the trip has started, the greatest risk for most travelers is related to medical assistance, since abroad, health expenses are very high, without this meaning that there has been a serious circumstance.

There are other types of situations that cancel our trip, an unexpected dismissal, being summoned by a court or the illness of a family member. For agencies also, offering insurance is not only a reason to increase their sales, but also a way to avoid a possible claim by the client.

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