Morocco beaches: the 9 most beautiful beaches to go to

Morocco beaches

Morocco beaches: the 9 most beautiful beaches to go to

A land of incredible charm and mystery, Morocco boasts beautiful beaches and seaside resorts in which to enjoy a  dream tour. Imagine crystal clear waters and miles of fine white sand: this is Morocco, an incredibly beautiful land overlooking the Atlantic coast and the Mediterranean.

Let’s discover together the most beautiful and evocative beaches in Morocco where you can spend your holidays.

Morocco sea: characteristics

If we talk about Morocco we immediately imagine a desert, history, mountains. And ancient imperial cities, however, little known but certainly to be discovered is the Moroccan sea, long beaches of different climates and landscapes, which are perfectly suited to any holiday need and any taste.

Spring and autumn are the best times to choose for a holiday in Morocco. If you intend to stay in the area overlooking the Mediterranean. We recommend the summer season: yes, because the sea in Morocco is not all the same.

Being a fairly extensive region, we can ideally divide it into three areas, that of the Mediterranean coast, that of the Atlantic. And that of the Sahara to the west, each with quite different morphological and climatic characteristics.

Beaches in Morocco: the most beautiful

A holiday in Morocco is a unique experience that you must absolutely try at least once in your life. The geography of the place allows even the most demanding tourists to experience wonderful days not to be forgotten. Considering that Morocco is a land bathed both by the Mediterranean Sea. And by the splendid waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the northern part.

The vast area overlooking the Mare Nostrum, which takes the typical name of the Alboran Sea is located between Spain and Morocco itself and is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Morocco sea where to go the Alboran Sea

A destination for thousands of tourists every year, this Mediterranean area of ​​Morocco is renowned for its typical resorts, seaside towns, and breathtaking scenery.

Easy to reach and also rather quiet, they are the ideal destination for those who love the sea and holidays away from exorbitant crowds of tourists and chaotic nightclubs.

Saidia is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Mediterranean Morocco in recent years.

The fine and white beach and the kilometers of unspoiled coastline make it unique and wonderful. Populated by resorts and luxury hotels.

Nador is the other Mediterranean town that deserves a special mention. Probably unknown to mass tourism, this bay looks like a real paradise on earth.

Imagine clean blue waters, overhanging rocky coasts, and long and sandy beaches: a magical place to spend days of absolute relaxation!

Located at the foot of the Rif Mountains, Nador is a place bordering Charrana Beach, a magical place where nature indulges itself in wonderful and unique colors, it is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco.

Morocco Mare Charrana Beach

Those who decide to take their holidays in Morocco cannot forget to immerse themselves in the crystal clear waters of Al Hoceima, known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean, with its postcard bays surrounded by rocks and mountains.

For the more adventurous, Al Hoceima also offers the possibility of trekking on its spectacular mountain ranges.

Even the beach Martial, populated by resorts, umbrellas. And kiosks for tourists boast a beautiful sea that will blow anyone. And is considered one of the most famous and popular beaches of Morocco.

Beach holiday in Morocco on the Atlantic coast

The ocean that bathes the wonderful Moroccan land has an indescribable charm. The deep waters, the long and crystalline waves, the cool temperatures. And the magic of the sea enchants tourists and adventurers.

The Atlantic coast attracts year lovers of extreme sports such as kite surfing and windsurfing and is the perfect place to spend an ideal summer vacation.

El Jadida is a historic town, founded by the Portuguese in the distant sixteenth century, who built a fortress there.

It is quite a popular place among vacationers, both for its historical attractions. And, of course, for the beauty of the beaches and the sea.

The Sidi Bouzid Beach, in fact, is confirmed every year as a must for water sports lovers. And for those who want to enjoy a wonderful panorama lulled by the gentle waves of the ocean.

If the target of your holiday in Morocco is relaxation, Agadir is for you. This coastal area is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. For its suggestive location, equipped beaches, and blue sea.

Morocco beaches Agadir

Essaouira, also included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, has a renowned beach. With many hotels and resorts to spend a dream beach holiday.

Sea in Morocco where to go: the most beautiful beaches on Western Sahara

Near the desert, the climate begins to become hot and dry: in this area. It is still the Atlantic that laps the coasts of Morocco with some of the most evocative seaside resorts of the entire country.

Among these Dakhla, is a narrow and long peninsula washed by a crystalline sea, with long waves and immense beaches: a true paradise on earth and a joy for those who love to have fun with water sports.

Morocco most beautiful sea Dakhla

Dragon Island is one of the most incredible beaches in Morocco: stretched out in the middle of sandy dunes. This place is surrounded by crystal clear and crystal clear waters, and an unspoiled natural landscape.

Many compare Dragon Island to the Caribbean: in fact, the beauty of these places is timeless. And allows those who stay there to experience unique and unforgettable sensations.

Small curiosity: the name of Dragon Island is linked to the morphology of the place which somehow recalls an immense dragon lying to rest.

The sea here is warmer and has very shallow waters. Also not to be missed is a visit to the Dune Bianche beach, with its white sand and many kiosks and hotels to stay at.

Being an area bordering the desert, the temperatures are high. And accompanied by a constant wind: a real delight for those who practice kitesurfing.

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