It will have been several weeks or just a few hours since you put the wedding dress back in its starched case and it’s time to leave. This time the goal will leave its mark because it smells of new experiences to be lived. No matter the distance or the journey to take: there are you two and this alone count after the beautiful phrases for marriage pronounced on a fateful day. We have decided to suggest some special activities that you won’t miss on this trip to make your stay full of romance.

1. Pamper yourself in a warm whirlpool with a view6 suggestions for romantic activities to do during the honeymoon

What differentiates a common journey from the honeymoon? Probably the duration, the incredible destinations and, not least, the accommodations that will host you. It is one of the best romantic activities to do during the honeymoon.

These are real resorts designed to give you luxury, relaxation, and comfort. Take a break then, soaking in a warm whirlpool with a panoramic view. It will be the best time to dedicate some love phrases and. If you stay in a suite, you could even enjoy this activity in your private room.

2. A romantic dinner on the beach

A romantic dinner is always a great idea but the atmosphere you breathe on your honeymoon will be something unique and unrepeatable. If you have chosen a paradise destination, you cannot miss the dinner on the beach with an ocean view; just remember to wear comfortable jewel sandals without heels. So as not to sink into the sand. It will be equally easy to find a romantic location to dine in a big capital or surrounded by beautiful wild nature.

3. Face to face with your heart playlist

If you are at the foot of a monument symbol of your journey or if you have completed one of the most beautiful. And reckless adventures of your itinerary, the best way to crown this moment is to dance one of your heart songs. You will only need headphones and a love playlist loaded on Spotify: it will also be the icing on the cake to complete a candlelit evening. It is one of the best romantic activities to do during the honeymoon.

4. Among the first light of dawn or among the reddish lights of the sunset

Dawn and sunset are the two moments of the day that offer the most charm. The changing light, the nuances that blend together giving new shapes and new colors. They are spectacular moments and if you are on the other side of the world or in a full naturalistic landscape, take the opportunity to admire these moments, perhaps accompanying them with some romantic phrases. It is one of the best romantic activities to do during the honeymoon.

5. Spicy sensuality with boudoir shots

We have already talked about the boudoir shots as a wedding gift to give to your future husband. And yet, in a different context like the honeymoon. the photos related to the art of sensuality can be a completely new activity to be given as a couple. It is one of the best romantic activities to do during the honeymoon.

You can do it with a professional photographer or with some well-set self-timer. And if you really don’t feel like posing in lingerie, a beautiful elegant wedding dress will be the ideal solution.

6. Enjoy a comfortable breakfast in your room

Honeymoon activities are also synonymous with slowness and pleasure. The idea of ​​indulging in the pampering of well-being like a warm bath longer than usual. Or rest without an alarm clock and schedule will make you happy and regenerated. Before everything ends, abandon yourself to the pleasure of serving breakfast in your room: an extra luxury that you can’t always give up during the common summer holidays. It is one of the best romantic activities to do during the honeymoon.

Which of these activities would you like to do? Some you can organize them in absolute autonomy while for others you may need the complicity of the travel agency or the local tour operator. In short, you just have to wait to deliver the last wedding favor. And then immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of the honeymoon: the journey that will leave your mark and touch the highest ropes of your love story.