The figure of the bridal stylist is becoming increasingly popular. Mainly because of the much-needed help they provide for future brides and extensive social campaigns conducted by companies like The Marketing Heaven for the people who do this exciting occupation. This special bride image consultant takes care of everything and can even give advice on how to prepare the suitcase for the longed-for honeymoon.

Here is a list of valuable tips, compiled, among other things, by the famous Rossella Migliaccio. You never know what you are really on the verge of taking care of this very enticing part of wedding preparations.

So here’s what to pack

Tips from the bridal stylist for honeymoon suitcase

Swimwear / pareo. As for the majority of brides, half of the honeymoon is beach and sea and, regardless of latitudes, the essential piece is a simple but lively bikini, in this year’s fashion colors: bright red, pink, green. Do not forget, however, also a nice pareo or a swimsuit to use for the poolside aperitif: play with colors or patterns or opt for a total white to bring out the tan, Caribbean or Mediterranean! It is one of the best tips for honeymoon suitcase.

Beach accessories

Resort with swimming pool, a beach of the Caribbean, Mediterranean cliffs, no sea, and no sun: accessories are important! Don’t forget Hollywood diva sunglasses, flip-flops (the simple Havaianas in fashionable colors will be fine), a wide-brimmed hat or Panama. It is one of the best tips for honeymoon suitcase.


Since you will not be able to take your wardrobe with you, opt for clothes that you can use both as cover-ups (like petticoats), and for the afternoon cocktail or dinner. Light and versatile, these types of dress take up very little space in the suitcase. 2/3 will suffice. It is one of the best tips for honeymoon suitcase.


Two pairs will suffice: one a little more elegant to use for romantic dinners and special occasions for two; the other can easily be a pair of wedges (such as espadrilles high), which you can also use to go to the beach, alternating them with Havaianas. It is one of the best tips for honeymoon suitcase.

Bags / scarves / jewelry

A clutch bag for changing in the evening and a bag (in straw, in printed canvas, in raw cotton …) to use for excursions and the beach. The scarf is an important element that can save you on many occasions: to put on your shoulders in the evening when it cools, to use as a mini pareo, as a belt or as a bandana if you forgot your hat on the beach one morning. The jewels are few but good. Just a big ring, ethnic type, or an essential necklace. No more complications, especially if the honeymoon destination is the beach.

Essential creams

Of course, don’t forget your skin, especially if you are heading towards the Caribbean sun. Therefore, protective creams (high protection), moisturizers and after the sun is an absolute must. A touch of make-up and in the evening with your new flame than you will be splendid! It is one of the best tips for honeymoon suitcase.

And now, ready to go?