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Spring is here and it is a time for nature to once again become more active. If you like watching the antics of the wildlife that visits your back garden, now is the time to keep an eye out. Garden birds in particular are very busy at this time of the year, and you will notice them more.

Listen out for the birdsong, which is very loud during the spring as the birds are calling to attract a mate. You will also notice that nest-building activity has started. Birds often will be flying about with bits of twigs or leaves in their beaks which they then use to build nests.

There are lots of ways that you can help the birds at this time of the year. Providing them with a safe place to nest is a great way to encourage them to your garden. If you want to get a ‘birds eye view’ of what is going on inside the nest without disturbing them, put a nesting box camera in there (before they start nesting in it of course!).

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Birds will choose a place that they deem safe to nest in, so sometimes this may not be the place you have provided for them. Roofs are popular with birds looking for a safe spot to rear their young, in particular with summer visitors that spend most of their lives on the wing – the Swallows, the Swifts and the House martins.

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Sadly, many species of birds, including these are in decline now, so providing them with a safe place to nest is a great way to help them. Have your roof checked, ideally a couple of times a year by a professional such as this roofing Cheltenham based company http://stormroofingltd.co.uk/ to ensure that it is in good order – it is best to do this between October and February as it is illegal to disturb nesting birds.

Remember that your roof is a vital habitat to many of these at-risk species, so ensuring that you keep it a safe place for them will help the population to recover and will also mean that you will likely see these lovely birds return year after year to your home to rear their young.