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Are you looking for the cheapest hostels in Sydney city? Would you like to know which are the most recommended hostels in the beautiful city? If your idea is to travel to Sydney and you are looking for cheap accommodation, the best option without a doubt is to stay in one of the many hostels in the city. As in the rest of Australia, the offer in hostels is wide.

Sidney is a perfect place to stay in one of its cheap hostels, meet people who like you are living the Australian adventure or who is coming to the city to start your job search with your working holiday.

For prices, if you travel as a backpacker, hostels are the only option because you always have to understand that Australia is not a cheap country. The hostels in Sydney are part of the country’s backpacker culture, a meeting point for travelers or an information and contact point for newcomers looking for work.

Cheapest hostels in Sydney

Cheapest hostels in Sydney

To make it easier for you to search for the best budget accommodation in the city, we give you our most recommended mini-guide of cheap hostels in Sydney. I leave a list of the best hostels to stay in Sydney, and the most recommended by travelers who follow this website!

  • Bounce Sydney
  • Hump Backpackers
  • Kings Cross Backpackers
  • Glebe Village Backpackers
  • Coogee Beach House
  • The Original Backpackers Lodge
  • World Square Hostel Sydney
  • Jackaroo Hostel King Cross
  • Zing Backpackers
  • Big Hostel

Particularly I always recommend (at least for the first few days) to stay in a hostel, not a hotel, not Airbnb, not a room. Why? Because in the hostel you have more possibilities to meet people, to adapt easier to the city. To meet other travelers who are in the same as you and can even help you with some procedures. Or better yet, they can recommend you for a job, why not?

In what area should you look for a hostel?

The areas where it is most comfortable for them to live, at least until they look for a fixed place, is in the center or “Sydney CBD” (as they call it), or in the neighborhood of King Cross, which is only 6 or 7 blocks downtown. I recommend this ” central ” area so that they will gradually learn how Australia’s most cosmopolitan city works with its transport schedules, supermarkets, bars, work, etc.

Wake Up Hostel

Wake Up Hostel

This hostel is in the center of Sydney, a very good location! It is a hostel of the highest quality. It looks like a hotel, the building is majestic !!!

Pros: Location half a block from George Street (the main street of downtown), and 4 or 5 blocks from downtown. Free WIFI!

Cons: It is not the cheapest and travelers comment that the wi-fi is slow!

Price: from AUD 39 (USD 28) the piece of 10 people.

Jackaroo Hostel

Jackaroo Hostel

This hostel is located in the King Cross area and about 15 blocks from downtown. It’s a good average among young people, cleanliness and quality.

Pros: Free Wi fi, very friendly service, and ample kitchen.

Cons: It is rated as a very good hostel for families. So if you want to “fuck crazy” is not recommended.

Price: From AUD 30 (USD 21) the piece of 4 mixed people.

The Strand

The Strand

This hostel is also located in the King Cross area, 3 or 4 blocks to the center of Sydney. Price-quality of service is related.

Pros: It has a terrace where the backpackers come together for a drink and a chat, and downstairs has a pub where you can eat too.

Pros: Some travelers say that the rooms are a little “messy”.

Price: From AUD 24 (USD 17) the piece of 6 mixed people.

Backpackers HQ

Backpackers HQ

This hostel is located in the King Cross area. It is qualified as a quiet hostel but one block away you will find bars and entertainment.

Pros: Breakfast and free wi-fi! Entrance to some of the best bars and clubs in the area.

Cons: The kitchen closes at 10 pm and can not be used.

Price: From AUD 25 (USD 18) the piece of 12 mixed people.

The Village Glebe

The Village Glebe

This hostel is located in the neighborhood of Glebe, and beyond it is a place away from the center of Sydney many travelers recommend it for the beauty of the neighborhood: they call it “a garden city”.

Pros: Breakfast and free linen.

Cons: You have to pay wi fi, and some travelers tell us that the bathroom facilities are a bit old.

Price: From AUD 27 (USD 19) the piece of 12 mixed people.