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Forests are essential for our life, but they also give us beautiful landscapes. These look like something out of a story.


Since ancient times forests have been a contradiction for human beings. Despite the fact that since we met them we have feared what is inside them. We have also been attracted by their charm and we have penetrated to the depths of them.

The legends of forests are as old as human memory. And despite the fact that today we live in a world in which reason is our guide. Entering the thickness of a forest always arouses an inexplicable emotion.

Tales and legends speak of thick and mysterious forests, inhabited by magical creatures. It is a pleasure to know that today, despite deforestation and mistreatment of nature. We can still find many forests around the world that are capable of making us believe that magic is real.

1. OREGON, THE UNITED STATES5 fantasy forests in which you will love to lose yourself

25 thousand acres make up this forest of hybrid trees that give the feeling of being in a land generated by a computer. Although it is not unusual to encounter symmetrically aligned trees, in the Oregon forest the natural color of the trees creates a feeling of being in a lucid dream where nothing can go wrong. It is one of the best fantasy forests.

2. BADEN – WURTTEMBERG, GERMANY5 fantasy forests in which you will love to lose yourself

In the Black Forest, as the mountainous terrain in southwestern Germany is known, is the Black Forest. Which despite imposing fear by name. It is one of the most beautiful natural spectacles you will find in your life. It looks like something out of a fairy tale! This is one of the best fantasy forests.

3. CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES5 fantasy forests in which you will love to lose yourself

If you want to feel the smallness of your existence, nothing like the forests of California. In Sequoia National Park you will find Sequoia Semperviens, trees as big as they are old. And it is that with an antiquity of 2,000 or 3,000 years and a height of up to 115 meters, admiring them from afar, walking towards them and then simply feeling the vastness compared to you makes the whole trip worthwhile.

4. AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND5 fantasy forests in which you will love to lose yourself

The Rat Forest is located in an area heavily hit by the wind, so over the years, the trees have adapted to the gusts that for many would make it an inhospitable place. That is why now you can walk among thousands of trees that seem to have grown uniquely in the world, perhaps that is why they were chosen as a location for the films of “The Lord of the Rings”.5 fantasy forests in which you will love to lose yourself

On the outskirts of the city of Kyoto and near the Hozu River is one of the best and most well-kept tourist attractions in all of Japan. This forest is not only a bamboo wonder that sets it apart from the rest of the island’s forests. But it also represents a true blend of nature and culture where you can learn a lot about Japanese history and people. It is one of the best fantasy forests.

Although many can not stop photographing the entire forest that lends itself to be remembered forever. The ideal is to be carried away by the mixture of visual spectacle that the sunlight gives us when entering among the thousands of bamboos. But also for the sounds of the forest that are in a list of “the 100 sounds to preserve in Japan.

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