Top 10 good reasons to visit Bhutan

good reasons to visit Bhutan

Top 10 good reasons to visit Bhutan

Bhutan is not given to everyone. And for good reason, to limit the flow of tourists, the authorities have imagined a daily tax which varies depending on the period between 165 and 200 dollars per person. It is expensive but it is the price of happiness.

1. To touch happiness

If there is one thing that everyone (or almost everyone) knows about Bhutan, it is that the health of the economy of the country does not depend on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), it is said the value of the wealth produced over the year, but on the BNB index: Bonheur National Brut. In addition to the economic dimension, the BNB also measures the conservation and promotion of Bhutanese culture, safeguarding the environment, sustainable use of resources, and finally responsible good governance. As a result, Bhutan is said to be the happiest country in the world (even if they don’t have internet).

2. To gain heightgood reasons to visit Bhutan

Bhutan is part of the Himalayan chain, it helps to gain height. The country is home in particular to Mount Chomolarhi, the highest mountain in the world whose summit has never been reached. And that should not change since, since 1994, a law has forbidden to climb mountains over 6000 meters, out of respect for nature and local customs. A rich idea when you see the garbage dump that has become Nepal. Bhutan is also the ideal place to rise spiritually. Buddhism is omnipresent in the life of the inhabitants and the monasteries (Dzongs) are centers of religious, political and administrative life often magnificent. In any case, more than the CPAM center near you.

3. To party

Yes, well not quite the one you think. Bhutan is not famous for its clubbing nights. Instead, each month, a festival of colors and music is organized on the basis of the lunar calendar. It is supposed to guarantee the protection of the people by the gods. Nobody knows if it works, in any case, it makes very pretty photos.

4. To test your resistance to vertigo

You have already been told that Bhutan is one of the highest perched countries in the world. Well logically, you will have the opportunity to test your vertigo especially on the many suspension bridges that mark out the region. Better yet, go for a jump (no mistake, it’s an expression) at the Taktsang monastery, also called “Tiger’s Den” which is a real eagle’s nest hanging on the mountain more than 800 meters above the void.

5. To get calves

Bhutan is also the country of treks, not necessarily the hardest on the planet, but enough for you to have your feet full at the end of your days. The advantage is that you will generally be rewarded for your efforts by the beauty of the landscapes, the stupas (mausoleums to the glory of Buddha), or simply by the kindness of the inhabitants that you will meet on your way.

6. To test your intestines with one of the spiciest cuisines in the world

If the Bhutanese have such a smile, it is undoubtedly because they laugh in advance while thinking in the head that you will make after your first bite of their national dish: Ema Datsi. It is a kind of chili without carne, but with cheese and especially just enough spices to make you cry.

7. To fall in love with teases (the descendants of Alf the alien)

The tease maybe a funny creature, it is today the national animal of Bhutan. A kind of an improbable cross between an African wildebeest, a goat, and Alf the extraterrestrial. The tease lives in harmony with men, especially since the King of Bhutan decided to close all the zoos in the country and free the animals. Yeah, even the tigers.

8. To eat 100% organicgood reasons to visit Bhutan

Proof that Bhutan is a country of another planet, it is to date the first in the world whose agriculture is 100% organic, that is to say without any traces of chemicals. By cons, it will not be difficult and swallow without complaining about your plate of cabbage, spinach, pumpkin or carrots. We said it was organic, not that it was necessarily good.

9. To bring back local souvenirs (guaranteed without made in China)

All the handicrafts that you will find on the markets in Bhutan would be produced locally. We prefer to use the conditional if one of you gets a trinket made in China refourgue during your stay in Bhutan and comes to rot in the comments. In addition to all the religious charms and colorful fabrics, the Bhutanese are also famous for their stamp collections (we don’t laugh) and for their musical instruments (cymbals, violins, trumpets, etc.) and other prayer wheels.

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