Christmas as a couple: five plans to spend the holidays

Christmas as a couple

Christmas as a couple: five plans to spend the holidays

Christmas as a couple– Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year and, therefore, we must dedicate more time than ever to our loved ones. Surely our partner and I hope you have some special plan for these holidays, but if you really want to surprise her.

We propose five fantastic plans for you to fall in love again during these holidays and enjoy being at your side away from the classic family celebrations.


best Christmas as a couple

If you do not want to miss family meals you can leave your own celebration of Christmas for a weekend. Surprise your partner with a weekend in a rural house . It will be really romantic if you are looking for one among the mountains, where you can be comfortable and warm from the inside, covered with a blanket and drinking hot chocolate while watching the snow fall through the window.

If you choose this plan, make sure your partner is one of those people who like to be at home and does not prefer partying all day, since the location of the house will not lead to that. However, you can go with friends and spend it all together, making table games and cooking, although it will not be as romantic and intimate as the first plan. If your partner is a very sporty person, you can take advantage of the location to go skiing or hiking .


Some couples are bored with the monotony and all the same Christmases, with or without the family. That’s why it will be ideal if just those days you surprise your partner with a trip abroad . It depends on the budget with which you count you can go more or less away in order to make the most exotic vacations. If you want to forget about the traditional Christmas party you can visit a country in Asia or Africa . On the contrary, if you want to boost the Christmas spirit you can travel to cities with traditional and dreamy Christmas markets. Make sure your partner has no commitments to family or friends that you can not miss this year before planning this original and fun plan.


Maybe you want to have a different Christmas, but do not have enough money to make any of the previous plans. You can always organize a dinner in your house , if you used to go to a member of your family, and celebrate it in the same way but in a different location and with a different meal .

Prepare your own dishes and have fun cooking, decorating the house, invited to family and friends … It may not be perfect, but it will be cheaper than previous plans and it will be risky and different for both as a couple. For this plan, be aware that later you will have work cleaning and picking up things.


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Maybe this year you do not fancy the typical Christmas Eve dinner in which to endure fights or the same old jokes. Also you will not have the budget to go on vacation but you will not want to invite people to your house either. Then you can organize a plan just for the two of you . Reserve a table in a good restaurant tonight, even if you get a little budget, fix and feel like kings in one of the most special nights of the year. In addition to romantic this plan will be a perfect break to start the parties and celebrations with the tranquility and serenity of your partner and thus better deal with the large number of nights with family and friends who are waiting for you.


If you do not want to miss the Christmas Eve plans or end of the year, you can always stay for dinner with the family. However, later you can go to a disco if you want to dance and have a good time or a hotel to rest and spend a night of passion .

Everything depends on what you think your partner will like the most. You’re supposed to know her well, so you can have the luxury of making her a surprise and enjoying the beauty of this night just for the two of you.

Ideas to celebrate Christmas as a couple

the Christmas as a couple

A joint Christmas postcard

One of the ideas to celebrate Christmas as a couple is to give your family and friends a Christmas card in which you both appear. It is a very romantic option to share your love with your friends. There are different ways to make a Christmas postcard as a couple:

A romantic Christmas postcard: if you are a pair of inveterate romantics, you can create a postcard where you can appear kissing them, holding hands or in a loving attitude

A fun Christmas postcard: if you are a fun couple, it is best to opt for a postcard that provokes smiles, for example, you can make funny faces at the camera, or you can put yourself in an uncomfortable but very funny position

A traditional Christmas postcard: if you like Christmas in all its essence, it is best to send classic Christmas cards in which you appear next to the tree or with Santa hats

Fill your Christmas home

Transforming your home into a purely Christmas place can be a very fun task if you do it with a partner . It is no longer just decorating it with the typical elements such as the nativity scene or the tree, but it is the whole: go shopping, decide what you want to put in your house, decorate your home, and so on.

The nativity scene is one of the Christmas elements that can not be missing in your home, so, setting up the nativity scene can be a good idea to celebrate Christmas as a couple : decide where you will place the shepherds, where the river will go or where they will go Reyes Magos can become a fun activity to do with your partner. In this article we tell you how to make a Christmas Crib so that you have all the details in mind.

The Christmas tree is also a primordial element that you must have in your home if you want to dress it for these holidays. The assembly and decoration of the tree is also ideal to do it together with your partner and create, thus, a Christmas atmosphere and very welcoming. In a How we give you some ideas to decorate the Christmas tree and that it becomes a decorative element of your house.

An idea: while you are mounting these two Christmas elements in your house, put on typical Christmas music or Christmas carols; in this way you will create, even more, that essence so homely and special that only arises at Christmas.

Cooking together at Christmas

Another idea to celebrate Christmas as a couple is to enjoy a romantic Christmas dinner in which to include the best Christmas recipes : stuffed turkey, clams with cava, cannelloni or lamb ribs.

Put the two together in the kitchen and prepare a delicious Christmas menu that will serve as a prelude to a night of unbridled love.

How to enjoy Christmas as a couple

discover Christmas as a couple

Discover what it means for your partner

To begin it is important that you have clear what Christmas means for your partner . On the one hand because it may have different religious beliefs or customs. But even if they are shared, the expectations as to how to celebrate these holidays can be different. There are people who enjoy mass meetings and some prefer more intimate celebrations. Some prefer to ignore these holidays and others do not miss even one of the traditions. Do not just stay with what your partner says you prefer, try to discover what stories, experiences, feelings … are hidden behind your choice .

Work as a team and plan ahead

Your partner is with you, not against you . Ask for help, delegate, negotiate … look for ways that Christmas is not a burden for one or the other. Whatever option you have chosen, look for the way to be a common project. And do not leave the important decisions or what you have to do for the last minute. Haste has never been good counselors.

Accept what there is

Neither your family , nor your partner, nor your political family can be different than you are. You would like your mother-in-law to be nicer, your brother-in-law to throw a cable, or your nephews to be less noisy. Or maybe you would like your father not to be in a bad mood, that the grandmother was not so heavy or that there were not 10 plates on the table. But reality is what it is. Stress and overwhelm appear when you resist what is there .

Do not be so hard on yourself

In these holidays, we tend to look for perfection. Everything must be ideal, well decorated, well lit, good gifts for everyone, good humor, smiles, songs … And honestly, you know it, it is impossible mission, we are people . Do not be so demanding with you, the more you relax the more you will enjoy yourself and others. And if something goes wrong, accept it. Things are only ideal in books or movies but not in real life.

Create new traditions, yours

Beyond how you celebrated the holidays before being together, a good way to enjoy them is to create your own traditions . From traveling together to Muslim countries so you do not have to see even a Christmas tree, until decorating your house to the last detail. A different menu, a Christmas without gifts, unexpected guests …

Tips for the First Christmas as a couple

a Christmas as a couple

Plan the holidays with time

Organizing the parties in advance is going to be one of the best decisions you make. Knowing where you are going to dine, with whom, and at what time , among other things, will greatly facilitate coexistence. In addition, you will have ample time to solve the problems that arise without leaving room for misunderstandings.

Plan purchases

For the economy is not the cause of any confrontation, it is best to prepare a budget that includes all kinds of expenses, from food to gifts, taking into account leave a margin of error greater than what comes out, since we always end up spending a little more than expected. Oddly enough, Christmas expenses can be controlled .

Save moments for you

Christmas is a date to be with the family, but do not forget that you also need time for yourselves . Reserve special moments in which you can go skating, to the cinema, to dinner or to carry out any activity without being forced to be always involved in the Christmas preparations. In fact, a weekend getaway will be great for your relationship.

 Share and combine customs

It is very normal for each family to have some traditions during the Christmas holidays, and it is clear that the best ones are those that we have followed since we were girls. However, having an open mind and trying other customs will not only allow us to have a better relationship with our partner, but also to try things you have never done before. So, agree to try the other and teach yours to discover what you like most.

Create traditions

Whether the previous point you discovered customs that you like both as if you realized that you did not like any, the best solution is to create a tradition from scratch . It will be really fun and both of you will feel comfortable and blended with the choice.

 Declare neutral

The family issues are one of the most discussions lead at Christmastime. To avoid them, the best thing is that you declare neutral, that you flee from the debates and that you commit yourself not to start any discussion for something that one relative of the other has said.

Do not argue about friendships

New Year ‘s Eve is one of the most conflicting dates, and it is very common that everyone wants to go out with their respective friends . The ideal would be to join them all, but it is not always possible. Some of the solutions may be to go separately or be a while with each group , but what you should never allow is that the typical discussions of “if you do not come, do not go out” arise, which you should make very clear in advance.

Assume that you will have to bend your arm

During the holidays there are commitments and decisions that may not like both , but you should bear in mind that it will not always be what we want. If it’s something you ‘re excited about , why not let it go? Of course, giving in is up to both of them , not just one.

Rest separately

Definitely all family commitments, purchases and preparations exhaust us physically and mentally , so it will be necessary that you have time to rest. Of course, without having to be with the other in order to fully restore your energy .

Think of a good gift for your partner

Think of a good gift for your partner

Although they may dismiss us as consumers, the truth is that gifts are very important , since what we give them will determine if we really know them or if we pay attention to them. For this it is a good idea to have pointed out those things that you need or have desired during the year. It is important that you are original , and above all that the elaboration is good enough so that you notice that you have not bought the first thing you have found in the store. He will love it!

Finally, enjoying Christmas as a couple is a desire shared by many people . For some of them it is very simple and natural while for others it becomes a challenge because of the great intensity with which emotions emerge at this stage of the year. Christmas is a time to work a little, to be with the family, to enjoy the holidays as much as possible and to enjoy free time … or so they say. The harsh reality is that these days are for everything except to be relaxed, and is that with Christmas shopping, gifts, home decoration , visits and family dinners we have little time for nothing. This makes the nerves are on the surface and discussions between couples are very common.  Christmas as a couple and you want to make sure everything goes well.

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