The top 6 destinations of 2019 for your summer honeymoon

The top 6 destinations of 2019 for your summer honeymoon

The top 6 destinations of 2019 for your summer honeymoon

Once all the celebrations are over and your wedding dress has been placed in the closet. It’s time to pack up: a very romantic honeymoon is waiting for you! Paradise beaches, dreamy sunsets, and landscapes immersed in nature have you already chosen which will be your suggestive destination? If among the many preparations for your wedding reception you have not yet found the time to think about what your destination will be, don’t worry: We have selected for you the 6 best destinations of summer 2019 for a dream wedding trip! Don’t waste any more time then, finish handing over all your wedding invitations. Make yourself comfortable and immerse yourself in these fabulous journeys!

1. JapanThe top 6 destinations of 2019 for your summer honeymoon

With a perfect combination of past and modernity, the “land of the rising sun” offers so many activities from the most varied facets to be able to satisfy the tastes of any pair of newlyweds!
Among the main places of interest, it is impossible not to mention the majestic Mount Fuji, the symbol par excellence of the country. Or the charming popular neighborhoods that animate Tokyo, the great capital.  It is one of the best destinations of summer honeymoon.

But between great technologies and avant-garde constructions you will also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a spiritual universe made of mystical atmospheres and strong ties with tradition, like the tea ritual or the mysterious Buddhist temples. Where it is still possible to witness the life of the monks who live there. Just make sure to book your flight well in advance, the charm of the Orient always attracts numerous lovers!

2. Sri Lanka

This charming island in the heart of the Indian Ocean is one of the most sought-after summer honeymoon destinations this year. Not only because of the very white beaches and the clear water that characterize the 1600 km of its coast, Sri Lanka still offers the chance to explore verdant landscapes and totally unspoiled nature. There will be opportunities to explore its many natural parks. It is one of the best destinations of summer honeymoon.

And, if you’re lucky, you can even see elephants, crocodiles, and leopards up close! For lovers of esotericism then, this is the ideal destination: among Buddhist temples, tea rituals. And delicious scents, your honeymoon will acquire nuances of spirituality. And well-being in a setting that is, to say the least, heavenly.

3. Canada

Are you looking for strong emotions and breathtaking views? Then Canada is for you! Located in North America, this vast State has infinite spaces characterized by wild nature, perfect to satisfy your adventurous spirit with kayaking and ice-breaking boats in the Arctic sea. Let yourself be accompanied by the friendliness of the inhabitants, let yourself be surprised by the splendor of uncontaminated places.

And landscapes of inviolate beauty. Then you can dive into the heart of major cities like Toronto or Montreal, which with their contrast between multi-ethnic streets and typical neighborhoods, will guide you to discover historical monuments and modern architecture with a futuristic charm! It is one of the best destinations of summer honeymoon.

4. Zanzibar

Very white beaches, crystal clear waters and lots of relaxation in an idyllic setting with postcard views: Zanzibar, the largest African island, is the ideal destination if all you want to do is treat yourself to a honeymoon in full romance and absolute rest! The spectacular sunsets over the Indian Ocean will be the backdrop for phrases of love during intimate candlelit dinners to give you unforgettable moments, to say the least, and celebrate the beginning of your life as a married couple.

If you still have time between a dip in the sea and an aperitif on the coast, don’t miss a visit to the Jozani Forest nature reserve, known for the typical vegetation of the area, or a lively safari with a local guide to find rare and curious animals!

5. Azores Islands

A somewhat atypical destination for the honeymoon, in reality, the Azores Archipelago lends itself well to a summer honeymoon thanks to the pleasant climate. And the multitude of unusual and wholly genuine attractions it offers. First and foremost the unmissable opportunity to live in close contact with nature. In some aspects still uncultivated and primitive. Which you will be able to admire during adventurous bicycle. And walking tours and in unusual and non-touristy places. Set aside all the luxuries or luxuries of all kinds: your honeymoon in the Azores Islands provides only breathtaking views. And unexplored towns to be lived in all simplicity. And immortalize with wonderful photographs!

6. Caribbean

Who has never dreamed of enjoying their first vacation as a husband and wife while sipping a delicious cocktail on a beautiful Caribbean beach? A paradise immersed in the sea, which also takes its name, perfect for relaxing in the famous bays of the island or enjoying moments of pure romance in the best resorts. If your desire is to get away from everyday stress and live an experience out of time, this is the destination for you! There will also be moments of culture: walking through the streets of the pretty town of San Nicolas you will be fascinated by the lively works of street art and the colorful houses, the result of a harmonious mix between the ancient Dutch and Spanish civilizations.

Three, two, one, let’s go! Whether you have opted for a relaxing honeymoon on exotic beaches. Or if you have preferred to embark on an adventurous journey to discover mysterious places. Do not forget to pack a refined dress and a nice pair of elegant shoes: you will need them for celebrating your first intimate dinner as a husband and wife in full romance!

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