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Honeymoon in Ireland: 5 stages for an unforgettable tour. Ireland is a fascinating land, ideal for celebrating the wedding phrases that you have just exchanged. With a population of just over 4 million and 700 thousand inhabitants, concentrated in a few cities, the “Emerald Isle” enchants tourists with its immense green fields, crowned by a blue sea that shatters decidedly on spectacular cliffs, below the look of a sky as changeable as magic. If you have just worn the winter wedding dress, wait for the summer for your honeymoon in the “Green Country”: in particular in the month of August you can enjoy the ideal climate to embark on an unforgettable tour from one side of the island (ps leave your wedding shoes at home too !)

First stop: DublinHoneymoon in Ireland: 5 stages for an unforgettable tour

After landing at Dublin airport, you’ll have a million things to do. You can immerse yourself in the music of street artists on Grafton Street, visit Trinity College and its spectacular library, relax in St. Stephen’s Green or enjoy the time spent at the Temple Bar, in front of the pint of Guinness tastier than ever tasted. When you have tried all the pubs in Essex Street, you can rent a car and leave for the next stop. Little secret: You do not have to worry about driving on the right because you will drive along low-traffic roads, immersed in the green of the counties of Ireland, but always easily practicable (it will have been much more difficult to choose the men’s formal dress, trust me!). It is one of the best tips for Honeymoon in Ireland.

Second stage: KilkennyHoneymoon in Ireland: 5 stages for an unforgettable tour

In about an hour and a half’s drive from Dublin, you will reach the town of Kilkenny, famous above all for its sensational beer and for its castle, considered one of the most beautiful in Ireland. You will appreciate the city also for its many medieval buildings, to which it owes the nickname of “marble city” (marble city, .ndr) and for the buzzing nightlife that animates its streets … are you ready for a special evening? It is one of the best tips for Honeymoon in Ireland.

Third stage: The Killarney National ParkHoneymoon in Ireland: 5 stages for an unforgettable tour

Just three hours drive from Kilkenny lies the stunning Killarney National Park: an oasis of 4,000 hectares where deer, squirrels, and weasels cohabit with a delightful variety of plants. Here you can take long walks on foot or mountain bike, and then exchange sweet romantic phrases while relaxing along the lake. It is one of the best tips for Honeymoon in Ireland.

Fourth stage: the Cliffs of MoherHoneymoon in Ireland: 5 stages for an unforgettable tour

In less than two hours you will have arrived in Limerick, capital of the homonymous county in the historical province of Munster. Known for rugby and hurling practice, this city boasts a striking location, close to the mouth of the river that flows through it. From here you can easily reach the famous Cliffs of Moher and organize trips to the picturesque Aran Islands, famous for the processing of wool. It will be an incredible experience to visit them on board an ancient buggy, and then enjoy the spectacle of the cliffs overlooking the sea and the quiet of the pristine nature that reigns on its white beaches. It is one of the best tips for Honeymoon in Ireland.

Fifth stage: The ConnemaraHoneymoon in Ireland: 5 stages for an unforgettable tour

The Connemara is one of the regions mentioned in the beautiful song by Fiorella Mannoia, The Sky of Ireland and can only be part of your journey. If you are already planning your honeymoon in Ireland, why not include an excerpt of that song in wedding invitations? One thing is certain, before visiting this part of Ireland, you could never have imagined how much charm a wild and rugged land can have. But Connemara reserves other surprises: surrounded by the delightful village of Cong, here you will meet the scenic Ashford Castle, dating back to 1228. The castle passed from family to family until it came into the hands of Arthur Guinness, who turned it into the hunting and royal fishing estate. Unfortunately, the interior cannot be visited unless you want to stay in the luxury hotel inside.

At this point we suggest two alternatives: you could continue the ride to Donegal and take the plane from Donegal Town, or go down to the city of Galway to do the same. What do you think of this tour? We bet that you will like Ireland so much that you want to come back and exchange the phrases for your wedding anniversary. In this case, it will be even more impressive to celebrate such an important occasion, if you wear your wedding dress again … this time under the Irish sky.