Mountain day: weekend getaways to enjoy the best summits

mountain day

Mountain day: weekend getaways to enjoy the best summits

This December 11 is the International mountain day, reliefs that cover around 22% of the earth’s surface . And have a fundamental role in the sustainable economic growth of the planet. Therefore, and because nature is always a good alternative to escape from daily routine. We have compiled a selection of plans and proposals so that you celebrate it as it deserves. Between summits. A getaway of mountain day  or a weekend surrounded by nature and snow, how does it sound?

Enjoy the Mountain day with weekend getaways 2018 – 2019 very  Eco friendly

the mountain day

About 13% of the world’s population lives in mountainous regions. But many more benefit from its green expanse full of resources. And options for more adventurous leisure. Or, simply, to enjoy a good walk in weekend getaways week surrounded by nature and mountains. This 2018, the celebration focuses on making known. And highlight the importance of the traditions that shelter the mountains. And since Spain enjoys many of them. These are some of the destinations that will discover the wonders of a way of life in contact with the purest air.

Sierra Nevada: a perfect mountain destination with or without snow

International mountain day

As if it were not enough to accommodate the alleyways of the Albaicin, the Paseo de los Tristes, the viewpoint of San Nicolas. And the stunning architecture of the Alhambra, Granada also has Sierra Nevada, an authentic natural monument ideal for routes on end trips week. This station just 37 kilometers from the city is the highest in Spain and the southernmost in Europe. Which means that there are no ski slopes on the continent with so many hours of sunshine. As there is no mountain in the peninsula higher than the Mulhacen, 3,478 meters of wild nature.

But these unique tracks in Spain are not just skiers’ paradise; Around, the National Park of Sierra Nevada is the perfect setting for mountain lovers to enjoy with or without snow on the peaks. Whether you are an expert in relief, a newcomer or just a curious or curious with a desire to innovate. The International mountain day is probably the best time to be seduced by the plans and activities of the Sierra Nevada .

An amusement park of height in Mirlo Blanco, Sierra Nevada

A roller coaster, a magic carpet, inflatable castles … all at 2,100 meters altitude? This is precisely Mirlo Blanco. An enclosure designed for you to enjoy the snow without having to put on your skis. A perfect place if you want to live the mountain day with your family. And the classic walk through the mountains is short for the expectations of children. And not so children. Between sliding slides with inflatable donuts, bike-slalom and bike-ski. One of the star attractions is the Russian Sleigh: a modern roller coaster in the snow formed by rails and sledges for two people, 250 m. of rise and 550 m. of descent to a maximum of 40 km / h, banked curves, speed bumps and straights.

Ascent to the Mulhacén with snowshoes, active tourism in Granada

Many agencies organize raids and excursions to Mulhacén as a one-day getaway; with an altitude of 3,478 meters that places him only behind the Teide  in height. As a curious fact. This startling peak owes its name to the Castilianization of Mulay Hasan, the third-to-last Nasrid king of Granada in the fifteenth century. Which is said to have been buried in this mountain day. Because of the softness of its relief on the southern slope, which makes the ascent easier than it might seem a priori. It is also known as the Cerro. Precisely in this area the “raquetistas” advance to conquer the summit. Aided by the almost magical impulse of the moon that without being in its maximum splendor continues to offer impressive views on the summit.

Huesca or the mountaineers’ paradise and rural tourism in Spain

the International mountain day

This province of Aragon has a lot to offer when it comes to mountains, since it is home to the Pyrenean mountain range and its diverse natural landscapes make it one of the most visited areas in both summer and winter. Spread over its relief we find towns with lots of charm and great historical and monumental value and valleys of striking beauty: the valley of Aragón, the valleys of Hecho and Anso, the Sobrarbe region. The Ordesa National Park , the Sierra Natural Park and the Canyons of Guara. And even the majestic Monasterio de Boltaña from the 17th century, perfect for retreat. And with countless stories within its walls. That’s why living in Huesca on the mountain day 2018 is to ensure activities in close contact with nature, culture, cuisine and height plans.

Course of high winter mountain techniques in the Pyrenees, adventure tourism for adrenaline addicts

The options of ascent, climbing, ravines and many other sports that come to mind with just imagining a peak are also common in Huesca. That is why perhaps one of the most interesting weekend weekend getaways is this course of high mountain techniques that. During 3 days of activity in the Pyrenees, contemplates teachings, from the initiation to the advanced level, in the handling of tools of progression in snow and ice of moderate slopes. So that we can adapt it to our level. A pleasant way to learn everything we need to enjoy safely the mountain in the environment of one of the most beautiful in Spain and the hand of experienced guides.

Get a rural getaway 2019 to the Sierra de Tramuntana and its heritage

This mountainous system of almost 90 kilometers long was cataloged in 2011 World Heritage by UNESCO. And has been chosen as one of the favorite heritage sites of the traveler, according to TripAdvisor. An impressive backbone that runs through Mallorca and extends from Andratx, in the southwest, to the Cap de Formentorin the far north. In the path of impossible reliefs two lakes emerge. The reservoirs of Gorg Blau and Cúber, and the elevated peaks of Puig Major (1,445 m), Teix, Massanella and Tomir.

The rural landscape is a mixture of robust olive trees and villages and villages of island charm with buildings such as the Lluc monastery. Winter is the best season for hiking and hiking in Mallorca without crossing with tourists or spend the heat of the summer months. That’s why many clubs offer a varied program of excursions that will allow you to discover the secrets of the Sierra de Tramuntana on one or several weekend getaways.

Family routes through the Tramuntana mountain, a must visit in Mallorca

Following a European project necessary to get in touch with one of the best things of our rich continent, the mountains. The Consell de Mallorca has joined the program ‘Rando pour la Culture. Which promotes traditions, culture, flora. And fauna and architecture of rural areas. Or weekend getaways . Hiking routes to the Castle of Alaro, Deia and s’Esquena de s’Ermita in Selva. Also in these villages, participants can do cultural activities to make the most of the excursion. And discover the best kept secrets of the island.

Discover the Sierra de Madrid and the charming hotels of the city

discover mountain day

Madrid is a cosmopolitan capital, with the excitement typical of large cities, but one step away from the eastern part of the Central System. Which extends through the peaks of the Sierra de Guadarrama, of which 64% corresponds to the Community of Madrid. The peak Penalara is the highest peak with 2,428 meters and a great opportunity to do all kinds of adventure sports. And climbing. But what if you also had an elite athlete? As Madrid has multiple faces, the glamor of the Barcelo Torre de Madrid hotel is also.

Nordic Walking or Nordic Walking in Madrid, adventure activities on the rise

One of the most fashionable activities in the mountaineering world lately. And which is as simple as incorporating walking sticks to your walk, is the Nordic March. Which improves our physical and mental state. And which is ideal for weekend getaways to the mountain day. To practice Nordic Walking you only need special poles and footwear like sneakers or hiking boots. But with a flexible sole, which allows the foot to adapt to the terrain. Nordic Walking offers anyone who wants to take care of themselves an easy. And fun way to enjoy exercise and the outdoors. A sport for all audiences. Which tires little and relaxes a lot. Without you having to concentrate all your attention on each step so as not to miss anything of the mountain range.

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