Honeymoon: 6 reasons to go to the Algarve

Honeymoon: 6 reasons to go to the Algarve

Honeymoon: 6 reasons to go to the Algarve

Honeymoon: 6 reasons to go to the Algarve. Today we suggest this wonderful region of Portugal for your honeymoon. Why? For at least 6 reasons, first of all, the wallet! We know that wedding dresses, the wedding banquets. And the honeymoon involves not indifferent economic outputs, especially if the latter choose distant destinations. A honeymoon “near home” greatly reduces costs, allowing you to spend more on other important details such as wedding invitations. And wedding favors, or allowing you to take away some unexpected whim just during the trip! If then “around the corner” we have a wonderful place called Algarve, that’s it!

Here are 6 reasons to choose the Algarve as a destination for your honeymoon.

1. For the proximityHoneymoon: 6 reasons to go to the Algarve

It is usually thought that to reach enchanted places it is necessary to go very far, crossing oceans. And facing a long and expensive journey … Not so, or rather, not always! Less than two thousand kilometers away from Italy, just before crossing the Atlantic Ocean, we find a small corner of paradise: the Algarve.

The Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal that borders the North with the Antelejo region. An area is well known for its white wines, in the South and West with the Atlantic Ocean. And in the East with the river Guadiana, the natural border with Andalusia, a southern region of Spain. Reaching the Algarve from Italy is fast and cheap, thanks to direct flights served by several companies, including some low-cost companies. Which connect some Italian cities with Faro airport, the capital city of the region.

2. For the beauty of Faro and its gastronomyHoneymoon: 6 reasons to go to the Algarve

Faro is the most important and largest city in the Algarve. The coasts that surround it and their beaches are heavenly to say the least. The sand dunes are never too crowded and the expanse of sand is endless. In the evening, a stroll through the historic center is a must: you can stroll through its cobbled streets in a beautiful walled enclosure. By accessing it, one arrives at a characteristic square where the Cathedral of the Self is located. Climb to the top of the belfry so as not to miss a breathtaking view of the city and the Ría Formosa reserve: one of the most beautiful attractions of Faro to embrace you, thinking back to the sweet phrases that you pronounced at the altar on your wedding day.

Then sit in one of the typical restaurants that offer delicious fish and seafood dishes will crown your evening worthily! Among the specialties not to be missed: the prawns in a puff pastry crust, a special broth made with clams, risotto with razor clams. Moreover, starting from the capital and moving towards the center are luxurious resorts and other extraordinary cities, such as Almancil, Quinta do Lago, Loule, Vilamoura.

3. To stay in enviable luxury resorts and hotelsHoneymoon: 6 reasons to go to the Algarve

If you love luxury, know that the Algarve offers accommodation and exclusive places away from mass tourism: 5-star hotels, award-winning restaurants, villas with pools and incredible terraces overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. One of the advantages of being able to spend less on travel flights is to have more budgets available to take the opportunity to stay in a really “in” place.

4. For the spectacular beaches of Lagos and AlbufeiraHoneymoon: 6 reasons to go to the Algarve

Albufeira is one of the most famous cities for the extension and quality of its beaches: twenty-five long stretches of white sand concentrated in 30 km of coastline. Moreover, Portugal is one of the coastal countries that collects the highest number of blue flags for the quality of its waters, which makes this sea destination even more attractive. Praia do Castelo is one of the most famous for its unspoiled nature and turquoise sea, but do not miss Praia da Oura, surrounded by high cliffs, Praia dos Pescadores, the most mundane, and Praia do Forte Sao Joao, perfect for lovers of watersports.

Lagos  instead, a city surrounded by high walls, is full of natural caves and caves carved into the rock that are intermingled with kilometers of beaches. They are unique and spectacular: do not miss the beaches of Carvalho, Pintadinho, Carvoeiro and Molhe . The famous Praia do Benagil is also a must : it is a suggestive sandy beach inside a cave which can only be accessed by boat … The activity on the beaches does not fade as the sun goes down. You can spend your evenings in one of the many kiosks on the beach, where you can listen to music, dance at sunset and, of course, taste seafood delicacies!

5. For the ideal climate all year roundHoneymoon: 6 reasons to go to the Algarve

When to leave? Although the coasts are typically oceanic, the Algarve enjoys a Mediterranean climate. It characterized by mild temperatures even in winter and low rainfall. For a honeymoon of long walks and visits to the cities of the Algarve. The best time is certainly the spring, while for a honeymoon spent on the spectacular beaches of this region is undoubtedly the summer, from June to end September. However, the millions of tourists who visit the region at any time of the year are confirmation of the favorable climate of the Algarve.

6. In order not to miss the “end of the world”: discover Sagres and Cabo de Sao VicenteHoneymoon: 6 reasons to go to the Algarve

Far from mass tourism and enveloped by a mystical atmosphere. Located right on the south-western tip of the Iberian Peninsula, is Sagres, a small inhabited little town, famous for its impressive fortress to be admired during a romantic walk along its perimeter. Sagres is one of the few European destinations that maintain an intact and wild landscape.

In this city, in addition to the untouched nature, you will love the culinary offer. And the incredible tranquility. Once in Sagres, you can not miss Cabo de Sao Vicente, the balcony overlooking the “end of the world”, which offers a spectacular view of the ocean from its high cliffs. The best time to fully enjoy the romance of this place is certainly in the evening when you can admire one of the most famous sunsets in Europe. Cabo de São Vicente will be your magic place!

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