The 10 best eco-friendly hotels and resorts in the world

eco-friendly hotels

The 10 best eco-friendly hotels and resorts in the world

It would certainly be better for the environment if people traveled less. But this does not mean that you must surrender in your attempt to know the world. What you can do to help is to choose those eco-friendly hotels and resorts. Many people will try to put aside the idea of an eco-friendly trip as soon as it is mentioned – they imagine that saving the environment will involve staying in a tent and eating grains in a coconut shell. But these people are wrong. The best eco-friendly hotels and resorts compete with the comforts of any other destination full of luxuries. The fact that you can enjoy without feeling guilt about the damage you may be causing to the environment is only an advantage.

Below The 10 best eco-friendly hotels and resorts in the world

Longitude 131 , in the Northern Territory of Australia

eco-friendly hotels and resorts

The central region of Northern Australia is a desert. But it is a world-famous desert because it is where the Ayers peon -the largest monolith in the world- is located. It is a harsh and desolate environment that could easily be mistaken for a place on Mars. But for those who visit the eco-friendly resort Longitude 131 behind Ayers peon, the desert may look like a bed of roses. The resort consists of 15 luxury giant tents that have everything anyone could wish for. The fact that the resort has no buildings is particularly beneficial to the environment in which it is located. Neither do you have to worry much about pollution since this resort consists of air conditioning and lighting based exclusively on solar energy. Among the activities offered by the resort are the walks, amateur astronomy, and dinners under the stars.

White pod Resort , in the Swiss Alps

eco-friendly hotels and resorts

If you love the idea of experiencing the pristine beauty of the Swiss Alps but are concerned about the environmental impact , the White pod resort  can help you absorb all the beauty with practically no damage to the environment. Like Longitude 131, the White pod resort does not use conventional constructions. Visitors to the White pod resort live in large futuristic style tents that look like observatories. The designers have worked so hard not to disturb the environment that the color of the tents changes depending on the season – on white in winter and green in warmer seasons -. The resort won the World Sustainable Tourism Award for its low impact design.

The Finch Rosa Blanca Inn, Costa Rica

best eco-friendly hotels and resorts

The eco-friendly Finch Rosa Blanca Inn is built right in the middle of the cloud forests of Costa Rica. The design of Finch Rosa Blanca Inn uses some of the most impressive eco-friendly technologies in the world. In the ranking of the members of the Sustainable Tourism Certificate scheme, it reaches the first place with a perfect score of 100 points – the only one in the world that has achieved it. The resort has its own coffee plant for which guests can stroll, a spa, horseback riding and native music.

EcoCamp, Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile

eco-friendly hotels and resorts in the world

The Torres del Paine National Park in Chile has been home to the nomadic Kawesqar tribes for centuries. These tribes have traditionally lived in tents shaped like domes. To stay aligned with the nomadic traditions of the Patagonia region, the EcoCamp resort is completely made up of geodesic tents. But inside, these tents offer everything tourists may want. The EcoCamp resort’s environmental credentials are due to the way the entire resort is built using low-impact methods – low-emission wood burning stoves, energy from renewable sources of energy and more.

Nomo Bay Resort, Great Bear Tropical Rainforest, British Columbia

best eco-friendly hotels

British Columbia, the Canadian state of the Pacific coast offers some of the most wonderful and wild expanses of forest in the world. Located north of Vancouver, the Nimmo Bay Resort  offers its visitors a true experience of the true beauty of Canada’s natural spaces. This area is inaccessible by vehicle. You need to arrive by helicopter or by boat. Once you arrive, you live the flora and fauna of the region very closely. Every day you can see Grizzly bears fishing in the river that is outside your window and dolphins jumping in the ocean.

Campi Ya Kanzi, Mount Kilimanjaro

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The Campi Ya Kanzi is a private reserve at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. The luxury camp is not only built of local materials, but also the designers did not cut any trees to establish the camp. All the food in the camp is cooked with eco-friendly charcoal; the water is heated with solar power, etc.

Bardessono, Napa Valley, California

a eco-friendly hotels

The Bardessono eco-resort in Napa Valley has been certified as platinum by LEED (Directives in Energy and Environmental Design). No trees were cut for the construction of this resort-it was built entirely of salvaged wood. Everywhere you can see how ecological this resort is. From its solar energy farm, to its vertical gardens and composting program, this resort has the environment in mind.

Six Senses Hideaway, Bangkok

top eco-friendly hotels and resorts

The Six Senses Hideaway is a spectacular nature resort about 160 kms south of Bangkok. Everything you eat at this resort comes from the farm and vegetable garden of the same resort. They even grow their own mushrooms. The Six Senses Hideaway resort is not only environmentally conscious – the administration also has a social conscience. They only employ local people.

The Shergarh tent camp, Madhya Pradesh, India

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The Shergarh Tented Camp (tent camp) in Kanha, places you in an environment in which it is easy to believe that you have landed in a story of the ‘Nights of Arabia’. E l camp is built with luxury and yet is environmentally responsible.

The Siwa Oasis, Egypt

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The Siwa Oasis resort in Egypt offers an even more authentic experience of Arabian Nights. The Siwa is an oasis in a desert that has not been inhabited for more than a millennium. The rooms offered by the hotel could not be more eco-friendly-they are installed in ruins that nobody has practically never used. It does not use new constructions. The resort uses very little electricity and almost all the lighting comes from candles.

Finally, the eco – tourism is fashionable, which appreciates nature and gainer to see how people care more than pollute the environment every day. That is why this type of tourism increases a lot every year, so the hotel chains have wanted to adapt to this and it is already very common to see eco-friendly hotels in almost the entire world. Choose the destination you choose, you can make your trip in an ecological way without it means that you sleep in a tent or things like that. Ecological tourism focuses on respecting and caring for the environment, and that is done by choosing accommodations that use natural resources, for example. Here are some of the best eco-friendly hotels in the world.

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