The 10 things to do in Monterrey

things to do in Monterrey

The 10 things to do in Monterrey

The 10 things to do in Monterrey. The city of Monterrey is a large metropolis located in northeastern Mexico. It is the major economic and commercial center of the north of the country. Monterrey has 1.1 million inhabitants; it is the second richest city in Mexico. Surrounded by mountains, it preserves a quiet atmosphere thanks to the many green spaces that decorate the different neighborhoods. You will enjoy the excitement of a large Mexican city without feeling oppressed and can enjoy its relaxed and warm atmosphere. Typical northern gastronomy, cultural activities, escapades in the surrounding national parks are just a glimpse of what to expect during your visit to Monterrey.

The  things to do in Monterrey

1. The Mexican History Museumthings to do in Monterrey

The Museo de Historia Mexicana is located near the original site where the city of Monterrey was founded. Indeed, this museum is located in the current city center, at the edge of the pleasant Paseo Santa Lucia, a canal that joins Parque Fundidora. Visit Monterrey is an opportunity to take an interest in the complex history of Mexico. You will stroll among the 1,200 rooms of the building, which retrace the evolution of the country from indigenous pre-Hispanic people to the present day. The management did not leave aside Colonization and the Mexican Revolution. An interesting visit not to be missed.

2. Fundidora Parkthings to do in Monterrey

This park is a call to relax in the center of Monterrey. Located on the site of the old steel mill, this immense green space combines artistic installations, entertainments, and pleasant walks. Stroll from gardens to fountains on the tree-lined paths and admire the works of contemporary art. Artists reuse objects from the former metallurgy plant. Parts of industrial machines have been converted into street furniture elements for a spectacular design effect. Many cultural events and festivals take place in the park, and there is also an ice rink and a film library. It is one of the best things to do in Monterrey.

3. Ecological Park Chipinquethings to do in Monterrey

To visit Monterrey is to experience a megalopolis integrated into the surrounding nature. The ecological park Chipinque, located at altitudes between 730 and 2200 meters, offers a concentrate of the fauna and flora of the region. The rugged mountains and dense forests serve as refuges for all sorts of animals, and bird and butterfly watching is particularly popular with hobbyists. You can choose between different marked hiking trails and create your itinerary according to your desires. Multiple points of view punctuate the course, for panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

4. Garcia’s cavesthings to do in Monterrey

When looking for something to do in Monterrey, Garcia’s caves turn out to be unusual and easy-to-organize activity. These geological formations that have spent thousands of years submerged below sea level have marine fossils trapped in the hollow of their walls. Two guided tours are available to you, the short 45-minute walk and the longest that will take adventurers in search of adrenaline deep in the bowels of the earth. In both cases, the path is well laid out and the lighting allows you to admire beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. A museum explaining the history of cave formation, as well as a mini-zoo, are included in the tour. To reach the entrance of the caves, you have to take a cable car,

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5. The Barrio Antiguo

For a true dive in Mexico, take a tour of Barrio Antiguo, the ancient district of Monterrey. Stroll through the narrow streets between the colorful facades of historic buildings. Blow and take the time to admire the architectural details of the beautiful preserved facades. After dark, sit out on the terrace for a drink and an assortment of Mexican dishes. Mingle with the locals and enjoy the warm atmosphere in front of a traditional music concert.

6. The Marco Museum of Contemporary Artthings to do in Monterrey

Designed by renowned Mexican architect Ricardo Legoretta, the Monterrey Museum of Contemporary Art welcomes you with a dove sculpture, the work of artist Juan Soriano. The museum does not have a permanent collection. Indeed, it hosts temporary exhibitions dedicated to different themes, such as cinema with Martin Scorcese, modern painting or contemporary art. Not typical: the museum also offers courses in drawing or painting, lectures, and courses in art history. It is one of the best things to do in Monterrey.

7. La Huasteca Ecological Parkthings to do in Monterrey

Within the Cumbres National Park of Monterrey is a spectacular ecological park. Huastecais one of the most impressive landscapes in northeastern Mexico. The gigantic cliffs of gray rock will not fail to make you dizzy as soon as you arrive. As you sink between vertical walls on well-maintained paths, your sense of being tiny will not stop growing. Watch the cacti and plants! They grow directly in the stone above your heads and take on the appearance of hanging gardens. If hiking is not your cup of tea, you can rent a quad to explore the trails that cross the park. Many points of interest dot the nature reserve, such as the Cave of the Virgin, whose contours resemble the face of the Virgin Mary.

8. Try canyoning in the Matacanes Canyon

The Matacanes canyon is located near Monterrey, in the Cumbres National Park of Monterrey. It takes its name from the porous rock formations found there, called matacans in Spanish. The river dug its bed through the matacans. Equip a harness, helmet, and ropes, and follow the guide! Your day will be full of thrills. You will begin with a descent along a waterfall that flows into the void. Admire the beauty of the landscape around you by letting yourself be refreshed by the water that splashes you as if to welcome you. Once inside the canyon, a succession of jumps and slides will take you from translucent natural pools to rock slides. To end the day, a passage in a cave will finish playing with your adrenaline, before a drive back to Monterrey for a well-deserved rest.

9. The Cola de Caballo waterfallthings to do in Monterrey

Near Villa de Santiago, less than an hour away is a marvel of nature. The Cola de Caballo waterfall, French ponytail, was named so because of its striking resemblance to the animal’s tail. A footbridge allows you to get closer to the waterfall to see it fall in front of you and rush under your feet. Note the lush nature that surrounds the place, a perfect gateway to the Cumbres National Park of Monterrey. It is one of the best things to do in Monterrey.

10. The ascent of Cerro de la Sillathings to do in Monterrey

To visit Monterrey would not be complete without a panoramic view of the city. The Cerro de la Silla is the mountain that can be seen from any point of Monterrey, close to the city center. It has several peaks including the highest, the peak of the Virgin, culminates at an altitude of 1,820 meters. The ascent requires a good physical condition and requires to learn about the paths to take depending on the summit that you want to climb. You will probably meet locals who will encourage you in your climb, the place is very popular. Once at the top, you will be rewarded with a magnificent panoramic view of the region and the hustle and bustle of the city below.

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