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Not just Paris: 6 destinations for a honeymoon in France. France is a country to be discovered, colorful and heterogeneous. Able to give metropolitan charm to the phrases of love that you will exchange during your honeymoon. As well as to give you breathtaking mountain landscapes. Of course, you will not miss the opportunity to dive into the crystal clear waters of the Cote d’Azur. And end the day with a tasting of Provençal wines, to savor wearing your best formal dress. Would you like to know more? Take note!

1. Lyon, the city of lightsNot just Paris: 6 destinations for a honeymoon in France

When it comes to French cities, Paris immediately comes to mind. But do you know that there are other wonderful cities to visit? First of all, Lyon is an unmissable stop for a honeymoon in France: think that its historic center, for its beauty, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Crossed by the Rhone and Saone rivers. And nestled on the hills of Fourviere and the Croix-Rousse, this enchanting city will inspire the most beautiful romantic phrases of your journey. To breathe its most authentic spirit, just walk on the characteristic traboules. Or admire the enchanting illuminations reflecting on its waters, soon discovering why it is famous all over the world as “the city of lights”. It is one of the best places on a honeymoon in France.

2. Magic on Lake AnnecyNot just Paris: 6 destinations for a honeymoon in France

Is water your element? Then you can not help. But visit what is considered the purest lake in Europe. The Lake of Annecy, framed by a marvelous alpine landscape, is a natural treasure chest that contains nature reserves, paths through the woods and majestic massifs. Consider that, due to its peculiar appearance, Annecy is also called “the Venice of the Alps”: the city is in fact crossed by flowering canals that give it a unique charm. This charming destination is ideal for a honeymoon in the summer, or for a honeymoon in winter. It is one of the best places on a honeymoon in France.

3. The legendary Bay of Mont Saint-MichelNot just Paris: 6 destinations for a honeymoon in France

The bay of Mont Saint-Michel is a place that, like the best legends, is surrounded by an aura of mystery: will it be true or will it be a mirage? That’s right, because this scenic hill on which stands an ancient abbey, sometimes on the mainland, sometimes becomes an island. All this, because of the tides that record up to 15 meters of water level variation during the year! And when the sea that bathes the Normandy coast covers the surrounding landscape, the show is great. Needless to say, the bay of Mont Saint-Michel is considered a Unesco World Heritage since 1979, while from 2015 a bridge-walkway allows you to reach it even at high tide … it is appropriate to go and see it closely, what you say? It is one of the best places on a honeymoon in France.

4. A cruise on the Canal des Deux MersNot just Paris: 6 destinations for a honeymoon in France

If you are looking for a traveling trip. But at the same time want to relax after the stress of marriage, the Canal des Deux Mers (canal of the two seas) is for you. Named this way because it connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. It includes the Garonne Canal – which links Bordeaux to Toulouse. And the Canal du Midi, which links the latter to Sete. Choose the stretch you would like to navigate and then take as much time as you want: board a barge-hotel, a boat for trips or a houseboat for an hour’s excursion, a weekend or a week.

The possible itineraries are suitable for all tastes: for example, you will have the opportunity to stop near historic villages. And towns such as Casteldaudary with its 17th-century buildings. Of course, do not miss a tasting of typical local products, tasting a delicious cassoulet accompanied by a glass of local wine, served in one of the many villages that host prestigious wine cellars. It is one of the best places on a honeymoon in France.

5.Provençal love: Nice, Marseille, Cannes, and AvignonNot just Paris: 6 destinations for a honeymoon in France

Another incredible cultural site worth visiting during a possible honeymoon in France is the Palace of the Popes of Avignon. This majestic building dating back to 1300 is considered one of the largest and most important medieval Gothic buildings in Europe. Continue your French tour, visiting the other wonderful cities of Provence: the multi-ethnic Marseille, the elegant Nice and the famous Cannes. Our advice is to leave for a trip on the road by car or motorbike, especially in July: it is precisely in this month, in fact, that the Provencal countryside gives its best, giving you happy thoughts as you cross immense fields of lavender. Why do not you give a taste of it to your guests, using some branches as original wedding place cards?

6. Wine tasting in BurgundyNot just Paris: 6 destinations for a honeymoon in France

Finally, you can not leave France without enjoying a tasting of the famous French wines. The most renowned are undoubtedly the labels produced in the Burgundy region: this area includes 100 denominations, subdivided into 5 large terroirs and segmented into 4 categories, from the regional AOC to the Grand Cru. In addition, it will be nice to accompany the tasting with a visit to the surroundings: you can admire the harmonious precision of the “climate” of Burgundy, secular plots of land that benefit from special conditions (exposure, nature of the land) and that impregnate the wines of their typicality. Finally, know that this territory has also been registered in the World Heritage of Humanity on July 4, 2015. But now, no more talk … what do you prefer, Pinot Noir or Chardonnay?