4 ideas for your first solo trip

4 ideas for your first solo trip

4 ideas for your first solo trip

4 ideas for your first solo trip. Traveling is always a good idea, especially when you live an existence that does not satisfy you. Maybe you have a repetitive, boring, unhappy life. You are not satisfied and you do not seem to have an escape. But you do not know what to do to get out of it. A journey is the right solution. Warning: not a holiday, a trip.

There are so many differences between one and the other. But the main lines in the desire to transform a period spent away from home in a form of personal growth: we start to explore new places, but also to explore themselves, putting the right one’s questions and finding enlightening answers. When you’re out there it’s infinitely easier to do it.

If you have a partner ready to leave with you for an extraordinary adventure, you are lucky enough to be able to share the road with another special soul like yours. But if you are alone / not to be influenced by those who say that traveling is out of the question for you: find the courage to give up everything and get involved. The only trip you will regret is what you did not do.

All very interesting, but how do you organize a solo trip? What are the right destinations? Assuming that it is worth giving a chance to any place on this planet, there are 4 options for your first solo trip. These are types of travel that have a common feature: we start alone but we always find good company along the way.

1. A way of Saint James4 ideas for your first solo trip

The Camino de Santiago is the walking trip par excellence. These dusty roads have been traveled by millions of people over the centuries. And still, today represent an experience of life before travel. There are those who go as a couple, some with their family, some even with their dog, but one thing is certain: the Camino de Santiago is perfect for solo travelers. Because on the road you will find hundreds of other travelers and suddenly all the fears you had before leaving home will seem like baseless, stupid. You will share the road, but also a warm meal and a glass of wine, with complete strangers. The Camino de Santiago is an extraordinary and ideal experience as your first solo trip.

2. Workaway4 ideas for your first solo trip

Been to Workaway? It is an online platform that connects people from all over the world. At the base of everything, there is the concept of exchange: the traveler receives food and lodging in exchange for a few hours of work. This in theory, because in practice the whole experience is based on human exchange. Know the host, his family, his friends, the people who live nearby. Especially in Asia, you often find yourself meeting dozens of people. You will sleep in their houses, share their food with them, you will answer their thousand questions.

That’s why Workaway is perfect for your first solo trip: leave alone, but you’re always in the company of other people. And when you leave, you feel like leaving your second family.

3. Backpacker in Southeast Asia4 ideas for your first solo trip

If what scares you most about a solo trip is the prospect of not having anyone to interact with, you should book a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia. This area of the world is perfect for a very specific reason: it is full of backpackers who travel in a minimalist way to focus on the life experiences that only travel can give. You recognize them from the big backpacks they carry on their shoulders and from the positive and open attitude they have towards the world. And when you meet them you can be sure that you will always receive a wave of greeting and willingness to exchange information and travel tips.

4. Volunteering4 ideas for your first solo trip

There is a specific reason why a volunteer trip is perfect for those who have never done it before. The voluntary associations are in fact found in the most difficult areas of the world, where there is really a need of help. It is not by chance that these areas are usually considered dangerous and are not recommended to visit.

Leaving aside the discourse on the real danger, if you do not feel like going to the heart of Africa or in the rural areas of Asia alone, the solution is volunteering. By entrusting yourself to an association, you have the opportunity to visit distant and “forbidden” places, which you may have always dreamed of but have never had the courage to consider because they are too dangerous for a solo traveler.

And then, starting alone to help others is one of the most intense experiences you can do. One of those that give meaning to your whole existence.

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