20 Cities you must visit before you die

Cities you must visit

20 Cities you must visit before you die

If you are someone who wants to travel the world and know different cultures before it is too late, this is the right article for you. In the following lines, we will inform you about 20 cities that you must visit before dying, which are distributed in America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. We share 20 Cities you must visit before you die.

20 Cities you must visit before you die

Cities in America

1. New York, United StatesCities you must visit

The imposing city of New York, in the United States, is the first city you must visit before dying. Despite what many believe, it is possible to enjoy New York with little money, so you should not worry about your budget if among your future plans is to meet this great American city.

2. Havana, CubaCities you must visit

Traveling to the Caribbean you will find a capital with great historical content: Havana. If you like picturesque villages, music and popular festivals, this should be one of your destinations. Havana, a city stopped in time, will grant you a number of entertainment options during your stay.

3. Mexico City, MexicoCities you must visit

This country not only has great cultural corners that are worth knowing, but also one of the most interesting Latin American gastronomy for which tourists usually want to visit it. If you are wondering what to see in Mexico City, we are pleased to inform you that the answer includes numerous tourist and cultural interest sites that you will undoubtedly enjoy from the first day you arrive in this area that is part of the cities you must visit Before die.

4. Buenos Aires, ArgentinaCities you must visit

The accent of its inhabitants, its interesting monuments, its delicious gastronomy, its dances (where tango stands out) and its wonderful natural landscapes make Argentina a curious and fun country. Your capital, Buenos Aires, is included in our list of cities that you must visit before dying because of the corners that you will find in it. An excellent option when visiting this capital city is to do the tango route in Buenos Aires, you will surely love it!

5. Rio de Janeiro, BrazilCities you must visit

This happy and colorful city awaits you in Brazil. Being the carnival of Rio de Janeiro an explosion of rhythm and colors, it is considered the ideal time to visit this great Brazilian city that celebrates this party to the maximum with costumes, caravans, dances and much more. Are you going to miss it?

Cities in Europe

6. Prague, Czech RepublicCities you must visit

Traveling to the European continent we find the first of the cities you must visit before dying on this side of the world: Prague. The capital of the Czech Republic has very interesting corners that keep stories that you will surely love. The Golden Alley in beautiful Prague is one of the areas that should be included in your list of places to visit when traveling to this European city.

7. Lisbon, PortugalCities you must visit

Have you ever thought about traveling to Portugal? If so, Lisbon should be your destination to visit before dying. This city of red roofs has beautiful tourist sites that are waiting for you, such as Alfama, the essence of Lisbon that is characterized as the oldest district of the Portuguese capital.

8. Seville, SpainCities you must visit

The next of the cities you must visit before dying that we include in our count is the charming Seville. With really old constructions, traveling to this Spanish area will leave you fond memories and a lot of historical data that will be useful to you. If you have the opportunity to travel to Seville, do not hesitate to do so!

9. London, EnglandCities you must visit

Being one of the most visited European destinations, London, in imposing England, is part of our list due to its popularity and an innumerable number of places of tourist interest. As in Rio de Janeiro, this British city celebrates the carnivals of Notting Hill, a time when London is painted in colors to enjoy with the natives and tourists.

10. Paris, FranceCities you must visit

The city of love could not miss among the places you must visit before dying, Paris not only has world-known monuments but is also full of beautiful landscapes that will leave you enchanted from the moment you leave the airport. Also, if you plan to take children on your trip, what could be better than spending a Christmas at Disneyland Paris?

11. Rome, ItalyCities you must visit

Italy! Another destination that we all want to visit before dying. In Rome, specifically, there are numerous options for sightseeing and, if that were not enough, in this city you will have the opportunity to eat delicious dishes typical of Italian cuisine. Do not forget to inform yourself in advance about everything you need to know to travel to Rome and, thus, enjoy a unique experience.

12. Budapest, HungaryCities you must visit

In Hungary, you will find the next city you must visit before dying: Budapest. This area is home to interesting places that you will not want to miss if you make the decision to travel to Europe. For example, the Chain Bridge, the oldest in Budapest, can be an excellent option to start your tour of the capital city.

13. Vienna, AustriaCities you must visit

If you are an art lover you can not die before visiting this Austrian city. Vienna’s most artful neighborhood, Museums Quartier, is one of the ideal destinations for those with critical eyes who, in addition, value artistic works and know how to appreciate the work of painters, sculptors, and photographers when it comes to making them.

14. Amsterdam, The NetherlandsCities you must visit

Amsterdam is part of the cities you must visit before dying for its beautiful landscapes. But also for being one of the European cities with sustainable mobility. To travel this capital can be really economic due to its multiple transportation options which, by the way, respect the environment.

15. Berlin, GermanyCities you must visit

Of course, the list of cities you should visit before dying located in Europe cannot end without reference to Berlin, in Germany. In this German area you will be able to see various buildings of great historical content and, at the end of the tour, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the delicious German dishes that will be waiting for you in restaurants or establishments in squares such as, for example, currywurst, the food option most famous fast in Berlin.

Cities in Asia

16. Tokyo, JapanCities you must visit

The capital of Japan cannot miss the list of cities you must visit before dying, especially if you are a lover of technology and manga since this place has several areas for you. Traveling to Tokyo will mean you will be left speechless at every exit. So prepare your luggage and do not forget your camera!

17. Jaipur, IndiaCities you must visit

Jaipur receives the title of “the pink city” due to the characteristic colors that you can observe in its buildings. Which are full of great history and religious value. Among them is the Hawa Mahal, a pink cage that looks impressive through photographs, imagine how it should be to observe it in real life.

18. Beijing, ChinaCities you must visit

As a faithful follower of Chinese culture. Beijing should be part of the list of cities you must visit before dying. Also known as Beijing, this area of China has emblematic places that you will not want to miss. Such as the impressive Temple of the Lamas. Its people, food and interesting lifestyle will make your trip to Beijing an experience that you will want to tell all your friends.

Cities in Oceania

19. Sydney, AustraliaCities you must visit

Almost at the end of the cities that you must visit before dying, we situate ourselves in Oceania to invite you to visit Sydney, the capital of Australia. Although this country is highly known for its diverse fauna, traveling to Sydney is constant learning. Since it is the most multicultural city, so you will surely find people from your country who are currently based in it.

20. Wellington, New ZealandCities you must visit

Wellington is the financial center and home of the New Zealand film industry. Where companies from all over the world are concentrated. But if you visit them for tourist purposes, you will have the pleasure of enjoying beautiful landscapes in this small but beautiful capital of New Zealand. Without a doubt, to choose this destination on your next trip, you will live a beautiful memory for a lifetime.

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