Why choose timber frames?

Why choose timber frames?

Speed up

  • Construction is faster than traditional masonry.
  • Weather impacts are reduced.
  • Construction can continue even in the rain, snow and frost. Watertight construction can be achieved in a matter of days. To find out more about Timber Frame House Kits, visit https://merlintimberframe.co.uk/timber-frame-kits
  • No dry out period
  • Spreading site labour across different pools of talent and skill.

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  • Savings in construction and operating costs can help you save money over the long term.
  • Costs are reduced.
  • Rents start to flow earlier.


  • A dedicated contract manager oversees supply and erection aspects of the project.
  • Timber frames provide improved sound insulation
  • Thermal insulation reduces heating costs
  • Timber frame homes are not at greater risk from fire.


The frames are built in a factory environment that is quality controlled. All frames are pre-fabricated.

  • Time on the site is reduced
  • Lower waste output
  • Waste from site is valuable
  • Most of the wood waste that is generated is recyclable
  • Lower number of defects
  • Air tightening
  • Reduction in the quantity of labour on site
  • Value engineered construction method.

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  • This industry has been able to plant a higher amount of trees than it consumes. This allows for forest growth.
  • Renewable source of energy.
  • Carbon neutral materials- the lowest cost CO2 of any building materials
  • Advantages of Passivhaus design .

Flexible Design

  • There are many different products that can be used to meet the structural and aesthetic needs.
  • Less than perfect ground conditions can be improved by lighter foundations.

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