The honeymoon is a unique opportunity to make the journey you have always dreamed of. But for some reason, you have not been able to undertake. Below you will find 5 destinations to reach once you have promised your marriage sentences. Then put the wedding shoes in the shoe rack and. While you are washing the wedding dress in the laundry … you are already on the plane ready to go! Here are the 5 best destinations for a traveling honeymoon.

1. HawaiiThe 5 best destinations for a traveling honeymoon

If you love the sea and want to explore a place where nature is unspoiled and the smile remains on people’s faces from dawn to dusk, this is an opportunity to go to Hawaii. In the heart of the Pacific Ocean, you can spend whole days admiring the surfers riding the waves (and trying it yourself, why not?). It is one of the best destinations for a traveling honeymoon.

Enjoying fresh fruit by the sea and taking long walks at the foot of a volcano, since, on the Island of Hawaii there are 5 of them! One of the islands of the archipelago most suitable for a honeymoon is surely Maui which, with its slow and relaxed rhythms, is perfect to visit in 10 days, while we exchange romantic phrases. The recommended period for a trip to Hawaii is from June to September.

2. Japan

If instead, you wanted to get to know a completely different culture from yours, the ideal would be a tour of Japan (do you know that here also the groom’s men’s wedding dress is white?) The cities where you will surely have to go will be Tokyo, the technological capital. And Kyoto, also known as a “city of a thousand temples” for its immense historical and cultural values which it guards on its surface. It is one of the best destinations for a traveling honeymoon.

From Tokyo, with day trips by train, you can also visit the beautiful temples of Kamakura or those of Nikko. When you get back on your feet, a singing Tokyo will be waiting for you in the famous karaoke shops of the Shibuya district or you’ll go to bed early to visit the fish market the next day … Japan is waiting to be discovered. The recommended time to visit is at the end of March, to watch the cherry blossoms.

3. California

California is the perfect destination if you love diversity. Lose yourself in the immense Los Angeles and its worldly nightlife: it will be an opportunity to show off again a version of your do-it-yourself bridal make-up that feels so good. The advice is then to spend at least two days in one of the many parks like the fantastic Sequoia National Park. Continue the route to the beautiful San Francisco. It is one of the best destinations for a traveling honeymoon.

With its trams going up and down the city and the memorable brunches based on avocado toast and benedict’s eggs. Admire the Golden Gate Bridge shrouded in fog and. If you are lucky, participate in the famous Gay Pride at the end of June. Recommended period to go to California: basically always.

4. Australia

Australia is the ideal honeymoon trip for the more adventurous. And the best way to visit it is to do it on the road, with a van worthy of the scenarios that you are used to seeing only on TV. For example, a recommended destination in Perth: a quiet, sunny and orderly town. It is one of the best destinations for a traveling honeymoon.

Perth overlooks the Indian Ocean and a short distance away you can enjoy numerous beaches such as Shark Bay, which is Unesco Heritage, Shell Beach with its white shells, Coral Bay with its wonderful corals, up to the beautiful town of Broome … and you will be alone in the western part of immense Australia! The best time to visit is winter, because being in the opposite hemisphere of ours, there will be summer.

5. South East Asia

Sea, sea and more sea. If you want to return from your honeymoon with a tan to make anyone envious, opt for a trip to South East Asia, especially if you got married in the cold season, perhaps with a fantastic winter wedding dress, and now you want to keep warm. It is one of the best destinations for a traveling honeymoon.

Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines … the choice will be arduous, but the welcome of the locals will always be warm and surprising. The best time to visit South East Asia is from December to February because from March to May it is very hot and from June to October, the monsoon rains are frequent.