5 things to do in Puebla

5 things to do in Puebla

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, the city of Puebla de Los Angeles is located in the state of the same name. The city has a variety of reasons for its popularity that includes delicious cuisines, mesmerizing colonial architecture and easy accessibility from the Mexico City (located at a few hour distances towards the south of Mexico).

Its recognition by UNESCO for its cultural value works as value-added in favor of the city. Listed below are a few sites and activities that should not be missed and tourists must participate in during their stay in Puebla City.

You may opt for a guided Puebla tour to visit the most renowned places.

1) Never Miss Beautiful Cathedrals

The cathedral de Puebla situated at the heart of the city’s main square is a must-visit sightseeing destination in the city of Puebla. This is one of the best cathedrals of Mexico having huge edifice. Its construction can be dated back to 1575. There is a tiled roof in the cathedral inspired by Saint Peter’s Basilica.

The designing of the principal altar of the cathedral has been done by the famous sculptor Manuel Tolsá.

2) Have a Close Inspection of Volcanic Sites

If taking up the less traveled path is your choice for adventure spree, you can visit some volcanoes located in the city. The Cuexcomate geyser location is very near to most talked about twin volcanoes of Mexico: Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl.

You may climb up to 43 feet of height to descend into this inactive geyser using the staircase. The viewing platform in the interior of the crater has been designed to help people explore closely.

3) Enjoy Sweets

Puebla is a well-known destination for producing candies and sugar retreats. Undoubtedly its mole poblano and Chile en nogada are world-famous.

Visit the sweet street known by the name of Calle de Los Dulces or La Calle de Santa Clara. It offers few of the most exotic sweets of the country such as – camote, muégano, and Las Tortitas de Santa Clara.

4) A Must- Visit Museo Amparo

If you are an art lover and Mexican art has fascinated you then pay a visit to Museo Amparo in this city. The colonial building has the finest collection of Mexican art in Latin America. With free entry, it was first opened in 1991. The museum has everything ranging from pre- Hispanic art to modern-day artifacts. From the terrace of the museum, you can have a panoramic view of the city.

5) Enjoy Local Drinks

For the passive drinkers, Puebla is a home that has fantastic drinks exclusive to the state only, to take you to the sky nine. Relish upon Mexican mojito known as menjul here or you can try pasita which is a popular liquor made from a local raisin –esque fruit.

If you don’t have taste for liquid raisin shot, you can enjoy delicious Rompope which is basically alcoholic eggnog.

So, once you have made up your mind to visit this Mexican City that has been blessed with Renaissance and Baroque architecture, make sure to include The Great Pyramid of Cholula, also known as Tlachihualtepetl (made-by-hand Mountain) in your must-visit places list.  This is an enormous sized complex in Cholula, Puebla that is the largest archaeological site of a pyramid (temple) in the New World and the largest pyramid existing in the world today. Have a closer inspection of colorful pottery style known as Talavera here which is also the place known for the invention of sweet and spicy mole poblano.

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