Essential fleet management tools for rental companies

Essential fleet management tools for rental companies

It’s vital for any vehicle rental business to have insight into operation and scheduling of vehicles, asset locations and fuel and servicing costs. Fleet management tools provide key insights into all of these areas, allowing the business to operate more efficiently.

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Fleet managers are always looking for ways to improve the running of their operations and technology can have a big impact by making information about each and every vehicle available as and when it’s required.

Detailed records

By making available detailed records of every vehicle on the fleet, usually linked to the VIN code for accurate identification, there’s an instant snapshot of every asset available. This can include acquisition date, mileage, service schedule, insurance, road tax and more.

This makes it easier to schedule maintenance to keep the vehicle in good condition and prolong its useful life. A well-maintained and cared for vehicle is also attractive to customers and will help to garner repeat business.

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Vehicle usage

Increasingly, fleet companies are also turning to vehicle tracking. Companies such as Vehicle Accessories provide vehicle tracking software that can monitor driver behaviour and how a vehicle is being used. This can also prove useful in recovering any vehicles that go missing.

Fuel is a big cost for vehicle fleets and prices can fluctuate in a short period of time, so keeping tabs on levels of consumption is important. Fleet management software can show consumption averages for each vehicle. When combined with tracking this can also reveal if some users are heavier footed than others and it can reveal any developing faults such as sticking injectors or fuel line leaks before they turn into a breakdown.

For companies that have their own drivers ferrying vehicles around, management software and tracking can also be a valuable tool for monitoring and promoting good habits such as keeping within speed limits, not allowing excessive idling and so on. It can make sure that driver hours aren’t being exceeded too. It can also prove valuable in helping to reroute drivers to avoid congestion for example, thus saving on time and fuel wastage.

For fleet managers in rental companies to stay in control of their business, accurate up to date information is key. Effective monitoring software makes this information available fast and allows action to be taken as it’s needed.

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