A Trip To Lithuania

A Trip To Lithuania

A Trip To Lithuania

A trip to Lithuania is an affordable travel option for those who need mild climatic conditions. First of all, these are tourists with children, as well as active people of age. Lithuania will appreciate the versatility of their holiday because it combines almost everything that people want to find on a journey. Sea resort, nature reserves, rich history, illustrated with architectural sights, healing with therapeutic mud and much more. Is it worth mentioning that you can easily explain with the indigenous people that the time for the journey will not be spent much, that in Lithuania there is a wonderful traditional cuisine that is understandable and does not combine radical ingredients, as well as the fact that there is an incredibly tasty beer? If this was not convincing, your attention is the advantages of traveling to Lithuania!

A Trip To Lithuania

Cities and districts of Lithuania

The capital of the country is Vilnius. This is a beautiful city that combines a variety of architectural styles:

  • baroque;
  • Gothic;
  • Greek motifs.

Among other things, you can find old castles and magnificent temples. After studying all this, tourists can relax; enjoy the local delights in the cozy cafes and restaurants, which are full of the heart of Lithuania.

Admirers of creativity and bohemian life just need to visit a separate state Uzupis. This is a haven of poets, artists, and other artists and creative workers.

In addition to Vilnius, we advise you to pay attention to such cities as Trakai and Kaunas. They also have many castles that will impress travelers with their style and grandeur, and these cities will delight lovers of water recreation because these cities have wonderful beaches and nature.

A Trip To Lithuania

For people who need to make up for a health resource, we recommend cities such as Druskininkai, Birštonas and Palanga. This is a peaceful place with healing springs and mud, surrounded by magical natural beauty.

Photography today is one of the fastest growing forms of art, so for photo amateurs, our recommendation is to visit the Krupskaya Spit and the town of Neringa, where you will find extraordinary dunes that are famous throughout Europe.

Nuances of a carefree trip to Lithuania

Everyone is his own master and creates an environment and environment in which to be comfortable. And in order for this situation to remain comfortable and positive during a trip to Lithuania, we recommend you to pay attention to some aspects. Half of the undesirable situations can be provoked by the victims themselves, so just follow simple tips and your vacation will not be burdened by additional expenses and spoiled impressions.

The Baltic countries are marked as low crime states, but this does not mean that it is worth universally announcing your wealth or showing any amount of money to people. To keep valuables, documents, and finances with you and exclusively under your supervision is a commandment for any traveler, exactly as the fact that unscrupulous people are found everywhere. If, unfortunately, an incident occurred, in connection with which you or your friends suffered losses from unidentified persons, we recommend that you contact the police, because in many tourist locations video surveillance is installed.

A Trip To Lithuania

Lithuania respects and protects its citizens and guests; so much attention is paid to maintaining public order. Therefore, if you do not want to pay high fines, refrain from smoking in places not equipped for this, and from drinking alcohol in public places. This also applies to outdoor recreation. For making fires and relaxing with tents, special zones are set aside.

We should also pay attention to the movement. Whether you are a driver, a passenger in public transport or a pedestrian – failure to comply with the rules entails the imposition of fairly large fines. Therefore, if in brief, go on the “zebra”, “hare” do not ride, “under the driver” do not get behind the wheel.

If you have a taste of a trip to Lithuania, we recommend that you continue the chain of romantic and cozy holidays in the Baltic States, which will complement the sights of Latvia.

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